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Tickets There may not be sharpest tool in the bottom drawer but we do try and keep ourselves relatively secluded from the world we snide and gribe at so if you need (or want) to contact us here and Ireland’s 8th greatest music blog, comment one of the posts or email us at

We’ll be sure to get back to ya ASAP!!

PS – We will reply, no matter how nasty the mail is 😉


Dear bands,

Tickets There has some rules about our reviews and site. The three main rules are below,

  • We do not accept any material by post. Tickets There HQ is located in a strictly private, underground, government funded bunker and we are forbidden from revealing the address. Please do not take offense if we refuse any CD’s or other offered items for review. Instead, point us to a streaming source and we’ll check ye out.
  • We do not accept Guest List slots. Tickets There isn’t here to create a social life of your back. If we like your music, we’ll be more than happy to pay to hear you play it. It doesn’t mean we’ll get to all, or even 10% of the shows we’d like to but if you’ve really won us over, we’ll catch you sooner or later.
  • Tickets There is anti-downloading. If you offer us a link to a site where we can download your album, please don’t assume we’ll do it. We like to protect our machines aswell as your rights. We don’t want a virus and we don’t want to join any sites that offer illegal downloading.


Tickets There will soon be moving into the grand auld world of Interviews. We’re waiting on a few things to fall into place before starting but if you’re interested in doing an interview, please let us know.

All queries should be sent to

So that’s it, please get in touch,
Tickets There


5 Responses to “Contact Tickets There”

  1. Hi

    I see on your web page that you promote Irish music and bands. We are an event listing site for the UK that has events listed from Ireland, and wondered if you would be interested in making money by selling electronic tickets for these events directly from your web page.

    We can offer an affiliate program giving 15% commission on all booking fees. We are the UK’s biggest independent What’s On Guide, have exclusive ticket contracts for many events (especially in the North West) plus a huge festivals area which has recently been launched at, we have a very large number of weekly club nights not available through any other ticketing partner (see We can also provide data feeds enabling you to integrate directly with your website.

    If you’d like more info, check out or feel free to contact me on this email address


  2. Catherine Walker Says:


    Would you consider placing a promotional link on your page:

    The link would be for a website which has music lessons as its main keywords.
    I have a limited budget, but I am hoping there is a reasonable price we could arrange since it’s just a tiny piece of screen real estate I’m interested in. Please let me know if you’re open to this, and if not I appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck with your site.

    Thank You!
    Catherine Walker

  3. i hope all goes well to get an official release for this band.we are going flat out to have it all ready for the gig !!!! a superb local band !!!!

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