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Halloween Night In Dublin (30th Oct.)

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Bad Medicine @ Gypsy Rose (30th Oct.)

The Gypsy Rose have some hard rockin’ ghoulish surprises in store for you this Halloween with their Bad Medicine night. Promising live bands, DJ’s, a massive prixe draw and as much classic rock as you can handle. Admission is €5 and it’s all in aide of Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. Costumes are option…but you’re a spa if you don’t dress up. It’s Halloween for christ’s sake, what’s wrong with you?? All pints and shorts €4 until 12:00AM Photo Exhibition 2011 & JAPE @ Twisted Pepper (30th Oct.) are launching their 2011 photography exhibition in Twisted Pepper on Sunday, October 30th. The show will feature shots from twelve of their premier photographers including Mr. Kieran Frost, Ireland’s greatest photographer. It all starts a 18:00 and finishes at 20:00. After that, the amazing JAPE will play a full band show in the main venue. Tickets for Jape are priced €12 on the door.

Club Hell: Radio Nova Halloween Ball @ O’Reillys (30th Oct.)

Costume party in Club Hell on the 30th with Radio Nova throwing out prizes for the best ones. Heineken sponsoring it so there’ll probably be model tits and free booze to boot. Tickets are €8 on the door (or ask at the O’Reillys bar for more)


Former Humanzi front man and current Admiral of all Things Black (yep, clever word play aside; it’s Shaun Mulrooney, the Admiral Black) return to Dublin today to headline an all day music event taking place at The Workman’s Club. Fancy Dress, 7 bands and DJ’s; 18:00 – 03:00 AM (yep, 9 hours of music ‘n’ booze). Also on the bill are Fallen Rule, Tandem Felix, Hellfire Club, Womens Murder Club, New Town Disaster and I Am A Car Crash. Oh and did we mention it’s ALL FREE? Well it is.


Check Out: SOnance HOtel

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For the last couple of weeks Tickets There has been enjoying a new find, SOnance Hotel. Formed and driven by X-Humanzi sticks man, Brian Gallagher; Sonance Hotel have been writing and recording for over two years and are now ready to release their début album Don’t Look Behind You on July 15th.

Describing the music, you’d have to take influences from urban post rock and brit pop before adding that special something all great song writers throw into the mix to call it their own. As well as arranging and composing the entire album himself, Brian has also performed every instrument and produced the record in the true D.I.Y. spirit all young musicians crave in this day and age.

The Mighty Stef’s label (First Born Is Dead Recordings) are releasing the record and you can catch SOnance Hotel live in Twisted Pepper on the 15th at the album’s launch night. Check out their Facebook for more details. Watch this space for more about SOnance Hotel.


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Admiral Black has uploaded a new song entitled Shock Corridors to Souncloud. Well worth a go for any of you looking for some classic rock grounded, psychedelic fun. The band is currently based in Berlin working on material for their début album. For those of you who’ve heard of Humanzi, you may be interested to know that the Admiral himself is ‘former’ (considering they’re as close to broken up as you can get without screaming it out loud) Manzi singer Shaun Mulrooney. SHOCK CORRIDORS – ADMIRAL BLACK by Admiral Black

Humanzi Play Final Show?

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Could this be the end of Dublin techno/punk rock masters Humanzi? During their first live performance in well over a year last Saturday, the band announced that it could be their last ever show together.

Lead singer Shaun Mulrooney made the following comment before the band played their final song of the night, Get Your Shit Together.

We don’t know if this is the last song we’ll ever play together or not

Having relocated to Berlin in 2008 to record their second album, the band have been keeping a relatively low profile ever since, despite the album’s release in February this year. Rumors that the band had split up have been circulating for the past few months and despite the inclusion of new material in Saturday’s set, it seems the band are moving on separately.

Tickets There for one is very disappointed by the news and if there’s any hint they’ll stay together, we’ll let ye know! For now, we wish Brian, Colm, Gary and Shaun the very best of luck in the future.

Read a review of Saturday’s show over @

HUMANZI: Workman’s Club, October 2nd.

