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Review: Twisted Autocracy – Reinstate the Hate (EP)

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a2654034394_2We’ve been looking to this for about half a year and finally the time has come for Twisted Autocracy. Tickets There has an almost Axl Rose choreographed history with TA as we’ve managed to turn up late for all but one of the fourteen thousand times they’ve played nights we attended. However that one show, much like Snowblind last week, was enough. Not being major, major hardcore fans – there was a little awkwardness at first – but you can’t deny music of this quality and intensity.

Reinstate the Hate is the band’s debut EP and it’s five slices of savagely fast, obnoxious metal that pulls no punches. Could that have sounded any more cliché? Yes – the answer is yes it could. Seriously though – from the moment ‘A Worthless Place’ booms on the headphones it’s hard not to just listen to this EP over and over again. The E.P.’s title track, ‘Pretty Fucked Pretty Quick‘ and the excellent ‘Corporation Defecation’ are all presented with the same, fist pumping energy and give the listener the perfect introduction to their sound and the potential for future releases.

A great listen and highly recommended for all metal fans. Have a listen on the band’s official bandcamp page now.


Review: Dead Aeon – Apotheosis (EP Review)

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2656672004-1Monaghan blackened/death metal heads, Dead Aeon, currently own all rights to my headphones. For several days it’s been next to near impossible to turn off their debut EP, Apotheosis. Five tracks of blistering intensity, voiced through extreme metal. After seeing them play a storming set at this year’s Wacken Metal battle, TT knew we’d need a revisit and that time has come.

Normally I’d start at the beginning for a review, but I’ve been driving folks mad with one song in particular from this EP, ‘Rise To Power’, and now it’s your turn. There’s a moment on Rise To Power, about 3.28 seconds in that will leave you completely gobsmacked.  A stampeding explosion of metal that equates to the force of an atomic bomb for the ears. Easily my favourite piece of this record, but not by far.

The EP is extremely strong, especially for a debut release. Jack Penders’ half screeching / half roaring vocals cut their way through a rampaging marathon of double bass drums, heavy snare / symbols and doom/death metal guitars riffs. ‘Omnicide’, ‘Mass Culture Theory’ and ‘All Shall Fade’ are strong songs that deliver an overwhelming amount of power, before the previously mentioned Rise To Power bounds in to conquer all. ‘Veins of The Earth’ is another gem to close the release off with. As heavy as anything else on the EP but more accomplished than the first three tracks.

If you’re looking for some quality home-grown metal, Dead Aeon are a good start (and don’t forget to listen to Rise to Power – now! Video below so you have no excuse).

Review: Twisted Wrath – Madman’s Chorus (EP Review)

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290668102-1Sligo Rovers, the best pubs in the country and less stress; all things I miss about living back in the west. Now it turns out there’s something new to go back for; the incredible, Twisted Wrath. The Galway/Mayo quartet have been on the go for almost six years and have recently put out their second EP, Madman’s Chorus, as a free download. I’m writing that too much today, you f**kers should be paying for music this good 🙂

Madman’s Chorus is an all too short slice of thrash metal Gold. Four songs of pure head banging glory. Wall to wall riffs/shredding solos, speed drums and anthem grounded vocals. There’s not a moment on this EP where your attention begins to wane or songs drag out. Opener ‘North Titan’ is a mesh of Manowar meets Testament! Epic in content and uncompromising in its mission. The EP’s title track continues the power and adds an almost Maiden element to the lyrics. Nowhere to hide – this song is a hammering attack of thrash metal at its best (well, close to its best).

‘To The Sword‘ comes swooping in, not very distinct from the previous songs, before suddenly accelerating into Slayer-esque thrash territory; where’s it’s harder riffs and grittier, heavier vocals. By the time ‘Smoke’ kicks in you’ll be begging for more but sadly, it’s the closing tune and a fitting end to a great second EP from a very promising band.

