Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked stuff by lots of people who don’t visit very often. Here’s our response.

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General FAQ

QUESTION: You’re grammar, spelling, opinions and overall style is terrible, how can you call yourself a writer or music journalist?

ANSWER: We don’t call ourselves journalists, that’s not our profession. We’re volunteer bloggers trying to promote Irish bands we love in our own way.

Though our writing’s gotten better over the years, we’ve a long way to go and we’re always trying to improve ourselves with each new article.

QUESTION: You dismiss bands because you don’t like their particular style of music, how can you call yourself unbiased?

ANSWER: We don’t discriminate against a band because of their style, we generally just dislike them because they’re bad. If we don’t like a style we’ll say it but we won’t base the bands talent and ability to play together just because of their style….unless we say it 🙂

QUESTION: You’re site is so pathetic and uncredible you do more harm to the bands you praise than to the ones you slate!

ANSWER: We see where you’re coming from, even Tickets There doesn’t see itself as credible, our favorite Irish bands don’t sell half as much as say, Westlife. But if we ever thought that was really true, we’d close down immediately.

QUESTION: What is your background that lets you claim an intellectual superiority about music genre’s and history over others?

ANSWER: Well,mostly because our music taste is deadly. It’s so kick ass it ain’t even funny.

QUESTION: Do you sell tickets?



One Response to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. QUESTION: Do you sell tickets?

    ANSWER: No.


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