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Less than a month to go until Humanzi return to Dublin and tear our capital apart. It’s been aagggesss since the lads last played here and it could be longer before we see them again so be sure to make your way down to Dublin’s newest venue, The Workman’s Club on October 2nd for this guaranteed roof raising show.

To see more details Click Here

Humanzi Announce Dublin Show – The Workman’s Club, Oct. 2nd

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Everyone’s favorite stomping punk band Humanzi are coming back to Dublin! Just eight months after the release of their second album, Kingdom of Ghosts, the band are retuning to the capital.

The gig takes place on October 2nd in Dublin’s newest venue, The Workman’s Club which is situated right beside U2’s Clarence hotel on Wellington Quay.

To see a pic of the clubs main venue, visit Hotpress.

Humanzi – Kingdom of Ghosts (Available on CD Now!)

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JUst to confirm, Humanzi’s second album, Kingdom of Ghosts is out now on CD from Road Records priced €12.99.

Without a doubt one of the best Irish albums we’ll see in 2010, Humanzi are back folks! Pick up your copy NOW!

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts OUT TODAY!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over. After three long years, today finally sees the release of Humanzi’s second album, Kingdom of Ghosts.

The album is available from ITunes NOW and CD’s will be available soon from the usual outlets (we’re presuming that means Road Records, Tower Records & other independent stores around Dublin).

Check out the bands latest word on the album release by Clicking Here

Tickets There has been fortunate enough to have been listening since yesterday and all we can say is…..Read Our Review by Clicking Here

Humanzi – Kingdom of Ghosts (Album Review)

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The time is finally upon us folks. The countdown is nearly over and an exhaustive three year wait is almost at an end. Tomorrow, Humanzi release their second album, Kingdom of Ghosts and Tickets There is delighted to say, it was more than worth the wait. Hell we’ll go further, they could have held out for another three years and it still would have been more than worth the wait. Quite simply, it’s the Humazi album we all dreamt it would be.

Opening with the ferocious Hammer, the band waste little time waging war on every one of your senses they can find. It’s a slow bruising thumper of a track that sucks you in on the first spin. The power, energy and sher heaviness of the band’s sound are all still there but the direction and bite in the music has grown so much stronger. An improvement that only grows as the record progresses. Just Like Bukowski has a similar feel. Heavy, pounding bass lines, bluntly distorted guitars against a wall of industrial synth power and Shaun’s gritty cutting vocals shred through the track. “Jesus, Jesus I’m joking”, heck no I ain’t!

Bass Balls may have been released as a single in August 2009 but that hasn’t stopped it from sounding fresh as ever on this record. That irresistible Cathy guitar riff, the pounding war drum and the vocals just make this song fly by at a million miles a minute. Black Sunrise see’s everything slow down but the tone of the song is no less intimidating than their other material. On the contrary, Black Sunrise is one of the most powerful compositions on Kingdom of Ghosts and marks a massive step up for the bands song writing and style. A bellowing bass riff drives the track along its path while the rest of the band create a desolate, unforgiving atmosphere of darkness that only break’s occasionally before the end when the pace increases and the everything comes crashing together to create a solid fusion of colossal harmonies and ascending guitars.

Like Bass Balls, Humanzi fans have been listening to Neu Tune for some time and it’s still pretty sweet here. Wouldn’t be one of the stand outs but on this album, but it ain’t filler either. Neu Tune’s prolonged; dance floor style is a long way from the stripped back, acoustic Amsterdamaged which follows. Padded with noisy muffled drum crashes, a light acoustic guitars and Shaun’s vocals standing up well without layers of music over them. The song has some of the best changes and an upbeat, catchy chorus (Almost all Manzi songs have a catchy chorus, stop saying it every time – Ed).

Straight Lines fires us straight back into what Humanzi do best, balls out rock!. It has one of the best riffs, one of the heaviest and catchiest choruses (What did I say! – Ed) and Tickets There just can’t get enough of this track. We managed to find a download of it months ago and still haven’t been able to stop listening. I’ll Repute is one of the bands defining stomper moments. Dirty war like anthem for all industrial punk dance floors. More accessible than Straight Lines, the song has a great flow, plenty of guitars, a funky bass and plenty of Humanzi’s dark tones. Love it!