With all these Dublin bands blowing TT’s auld head these days, it’s great to see homeland bands aren’t lagging behind. Twisted Wrath are an excellent find and well worth as much of your time as you can spare. Listen to them now on Bandcamp.

Review: AeSect – Beneath the Undergrowth (EP Review)

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859600_428315560582677_1051748068_oAfter seeing AeSect shake Fibbers up last week, TT decided it was high time we checked out their debut EP, Beneath the Undergrowth; which has just been released as a free download. With five tracks and high expectations, it’s time for metal!

Opening tune, ‘Baal’ is a very strong start. Bruising heaviness mixed with metal/hardcore vocals; the band immediately set a high bar for themselves and the EP. ‘Snipe the Lamb’ continues the assault with extreme speed and pounding aggression. At times the vocals impose themselves a little too strongly but a crackin’ tune none the less. The title track is next and there’s a little drop in the impact. The song seems too disjointed, too sparse to really hammer the point home.

The opening riff to ‘Bite the Curb’  seems to bring the EP back on course, until you spend one minute being yelled at to ‘Bitteee the Cuuurb Bhoyy, just bite the f**king curb’. Don’t get me wrong, it brings back American History X memories and all, which is always….. fun; but again this song lets itself-down and seems to drag out and slow the enjoyment. ‘The God Delusion’ is last up and kicks off with yet another sweet intro; something AeSect are clearly amazing at. Mostly the song is strong but dragged out choruses and unsettlingly mediocre lyrics again cast a shadow.

There are some insanely good moments on this release, but on the second half they are overshadowed with some major weak points. Musically and the lyrically the last three songs could all do with improvements before going on to a full length album. The opening two songs and the band’s live performance show undeniable talent and skill. AeSect just need to ensure they get that across on their recordings.

Review: Gargantuan – Declarations of Gore

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66114115-1For those who don’t know, Enniskillen was once home to a might record shop called ‘Island Discs’. In its day, island Discs was the mecca of the North West for all things hard rock and metal. Anything demo/bootlegged or hard to find was always to be found in Island and generally at a decent price. It was a gathering ground for every rock/metal fan in the town and the surrounding counties. It’s no surprise that Enniskillen is now in the habit of producing some quality metal, first with Darkest Era and now Gargantuan (and
many more I’ve still discover I’m sure).

Formed in 2008, the death metal quartet has spent the last four years furiously touring Ireland with some of the major players from the Belfast and Dublin scene. They released their debut EP, Gargantuan EP in 2010 and now they’re ready to take things to a new level. Declarations of Gore is the band’s second EP and there’s no denying they’ve made some serious progress in the last two years. While the Gargantuan E.P. was a powerful adversary that nicely fused together many of the bands death / technical metal influences, it pales in comparison to Declarations of Gore. The songs on the first EP had the intensity, the power but seemed to lack a direction (except Sticky Trigger Finger; that song gallops down the headphones).  That’s all over now as opening tune, ‘Hell Unearth’, thunders through the speakers with unstoppable fury. It introduces honed skills, a sharper direction and a harmonious mix of their influences and own unique style.

‘Kathartic Bloodletting’ pulls back into a brooding, intimidating mangle of restrained riffs and classic death / brutal metal structure. Less full frontal aggressiveness on K. Bloodletting is evened off when ‘I Rot’ hammers in. A concoction of death and black metal, I Rot is disjointed in structure, at times drawn out, but the power and intensity of the verse and bridges makes the song an authoritative piece for this EP. ‘Math Murder’ brings a little more doom back into Gargantuan’s sound. Slow and mighty at the start, you’re quickly thrown into a private pit of intensity. The EP ends with the forceful ‘Necrosis‘. Here the band just let loose with rampaging aggression. No long bridges, no melodic pit stops – just full on war for the ears. Excellent finish from a truly promising band. They’ll be down in Dublin for a show on June 1st at the Dublin Day of Decay so make sure you stop by and check them out.

