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Jaded Sun: Launch New EP Tonight @ The Workman’s Club

October 28, 2010

The excellent Jaded Sun are hitting Dublin’s Workman’s Club tonight to launch their brand new EP, Whiskey Drinker. It’s the first new release since 2008’s Gypsy Trip album and after giving it several spins this evening, Tickets There is delighted to tell you the band have lost none of their edge. The EP’s title track […]

Jaded Sun Announce Workman’s Club Date

September 21, 2010

Shit cool Dublin rockers, Jaded Sun are coming back to the city centre. The group will be playing The Workman’s Club (Located @ Wellington Quay) on October 28th. Tickets are priced at €10. For more detials, please Click Here

Jaded Sun – Higher

September 16, 2009

Strictly for fans of ROCK N FUCKIN’ ROLL!!


July 1, 2009

Well, you may have noticed extensive reconstructions on the Tickets There MySpace this weekend. After toying with the notion of moving everything to WordPress, I’ve decided not to bother so I’m staying here instead. Plans are in the making to launch an actual website in the coming months but for now we’re staying put. […]

New Music: Sweet Taste – Otherside

October 24, 2011

Just came across this fantastic track while trawling through some hard rock bands. They’re from Antrim, they’re called Sweet Taste and they’ve got a pretty bang on sound. If you’re a fan of Jaded Sun or The Answer, check these guys out. The tune is called ‘Otherside‘ and it seems to have come out back […]

MySpace Review – The Riptide Movement

June 3, 2010

Every now and again, we find a band unknown to us that are so good we’re ashamed to call ourselves music writers. How in the hell can a team of journalists, doing our best 24 hours a day, every day of the week to scout and promote Irish talent not find acts like the The […]

“Me Top Eight Mates”

February 21, 2010

Welcome to Tickets There ‘Top Eight Mates‘ page. Here is a list of our top 8 underground/non-major Irish bands. Check out our MySpace and see our current Top 40 Irish Bands. Top 8 in order, 32 in A – Z. 1. Humanzi Darlings of the sleazy Irish punk/rock/pop scene. Tickets There is banking on Humanzi […]


November 2, 2009

Yet again this is something you could have read sooner if you’d visited Hotpress, but you didn’t. You didn’t because you’re lazy and Tickets There is lazy. What’s the old saying, the early bird catches the worm…but the second mouse gets the cheese (thanks Patrick). The Final line-up and details have been announced for the […]

Tickets there – Irish Playlist: Friday, September 25th

September 25, 2009

Maybe try and start this as a new feature, a weekly playlist of irish tracks Tickets There is currently listening to. Ash – Uncle Pat We all know Ash. Most of us love Ash. They just seem to get better and better with time but this week it’s Uncle Pat Time. What a fecking classic […]

Tickets There: Our Favorite Irish Bands

September 19, 2009

Hi There, Tickets There has decided to create a list of the Safe (Good) Irish bands. This list will only be based on our collective (my) personal tastes and will be updated as often as possible (Also, the Top Ten only includes bands that are still together and fairly underground / local. Thats why Ash […]


July 1, 2009

Moving slowly along from the excellent Jaded Sun, I’ve had a look at my online friends and found what sounds like a great act from Louth. I’ve never even heard of The Rapport but a few seconds into their first track, I was sold. As usual, I’ve never heard their album or seen them live. […]


July 1, 2009

After a day spent watching Def Leppard Video’s, series 2 of Yes Minister and writing, I think one more review is in order before I switch the computer off ad relax for a few hours. Today we’ve had Jaded Sun from Dublin, who turned out to be one of the best bands I’ve found since […]