Hellfire()Sounds Review: Rebels By Nature

Despite the awesome “!!metal-\,,/-ness!!” of Hell()Sounds, we’re also going to cover hard rock (like it or not) cause metal is great and all, but you need diversity…..well, do you f**k, but hard rock is always welcome.  Today we’re looking at Belfast band, Rebels By Nature who mix raspy, gritty vocals, heavy guitars and booming tunes that appear just one decent producer away from kicking the living crap out of ya. Tonight Matthew, we’re going Facebook!

First of four tunes on their Facebook is ‘Dead Man’, a sweaty ball of riffs-attitude and lead-GALORE!. There’s moments where the music disappears and sounds a little weak but everything’s here and it just needs a proper rock producer to step in and knock it together. Lyrics are great, vocals style is fairly brutal – think Lemmy meets Kieran Daly (X-Wired Desire). ‘We Are Rebels’ is a little grittier, harder and better built. There is the odd moment where a pointless lead jumps in and everyone else downs tools. A song like this needs adrenalin, no stopping but it doesn’t manage to destroy the pace and it still kicks ass. The best though is yet to come…

Third track, ‘Where The Wasteland Ends’ is a country styled ballad. Country styled ballads have no place in HELL()SOUNDS so we’re moving on! Post-Country Ballad confusion, we have ‘Blood & Whiskey’. One of the most over used, but still coolest titles floating around the rock world. Who doesn’t want to have an original song called Blood & Whiskey in their set? It’s like a f**king epic! Fortunately Rebels By Nature can be proud of theirs. Rallying, heavy as hell and a true, 100% bona fide stomper of a tune. There’s improvements  that could be tacked on here and there, but not much in fairness. Tickets There can recommend giving the live version a go for proper effect. Check out their Facebook now to hear there tunes (yes, including the country ballad thing). Rock on!


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