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Warcrux (Warcrux E.P.)

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We’re a little behind on the auld review front, so let’s start with a 2011 release from Belfast metallers Warcrux. They describe themselves as a thrash / sleaze band, but we’re not getting that from the EP. All the hallmarks of later Metallica are there and there’s some goof foundations for things to come, but the sound is much more polished, less aggressive and at times – too acoustic for thrash metal. The sleaze? nah.

Kicking off with ‘Ties That Bind’, the slow acoustic build up unfortunately doesn’t lead into the typhoon of riffs and Armageddon you might expect. There’s no sign of thrash or sleaze and little to distinguish the song from any other young band trying to impersonate ReLoad Metallica. As deep as it tries to be, it just doesn’t hit the mark in any way and even the double bass drums can’t save it.

Good news, ‘Pray For Ares’ puts the EP on its feet and finally we get a little metal. The vocals don’t deliver that deathly blow this blogger thinks metal bands need, but it’s a marked improvement from Ties That Bind. Goes on for a bit, but with pints involved it could be a handy live number. ‘Leave Me To Crawl’ has another one of those melodic intros, but the band don’t mess with you this time.  James Hetfield sounds good on vocals…. Ah no, the singer improves a fair amount here. Riffs, solos, heaviness a gogo all packed into one place. Most bands would probably finish a metal EP with the ballad song but in this case, we’re glad Warcrux pounded out the metal for us.

On that note – well worth checking out. Young band who can only improve. Stay away from the acoustic guitars until you’ve completed your Kill Em All and all will be well….well as in dead since you’re killing them all. I’m killing this piece right now aren’t I? Doesn’t matter, no one’s reading anyway.

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Summoner (‘Infernal Incantations’ Demo)

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Looking for a little Black metal meets thrash? Well no need to go scraping the bay of California or digging through the abandoned grave years on Norway – Ireland’s got you sorted. Summoner  are an Irish band (possibly from the late 200 BC) who dress like demonic druids and play extremely heavy, yet surprisingly accessible tunes. While some find the likes of Mayhem, Emperor and Venom hard to listen to, Summoner have added in a little bit of raunchiness into the typical bleak black metal soundscape which ends up as a thrashy, death metal fusing of the sounds.  They released their ‘Infernal Incantations’ demo in October 2011 so time to give it a spin.

Well it’s short. In total the demo comes in at 1.18 seconds with two tunes. ‘Into Mine Unseen Barrier Shall Thy Flesh Be Wrought’ kicks things off and acts as the demo’s opus clocking up an impressive 00:51 seconds on the clock. It still managed a fairly awesome intro, nice bit of riffage and lead and fairly full on, bleaker than black vocals. Don’t judge a man by his height, book by it’s cover or song by it’s length!. Final song, ‘Premature Incineration’ has all the hallmarks of a AAA VIP pass into hell. Short, bitter and brutal. While it may not be the most radio friendly genre out there, Summoner do it well but know this – we are keeping a closer eye on church fires from now on!

Check out the band’s ‘Infernal Incantations’ demo now on Bandcamp (Click here).

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Psykosis (‘Toxic Terror Storm’ Demo)

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It’s Monday, it’s sunny and that means thrash metal is needed! Rather that rooting through the American bands for some tunage, why not try some local home-grown boys who are just as good. Psykosis are a Dublin born ‘n’ bred, God honest thrash band with killer riffs, no quarter lyrics and blistering solos. Oh yes, welcome home!

The band has one demo to their name and are looking to get their debut album out and onto your stereos as soon as possible. In the meantime the demo, ‘Toxic Terror Storm’ will be enough to keep your going. Opening with the rampaging ‘Toxic Fugitive’, the tune immediately blasts you into a no-holes barred, thrash world of carnage. Sneering lyrics overlapped with shredding guitar leads and riffs so forceful you’ll think you’re having a seizure.  ‘Terror At 3 A.M.’ turns things up a few notches with thundering drums/riffs creating a wall of power behind Grant Walsh’s vocals and guitars. Powerful chorus, savage solos – everything a good healthy dose of metal can deliver really.