Step Into The Shadows brings us towards the end of the album but never fear, they’ve saved some of the best till last. It starts off slowly and the band tease you for the first half as they give of the impression it’s about to explode before going quiet again. Eventually the stomping, beating vocals and guitars smash through, tearing the song apart. All finishes up with monster, galloping guitars.

Baby I’m Burning which is one of Tickets There’s favorites. Imagine Gary Numan covering Joy Division and you get close.  We keep associating it with the scene of the child on fire in Silent Hill and that adds to the creepiness. The chorus is much lighter and heartfelt than the majority of this record but it still sits perfectly on Kingdom of Ghosts. As the song develops they keep adding so many harmonies and changes that you’ll be memorized. How anyone could listen to this once and not click repeat is beyond us!

A few words in German introduce the albums last track, Shorter. Crunchy bass, military styled drums and a pretty direct guitars give early signs that this song means business. A change in the guitars and some added synths keep the suspense going before a restrained verse and chorus finish off one of the best albums Tickets There’s heard in many a moon. Shorter is similar to Neu Tune but the chorus is livelier and it’s a nice way to close of an album that’s almost non-stop chaos from the word go.

It’s punk, its rock; it’s a death disco bonanza of horrors. With Kingdom of Ghosts, Humanzi have proven that they’re only going from strength to strength. The song writing styles have grown far more diverse and been improved so much since the band’s debut album, Tremors. Yet they’ve retained the overwhelming power and raw energy they made their name on. The futures bright, the future is now HUMANZI!

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (1 Day and Counting)

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Only twenty four short hours left until Humanzi release their long awaited second album, Kingdom of Ghosts. At last Tickets There can say we’ve heard…some of it and so far, it’s f**king amazing. The tracks have all the passion, energy and power of Tremors but the direction is far more focused and hard hitting. We don’t want to say too much yet but the tracks we’ve heard have more then justified the long three year wait. Oh god, we just can’t stop playing them!

Won’t be starting the review until we’ve given it a good few spins but hopefully it’ll be up by tomorrow. Honestly though, from the way this beast’s shaping up, you don’t need a review, you need an ITunes account so you can buy it the second it’s available!

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (2 Days and Counting)

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Just Two Days left until the Mighty Humanzi release their second opus upon the unsuspecting people of the world. Kingdom of Ghosts, the bands sophomore album is arriving to ITunes and possibly (hopefully :)) Dublin record stores on CD this Friday, February 26th and Tickets There can now confirm the full track-listing.

  1. Hammer
  2. Just Like Bukowski
  3. Bass Balls
  4. Black Sunrise
  5. Neu Tune
  6. Amsterdamaged
  7. Straight Lines
  8. Ill Repute
  9. Step Into The Shadows
  10. Baby I’m Burning
  11. Shorter

To promote the release, Humanzi are in the process of uploading one video a day to Each video was filmed live in Berlin.

Reports about a launch party are still to be confirmed by the band but fear not, Tickets There will continue scavenging the Internet for updates. In the mean time, you can busy yourself with the bands Official MySpace Page that has three of the new tracks on the player.

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (3 Days and Counting)

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Just three days until the release of Humanzi’s second album, Kingdom of Ghosts. It’s going to be available this Friday on ITunes and possibly in Dublin on CD.

Some of the tracks set to feature on the record include Straight Lines, Shorter, Black Sunrise, Amsterdamaged and the albums first single, Bass Balls

According to the Album Release Event Page on Facebook, details about a launch party will be released shortly.

Here’s a link to The Firstborn Is Dead Recordings Facebook Event Page for the albums release. Annnd, here’s a link to their Official Facebook Page

Finally, The Official HUMANZI Facebook Page

To celebrate, here’s a video that’ll come free with the download about the band making the album in Berlin.

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (4 Days and Counting)

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It may have just been a few hours since the last update, but Tickets There is just too excited to keep things quiet. The lads have added a new picture to the MySpace and if that doesn’t call for a celebration then we don’t know what does!

