“Me Top Eight Mates”

Welcome to Tickets There ‘Top Eight Mates‘ page. Here is a list of our top 8 underground/non-major Irish bands. Check out our MySpace and see our current Top 40 Irish Bands. Top 8 in order, 32 in A – Z.

1. Humanzi
Darlings of the sleazy Irish punk/rock/pop scene. Tickets There is banking on Humanzi to become band of 2010 with their new album, Kingdom of Ghosts.
2. Jape
What can ya say about Jape? That man’s a legend. As if it wasn’t enough he plays with the excellent Redneck Manifesto (pride of the Instrumental scene), he’s got a solo career that’s produced some of the finest hard dance, electronica, singer-songwriter tunes known to man.
3. Concerto for Constantine
One of the brightest hopes for the Irish Alt-Rock genre. The only reason these guys aren’t number 1 is because they haven’t released anything yet. Incredible band, well worth checking out.
4. The Aftermath
The Aftermath’s first album, Friendlier Up Here is one of the best debut albums an Irish band’s released in years. Pop Rock at it’s finest!
5. Million $ Reload
Very new addition. Million Dollar Reload play hard ass, catchy AC/DC styled rock and Tickets There likes this, we likes this alot (yes, Likes!)
6. Jaded Sun
Another rock band, Jaded Sun may not be Guns N’ Roses but once you hear Higher, you’ll be on their side!.
7. Lluther
Lluther are set to make their return in 2010 with their second album, Return of the Reptile King and early singles indicate it’ll be more than worth the three year wait.
8. And So I Watch You From Afar
One of the fastest rising names on the Irish music scene, ASIWYFA are on the verge of global stardom. Very rare for a instrumental heavy metal band to do so.

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