The Demo closes with the fearsome ‘Bonestorm’ which starts off with one solid riff that pounds its way through the track. If you’re into mind-numbing riff ‘n’ solo style metal, then this is your baby. Dense, hard and heavy and a crackin’ tune to finish the demo of with. In short, Psykosis are a formidable force on the Irish metal scene. Well worth checking out and another band you’ll be hearing more about on Tickets There in the future.

All tracks on the demo are available on their MySpace Page (Click Here) and they play the Wacken Metal Battle Semi-Final II on March 24th @ The Pint, Dublin.

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Exzeltic (Ground Zero EP)

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After seeing these guys on Saturday night at the Wacken Metal battle semi-finals, we’re confident there’s a future for thrash metal in Ireland. Taking their influence from Megadeth, ‘Kill Em All’ era Metallica (when they were actually thrash, like) and the Priest (Judas, not the other kind), the band play fast, heavy metal with riffs, solos and glass cutting vocals. Their second EP, Ground Zero, came out last year and it’s about time you heard it. Welcome to EXZELTIC

Kicking off with ‘Devastator’, the EP launches into raw thrash, under produced but sounding great. The solos are killer, the lyrics are brutal and the singing, well the singing unfortunately falls into the production problem but that doesn’t last and dramatically improves on the second track – ‘Infinity Crisis’..but first you need to get past the monster solo on Devastator, incredible stuff.

Infinity Crisis kicks off with some pounding drumming before the dual lead guitars launch the song to its feet. The riff is catchy as hell, classic crunchy riffs. Singing dramatically improves and the solos agghh. It’s hard to find an Irish band that have a grasp of this style, but Exzeltic have it by the bucket load and these recordings still pale in comparison to their live performance. Another ranging battle of riffs and major soloing later – you have one hell a tune to get through. Raging rampage of carnage, if nothing else.

The EP closes out with a head banging ballad of world ending proportions. Now of course when we say ballad for thrash metal, we do of course mean a clean guitar intro and then open the void and jump. ‘Agent of Chaos’ is one of those frighteningly fast metal anthems that could fire itself onto any decent thrash record and still kick the other tunes asses. This is the moment on the EP where everything falls into place to deliver a 100% bonafide piece of classic music…except that one bit at 04:15, drop that tiny little guitar thing and all is well.

If you like your trash or just like all metal, Exzeltic are the band to check out as soon as you can. Normally Tickets There doesn’t do this, but we’ve included all three of their tunes below because we firmly believe this is one of the most exciting old-skool bands in Ireland at the moment…that we’ve heard.

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Shardborne (Aeonian Sequence E.P.)

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As with the IRISH NOISE! Reviews, we’re not limiting ourselves to just random tracks for the Hellfire series. Today for example, we’ve been listening to Shardborne’sAeonian Sequence’ EP which was released last year as a free download or very nicely priced €5 CD. These guys have been around for almost ten years so we won’t treat them as newbies and neither should you. This EP screams experience, a fined craft for traditional Celtic folk metal and a powerful skill and writing very soothing, involved tracks.

Opening with the fantastic ‘B141’, it doesn’t immediately click that these guys are an instrumental band. Unlike some, they don’t go down the old road of basically writing a normal verse/chorus job and just forget to advertise for a singer. B141 is a mix of fast guitars, heavy drumming and swoops, loops ‘n’ changes. This feel is carried on in second track ‘Deimos’ which pushed both the bands lighter side, with soothing brides, un-intruding guitar leads and waves before the mighty backdrop of drums and riffs trounce in; paving the way for the bleak ‘Aeonian Sequence Pt.1 – Societies Collapse’. Metal military drumming, chaos, sings of strength and aggression all pour into one of this track with the odd moment of computer jazz confusion and emptiness with the lead guitars acting as the protagonist and the wall of sound the antagonist. The jazz moments play Charlie Chaplin.