Remember, their second album, Kingdom of Ghosts will be available on ITunes (and hopefully Road Records) this Friday!! Keep your eyes pealed on Tickets There for updates as we have em.

Here’s a wee blast from the Humanzi past. The classic, Fix The Cracks!

Visit their MySpace now if you want to hear some of da new shit!

Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (5 Days and Counting)

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That’s right, Irish legends Humanzi release their second album, Kingdom of Ghosts is out in six short days (Feb 26th) and Tickets There’s decided if the band don’t want to promote, we will.

By the sounds of tracks like Straight Lines, Bass Balls, Neu Tune and others they’ve played live, this album is going to be one of the best we’ll hear this year. If you were a fan of Humanzi back in 2005/6 during their Tremors era, you’ll notice quite a change…for the best.

Here’s a taste of things to come. These are the videos for the first single of Kingdom of Ghosts, Bass Balls and it’s B-Side, Neu Tune.

New Humanzi Album: Due out February 26th!!

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Once again Hotpress out does us, but this time we don’t mind. Tickets There favorites Humanzi are finally set to digitally release their long delayed, long overdue but highly anticipated second album, Kingdom of Ghosts on February 26th.

After spending the last two years recording the album in East Berlin, it looks like we’re finally going to see the return of one of Ireland’s most promising acts. The first single from the album, Bass Balls was released on 7” last August and plans to release the album on a physical format are hopefully in the works.

You can bet your life Tickets There will have more information soon.

**UPDATED – 12 – Feb – 2010**

In a blog posted on the bands MySpace, the band has confirmed that the album will be released worldwide on the 26th through ITunes and, that a CD formatt will be released in Ireland for a limited run. We’ll get more as soon as we can.

Check out Bass Balls, Straight Lines and another new tune on their MySpace.

MySpace Review – House of Dolls

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Dirty, sleazy and good. Three words that sum up Tickets There’s highly professional opinion of House of Dolls. We found these guys days ago but haven’t been able to properly sit down and give them the dedicated focus they deserve from us. Now, with the wind in our hair, the sweat on our brow and a taste of last night’s Guinness on our breath, it’s time.

As usual, we haven’t seen them live or heard their album/EP wot-eva!

Opening tune, Before She Walks is like something straight out of the late eighties Brit alt rock scene. It’s got that relaxed, psychedelic ambiance but enough guitars and up-temo-ness to ensure it doesn’t send you to sleep if you’re having a few puffs. It’s well written, well played and enjoyable. Let the MySpace Review begin!

Second track, Gimme Some Glory is alot sharper. The singer’s voice is great and the band sound right. It’s not the craziest mother f**ker on the planet, but combined with Before She Walks, it’s more than enough reason to pick up their album. Light Starts to Fade begins like a forgotten Joy Division B-Side. The vocals are much rockier, the song’s explosive and filled with overtones of the impending ‘danger’ Tickets There loves so much. One thing we’d like to see changed is the guitar leads. Musically they’re damn good, so why not turn them up a few notches and let them make their mark? This is a demo rather than a real recording but that’s the only thing TT would want to see changed.

Vampire Blues starts like a Bruce Springsteen meets U2 cover from the eighties until the keyboards and guitars come tumbling in. I cannot for the life of me figure out who the vocals remind me of. Feck it, pretty decent song with a great upbeat chorus. Lots of guitars, lots of catchiness, lots of love for House of Dolls from Tickets There.

On Collider, the lads really unleash their hard rock side. It’s faster, bleaker, punk rock stomping down the door making you pogo like a mad man. The guitars rampage through the track, only stopping to let the lead spiral off into a mesh of blues rock tangents. This is the kind of song we like, expect the vocals get pretty annoying about three minutes in. It’s only a demo but they need to be replaced with words or left out altogether (is it the singer or an escaped sheep with delusions of a career in recording? Hell, If Babe can do it, that sheep can do it). Also, there’s too much space in the final minute and a half with nothing to fill the void. If it gets abit of a cleanup, this will be a serious track. So good, Humazi will be kicking themselves they didn’t kill House of Dolls and steal it.