‘Pt.2, Enduring’ carries on the assault with heavier riffs, more poignant guitar leads and even a touch of romance. This isn’t a song, it’s a full blown stage production with characters, stories and emotion. An excellent piece of music from start to finish that could be amazing in a live setting with KISS’s budget. If you haven’t heard them, check out their Soundcloud and download this. Even if you don’t like instrumental music, I can guarantee you’ll hardly notice and by the time you reach Aeonian Sequence Pt.1 & 2, you’ll be sold. Excellent find! Long live Limerick metal!

Solar Taxi – She Dies With Beautiful Teeth EP (Review)

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We liked them a year ago, now we love them. Waterford electro dance / dirty funk outfit, Solar Taxi, are back with a brand new EP and we think you need to hear it.

She Dies With Beautiful Teeth is comprised of seductively catchy and widely diversified tunes suited for every mood. In just four tracks, the band have displayed an incredible talent for writing some of the most original music you’ll hear this year. With opening track, ‘The Fool’ you’re given a taste of their well established diva dance style which is only toppled by the harder, guitar driven follow up, ‘Glass Hearts’. The styles jump from gritty 70’s funk, to rock to expansive trance, all stripped back to a stimulating melancholic state.

Peachy Peach changes things again with the bands funkier, soul side breaking through to give the EP a healthy dose of Umpf! Bass lovers would be advised to check out some full on, chucky action from Peter Vogelaar, closely flowed by some shredding guitar lead from James O’Halloran. Last track, ‘White Lights’ shows the final face of She Dies With Beautiful Teeth. An excellent song, completely different in style to the other three and one that really serves singer, Aisling Browne’s voice exceptionally well and shows a depth that really stands out against a toned down background.

Excellent work from start to finish and without a doubt a band you’ll be hearing a lot more about over the coming months. In a decade when bands are so determined to stand out, but yet are too afraid to follow the long established guidelines of popular music, it’s comforting to know there’s still a few acts out there who can do it all.

Seamus O’Muineachain – Conflicts at the Sermon EP (Review)

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Looking to put a little transcendence into your day? If so, you’d be justified in checking out Seamus O’Muineachain’s brand new EP, Conflicts at the Sermon. Comprised of three original pieces, the EP is a dark, haunting collection of eerie melodic compositions, mixed through traditional Irish structures (Most notably ‘Away With The Fairies’ bearing the brunt of that description). For classical lovers, ‘I’m Trying To Escape’ is the real highlight with it’s rolling piano melodies and depth.

No we’re not used to reviewing classical music but this is a lovely EP worth checking out. It’s dark in tone but lovely to have in the background for your relaxing Monday. Stream the whole EP for free now at Seamus’ official BandCamp page.

The Walls –Bird In A Cage EP (EP Review)

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Last year, Dublin / Clare rockers The Walls promised a new EP in early 2011 with an album to follow later in the year. So far they’ve delivering on queue! After spending most of 2010 perfecting and touring their two man live show, this is the first solid release of new material since 2005’s New Dawn Breaking and it has been worth the wait.

Taking material from their forthcoming album, Stop The Lights and sticking in a couple of EP only bonuses, Bird In A Cage is an excellent introduction to the bands revived , laid back sound with that striking talent for song-writing Joe and Steve Wall have made their backs on. Opening with the EP’s title track, you’re introduced to a very personal, biographical glimpse into Steve’s childhood with an uplifting chorus that’s sure to bring you back for more.

Chrome Heart brings back some early Wall’s styles with paced lead guitars, low tempo vocals and a chucky bass shoulder to lean on. Being the Walls, the song retracts and expands like nothing else but never loses it’s dead straight composure. All A Blur, also taken from the next album highlights the bands incredible talent for simple, catchy music with no frills needed to make their music any more appealing that it already is.

The Big Freeze brings to a close on a down note. Not that it’s bad, but as instrumentals go there’s not much here. Any fan out there knows the Walls are capable of much better, something that is not only obvious from their previous records, but also from the new material they’ve been playing live over the past year. All that means is we get some crackin’ tunes now and an amazing album later in the year. Not too shabby for Tickets There!

The EP can be downloaded now for €3 from The Wall’s Bandcamp page. Title track Bird In A Cage is also available as a free download on the same page.

IRISH NOISE! – The Danger Is (The Danger Is EP REVIEW)

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Their second appearance in the Irish Noise series and there’ll be many more. No sweeter sound to Tickets There’s ears these days than the lovely Niamh Danger and her band The Danger Is. Quirky, fun, excellent, sublime, lovely, talented, well played, well written, emotional and just the bees knees in every respect under the sun. We hate them, obviously!

After accidently witnessing their performance at last years Temple House Music Festival we were captivated (in a non-threatening / no need for a restraining order sort of way). The songs are just bliss and even if it’s not your sort of thing, Niamh’s obvious charm will whip you in line. For those of you who came to Tickets There expecting blog after blog of Megadeth, you’ll just have to be patient because The Danger Is EP has only come to our attention quite recently (thanks Nialler9) and we want to talk about how much we’ve been enjoying it.

Rub Who You Love, agh god. If We could spend the rest of our lives in a room listening to this incredibly sexy, passionate voice we would be happy little touts. The song is just flat out fun with enough drive to make it serious, enough silliness to put a smile on your face but most importantly there’s the ‘holy god, this is what I’ve been looking for’ factor. Love it. Next up is All For Gold which we’ve reviewed before when it was the only recording we could find….it’s still awesome.

Same Face is possibly our favourite track of the whole EP. Lovely harmonies, excellent vocal structures, lyrics are clever and the music is so catchy we’d nearly get up and dance (something those of you familiar with us personally will know we never do. For the rest of you……ye know it now). Ah who cares what we have to say about it?? Just go listen and enjoy it!

…awkward moment as we still have to review the last song. Ok, maybe stay another minute. Funnily enough, Awkward is the title of the next track – We swear we didn’t realize that..ahem. Moving on, Awkward is the darkest song on the EP, but it’s still filled with upbeat loveliness,  fantastic vocals and ever changing music that is just rampant in it’s simple excellence. Kind of like Tickets (NO PLUGS…or at least make them funny! – Ed). The end of the verse, before the building bit is our hook here. A good heavy bass the just delivers on call.

The Danger Is EP  is without a doubt the most splendid thing we’ve heard this year and for anyone looking for a ‘One to Watch’, these are the guys. Go listen to it @ The Danger Is EP – Soundcloud After you fall in love with them, go and visit their website –
The Danger Is – EP by Lefthand Productions

Sacred Animals – Welcome Home (EP Review)

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Review: Stephen Byrne (Originally posted @ Alternative Irish Music Review)

Sacred Animals, Welcome Home EP is a hidden gem. This highly secretive band rarely play gigs and little is known of its members. However, since they dropped their debut EP earlier this year, it has spread like wild-fire around Dublin’s musical elite and record label interest if said to be fierce.

Welcome Home opens with Wired Islands a cross between The Eels and Radiohead it begins with an “E” style electric piano line soon joined by strings and a haunting vocal Thom Yorke would surly approve of “A rest will come, islands less inhabitants, with one eye on the prize, executed plans, pursued by passengers”

Chosen Seed is reminiscent of Virgin Suicides era Air a sparse arrangement of arpeggiated guitar, bongos, rim-shots, tambourine and mallets, build a tense sound scape allowing the vocals to wash over us “Are you scared of what you said Well you’re not the only one” is a truly dread filled refrain. While title track Welcome Home is built upon a bed of static and percussive sounds looped and long deep piano notes syncopated by a simple bell melody.