Second last track, Suicidal Jesus starts well. Guitars revving u, drums just waiting for their change to have at it, throbbing bass lines and the crash, yes!! This is what we want to hear. The riff is very similar to the The Sex Pistols version of Stepping Stone but the song is taken in another direction. This is where the vocal styles really sound their best. The verse is a mix of punk, urban rock and more punk. Imagine Joey Rammone signing with Ash (for lack of a better example) and you’ll get there. The day is saved once again and Tickets There is happy.

Finally we come to the last track of their playlist, Prostitutes and it’s probably one of our favorites. The vocals are back to the muffled, gritty styles of Light Starts to Fade and the guitar riff is as rough n ready as anything we’ve heard. In some ways it sounds similar to The Future Kings of Spain but they’ve added a nice punk sound to the mix that works well.

There were a few different tracks up the other day and thankfully they’ve removed the one song we really hated, Slowly Coming Down. What they’ve left is an excellent representation of what could become one of Irelands best rock bands of the decade. They may need to pick up the pace of a few tracks to keep it exciting but for now; they’re more than ok in our books.

Check out their MySpace now by Clicking Here (and welcome to the first review on Tickets There .com)

MySpace – Cheap Freaks

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God, after trawling through a whole heap of this years HWCH Festival players, I’ve finally found one that doesn’t sound like The Killers, Radiohead or just pure nonsense (Chongo Pop!). Cheap Freaks are another act I’ve never heard off and they play rock n roll! Not nice pretty rock either, no. They play downright dirty, gritty, raw rock n roll and everybody loves dirty rock. You don’t need jewellery to enjoy it, you don’t have to act like a prick or wear a stupid looking hat. You just have to get drunk, have a laugh and rock out!!

As usual I’ve never seen them live or heard their album / EP.

I like the name, Cheap Freaks! It’s pretty good and suits the music. Any fans of The Things or Humanzi out there? You’ll like this. First song, Nowhere To Go is like an early Rolling Stones number. Very, very dirty recording but that’s a trait that sees to be on all their songs. It’s short, to the point and pretty damn good. Not over complicated with member trying to hard. Good heavy, LOUD guitars and good punk rock styled vocals. TT likes. Naked in the Rain is similar in style and influence. More choppy and punky than the first track. Tom Waits or Lou Reed could have come out with something like this forty years ago, but tough shit for them, they didn’t. Great track, would love to see it live. Very heavy guitars and much grittier vocals. Nice!

Richman Blues pops’ on next and it’s very dangerously close to Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Woman. It’s full on sixties blues rock and it’s damn good. Harmonica, guitars and drunken, slurred vocals. TT loves rock!! We get so excited the last thing we want to do is write about it. We want to fucking party to it!! Hell with good bands, we’re much more prolific when we hate the group. Cruel World is next and it’s a bit preachy, whinny for Tickets There tastes. Good overall music but the vocals are just tooo….ya know. Because we’re doing our very best to focus on the positives of all Irish acts, we’re gonna skip this number and move quickly along.

1984 brings us sadly to our second last track. This one is more like The Misfits. So dirty even a bleach scrubbing couldn’t clean it. Poppy, heavy, loud as fuck and good. Thankfully. The ballads have left the building!!.  Last but no least, Caesar the Deceiver (good title ;)) is another ramshackle, sixties belter with starts, stops and enough guitar leads to make you weep. If I wasn’t so tired, we’d make this review go on for another thousand words but C’est la vie. This band are fucking brilliant, need we say more?

Another one Tickets There highly, highly recommends.

Check out their MySpace by clicking this massive, unnecessarily long link which will bring you all the way to www.mypace./deadly fucking punk / rock / pop / fucking / savage deadly rock n roll baby a hoi hoi!!!.com

Tickets there – Irish Playlist: Friday, September 25th

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Maybe try and start this as a new feature, a weekly playlist of irish tracks Tickets There is currently listening to.

  1. AshUncle Pat

We all know Ash. Most of us love Ash. They just seem to get better and better with time but this week it’s Uncle Pat Time. What a fecking classic riff. Tim’s voice is one of those you either love or hate and Tickets There loves it. The guitars are so strong, the voice is so light and it works.