Sigur Ros’s influence looms large on the final track Still Removed. Once again the lyrics are dark full of self loathing, neurosis, and paranoia “What’s the point in boxing clever, All I see is all you are. It’s the flaws that make the man & you are an imperfect star

The intelligent use of different instruments in short bursts throughout all of Sacred Animals songs set them apart from other bands as does the cryptic mindset of the lyrics Welcome Home is a post apocalypic triumph and better still its avaiable to download free from bandcamp.

Brains – Strange Meat (EP Review)

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Recession or no recession, this country never stops producing good music and Cork band, Brains are the latest example of that. Formed in 2009, the band play what they describe as ‘blackened rock n roll’ which loosely translated means ‘American styled stoner rock / metal. Not that this comment really does the band justice because their debut EP, Strange Meat is packed with little gems and the odd one we’re still getting our heads around.

Wolfbeast opens things up and we still haven’t decided if we like it or not. It’s a strange one that slips between comical and pretty savage. The chunky bass, the Hammond organ and explosive guitars are excellent and the singer’s voice is powerful during the verses but something happens in the bridge and things go off course a little.  Maybe it’s just because the song is called Wolfbeast and we don’t know the band well enough to let them away it.

Second song 3ft Wide 7ft Tall was the other one we weren’t full sure about at first. Given a few spins though it quickly convinced us to keep going with this band. Opening with a doom, piano / guitar – slowed down black metal styled intro, the song quickly changes into a lighter pop rock styled verse before the booming guitars return for the chorus. Pretty funny in places but works well as a serious number because the music’s there to back it up.

Things really kick off with the guitar driven That Awful Witch which is chuck-full of dueling guitar leads, a funky chunky bass line and some very catchy hooks. An excellent number and a welcome sign that this band are not just here to sing about Wolfbeast and massive women (3ft Wide 7ft Tall isn’t about women TT, listen properly next time – Ed)….then again, AC/DC made a career out of doing that.

Black on Black really gets the full on, hard rock buzz going. Opening with another simple yet atmospheric bass intro, the song is once again filled with hooky guitars, riffs, a belting chorus and some dark fantasy lyrics. The guitar explosion at the end is reminiscent of the Thin Lizzy and sits perfectly well with the slowed down, seventies tone on the song.

Muddy Water opens with a riff that’s become synonymous with the band’s sound after just five songs. It gets a little repetitive but the song itself is great, broken down blues rock with some iconic dark metal sounds thrown in. Lovely guitar work and another credible song to make this a damn fine EP.

Things ain’t over yet however as the fine bumpkin (love that word) guitar intro to the EP’s title track kicks in. Strange Meat breaks the trend of the a crunchy bass intro and dives head first into a chaotic, raw guitar driven track. Tender moments, noisy moments – another winner.

Excellent EP, full of very enjoyable moments and definitely a band to watch if you’re a fan of seventies heavy metal or heavy rock. Like we said there’s a few moments in there where you’re trying to figure out which side you’re on but when Tickets There sees these guys live, we’ll be there singing along to Wolfbeast as loud as we can. Oh, and did we mention you can download it for free from This Location?


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Review: Stephen Byrne (Originally posted @ Alternative Irish Music Review)

Action Pause Reaction display much potential on their debut EP Rewind. The title tack starts of with a drum beat reminiscent of Everlong before Ronan O’Leary churns out a riff that Josh Homme would be proud of.

See the Light of Day is a slightly more passive outing akin to Pavement or Jay Mascis and the Fog while Breaking Under the Strain is highly influenced by Northern Ireland’s finest punk rock band Therapy? it contains more high tempo chainsaw guitar riffs.