  1. 2.       Future Kings of SpainYou Dream In Solid Gold

Mourning the loss of Tickets There’s prime choice for Irelands leading underground band, The Future Kings of Spain with the excellent You Dream in Solid Gold. Just one of many amazing tracks for their second album Nervousystem which I still advise everyone to go out and buy. Teach you what you’re missing when you ignore Irish acts.

  1. Future Kings of SpainDisappear

I know it’s not ‘cool’ to have the same band appear twice on the same list but |I| couldn’t care less, this is what Tickets There is listening to. Maybe I should explain something, when we find good music, we listen to it. We know there’s a lot of music out there and a lot of people are in a panic to hear absolutely every single note ever played but TT doesn’t go in for that. We don’t like jumping from one band to another every forty seconds. Instead, we find bands of quality, substance and talent and stick with them until they lose it.

Future Kings Disappear is a fantastic song. Atmospheric and classic. Great choice for anyone in mourning.

  1. Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes

Was doing a review of the Bellies Music in Mouth album earlier and I’ve had this song on repeat ever since. Great track, always nice to revisit this classic album.

  1. Jaded SunHigher

This band caught me by surprise. I can’t believe how good they are and they only improve with age. Honestly I have their MySpace page open 24 hours a day listening to them. Cant wait to pick this album up tomorrow.

  1. One Day InternationalLittle Death

Did a review of this track several months ago and I still enjoy it, great wee song. Haven’t been tempted to see them live yet as I like a little more meat in my music for a gig but maybe one day.

  1. The FlawsOut Tonight

Not normally a fan of this type of music but I think the Flaws do a fairly decent job with this track. II suppose this would be considered an old one at this stage but Tickets There is in no way cutting edge I’m afraid.

  1. Female Hercules – Inside You

I’m pretty sure that every single time I try and write a ‘What I’m listening to now’ blog, I include this song every single time. Well worth a go if you haven’t heard them before. For fans of hardcore J

  1. HumaziStraight Lines

Come on lads, get the bloody album out!

  1. Neosupervital – Now That I’ve Found

One of the best dance / pop songs ever written by an irish act and a great tune to set you in a good mood. Expect many a blog today about the simple joys of listening to Neosupervital.

Tickets There: Our Favorite Irish Bands

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Hi There,

Tickets There has decided to create a list of the Safe (Good) Irish bands.

This list will only be based on our collective (my) personal tastes and will be updated as often as possible (Also, the Top Ten only includes bands that are still together and fairly underground / local. Thats why Ash aren’t on this list for example ;)).

Click on the band names to read what Tickets There has to say about them.

Safe: Top 10 Best Irish Bands & others worth checking out

  1. The Future Kings of Spain (Indie Rock)
  2. Concerto For Constantine (Indie Rock)
  3. Jape (Indie / Techno / Pop)
  4. Humanzi (Punk Rock)
  5. The Aftermath (Pop Rock)
  6. Jaded Sun (New Entry) (Rock N Roll)
  7. Cathy Davey (Singer / Songwriter)
  8. LE GALAXIE (Electro-Rock)
  9. Adebisi Shank (Hard Rock / Metal, Instrumental)
  10. Mass Extinction (Thrash Metal)

TURN, The Mighty Atomics, Kill City Defectors, The Walls, One Day International, The Brothers Movement, Oliver Cole, The Answer, The Delorentos, Class of 1984, The Mighty Stef, The Frames, The Rapport, ,Bell X1, Lisa Hannigan, Republic of Loose, Berkeley, The Murder Clues, Fred, Sickboy, TKO, Joe Rubix, R.S.A.G., The Stunning, And So I Watch You From Afar, Codes, I’ll Eat Your Face, Cheap Freaks, Sound of System Breakdown, The Mighty Atomics, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, Sweet Jane, C!ties, 21 Outs, Floyd Soul & The Wolf, The Bloody Shanks, The Pulpit, A Futurist Theatre, Beastmen, A Futurist Theatre, Solar Taxi, Ghundi, Stone Throwing Youths, House of Dolls, Fingersmith, Fighting With Wire, Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Swanee River, The Black Strands, The Cold 100, Million Dollar Reload, Sirocco, The Whiskey Limbs, Lluther, Two Tales of Woe, Raging Conflict, Gama Bomb..more to come.

Tickets There HY-GIY?: Humanzi – Tremors

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Time for another dive into my MP3 player to pick one of my favorite Irish albums from my limited selection of what Tickets There calls good Irish music. One of the main reasons I’ve picked this album is because the boi’s have a second one coming out sometime in the near future (although I said that last year) and I’m really hoping the Irish don’t let this one get past them.

When Humanzi burst onto the scene a few years ago they were fairly unlikely candidates for the clientele of Whelan’s and the underground scene in general to endorse them. I put this down to the fact that Humanzi are one of very few bands that can play, write good music and put on a fantastic live performance. Unfortunately their success didn’t grow outside of the Dublin scene so they took the sensible option and left the country to tour around Europe and further afield in the hopes of establishing a fan base that might actually grow. I’m not sure how much this has worked but the band don’t seem to have had any bother getting gigs across the continent thus far so I imagine it’s all good.

So back to Tremors. The first time I heard this record, I wasn’t hugely impressed. I thought many of the tracks just seemed to run together and the album had an overall style with any deviation or diversity meaning the tracks all kind of ran together and came across weak. Then I gave it another go and for a couple of months I found it hard to listen to anything else. Diet Pills and Magazines is quite simply a brilliant Punk Rock track. The lyrics are clever and witty, the tone is aggressive and the song is constructed with pop sensibilities. You can ask for any more than that now, can ya? The beating keyboards, the stomping rhythm of the guitars, drums and bass and the Shaun’s vocals are so perfectly fitting it’s uncanny. 6 Gun has a great opening, really dramatic and simple, again classic punk. Like Diet Pill’s.. it has a really full on attack mode chorus and Shaun e..bla, bla, bla. You get the point. Out on a Wire is one of my personal favs’. Great bass line, great guitars and I love the vocals. If you’re sitting down listening to this track it’s hard not to tap your feet along with the drums and when you’re on a dart or bus that looks a little strange. Really, really, really great song. I Want Silence is another of my favorites. Really swash buckling, ship swaying music. You can almost see the stage swaying from side to side with the band on it. You couldn’t stand still to music like this, it’s just too full of beats and melody not too enjoy. The verse is quite stretched but the chorus is just an anthem any band could be proud to have in their collection.

Long Time Coming is another good track. It’s a bit quieter than the others and does change the tone of the album a little. The flow is fantastic and the energy is ever present. Tremors is more like a Nine Inch Nails track than a punk song. Really heavy, really loud and really fucking good. Want to hear the best in the country, stick it on. Industrious, infectious and full of little beats, nooks and crannies that lead the song down different paths from time to time giving all the meag-moshers in the their audience a few moments of peace before it all comes crashing back down again. Song for Understanding is another slowish one. Now when I say slow and Humanzi, don’t go expecting Phil Collins singing In the Air Tonight, think more along the lines of the Sex Pistols covering …the Sex Pistols. Anyways, this one is a little more pop than the others and not a personal fav of Tickets There.

Fix the Cracks is another of the albums singles and a cracking wee tune it is too. Well worth the hype and praise it initially received and a pity it didn’t break the band abroad. Catchy chorus, great riffs and all that guff. Help me in the Morning is more a dance track than the others and shows there is a basic dance foundation ion the groups sound. Maybe that’s why they sound fresher and more original than most Punk Rock acts out there who all just to try and sound like the Clash / The Ramones or Green Day. Get your Shit Together sounds exactly like what you’d expect. Dirty distorted guitars, a mother thumping drum beat and all the attitude four lads from da north side can muster. Great track unless you’re a prat. Mass Hypnosis is last but not least. Heavy, undistinguishable vocals and a lot going on…yet still great.

If you have to get one Irish album this Christmas, make it Humanzi – Tremors.