Unfortunately all these fine riffs are lost in muddy mixing and production. The drums especially suffer from a very thin sound. There is no kick to them and the cymbals wash over everything. Studio inexperience and financial restraints have probably stopped this from being a much better end product.

However, a trip to a proper studio with a proper engineer could make them one of the best the rock trios in the land. Until then, go and see them live.

Visit Their MySpace by Clicking Here

Reborn – Blood & Hell (EP Review)

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Tickets There has been on a total metal buzz recently. We’re not sure what kick started it again but tt could be the fact that Megadeth are coming to Ireland again this year, or the fact that Judas Priest are just too damn good you don’t even want to listen to anything else Or maybe it’s just this simple, heavy metal kicks ass. What ever the reasons, Metal rules and Tickets There is finally discovering the Ireland has a lot of bands that do it well.

One band that does it particularly well is Mayo’s own, Reborn. We only heard these guys for the first time today but man we’re hooked. Their EP, Blood & Hell is pretty much a non-stop, thrashing, heaving monster of a record that delivers riffage up the ass. Opening song Patriot has the gust of a thrash metal classic. The band tightly explode into a frenzied, chaotic, yet structured mesh of riffs, solo’s and some extra crunchy bass for good measure. Play this song once or twice and you’ll be thrashing along within no time.

See the End continues the breakneck thrash speed with some suspended moments that only highlight the bands tightness when then push things into overdrive. Aside from the adrenaline fueled shredding, there’s some incredible soling and changes scattered throughout the track ensuring you don’t confuse this with the watered down verse, chorus, verse, chorus metal songs that are currently favored. The only improvement would be more growls from the singer. Musically the song is perfect and isn’t dragged out but the vocals need more of a sneering, aggressive tone.

Calm of the Storm kicks off with the best opening yet. Things are slowed back before twin lead guitars add some Lizzy-esqe nostalgia to their thrash foundations. The vocals here really need a push but as you can hear on Patriot, the singers still young but he’s getting there. The lead melodies in this song are perfect and remind you of Iron Maidens style. Then there’s the solo and as thrash solo’s go in this country, this is one of the best we’ve heard in awhile! Ah metal, don’t we love it.

The EP closes with Forever Known and it’s possibly the heaviest of the lot. The singers voice shows more signs of cutting loose as the band blister through some tasty riffs, delivered with more talent than you hear in a lot of younger bands. It’s no secret, we love the guitars in this band and given a few years of touring, we expect to hear a lot more from Reborn in the future.

Check out their MySpace now to hear the Blood & Hell EP in full by Clicking Here.

MySpace Review – Cellar Door

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Although three days boozing has made Tickets There a little reluctant to write anything, let alone listen to and review a new band, we’re pressing ahead! There’s a band in Cork that I’m told deserve attention and we felt our EP Review category could use a boost so here it goes.

Cellar Door formed in late 2005 by four lads from Cork. Can’t say for when this EP was released but it was in the last year any who (lads, update your blog or details). There’s just three songs so it’s a nice tidy selection of material.

Opening track, Role Model is a mix of many, many different styles. The tempo of the song is similar to The Killers or Snow Patrol but it’s played with harder edge. The Verse is similar to something the Flaws would write but the chorus is such a restrained burst of Ian Curtis-esqu power. Just as that fades there’s a ripping, shredding awesome guitar solo thrown into the mix. The second half of the track makes much better use of the chorus and leaves you happy enough that these guys have alot to offer.

Warsaw follows and it’s a more Stone Roses-E / darker number. The singer, Dave Barrett’s voice is great. There’s a real low depth that bellows softly over the music adding a great backing all by itself. The songs less upbeat that Role Model and it’s closer to something Snow Patrol would play, especially during the chorus. Role Model had the great chorus, Warsaw has the best verse. The guitars makes another appearance but this time it’s much more toned down and held back and doesn’t contribute have anywhere near the same effect. Not bad but nothing that would get Tickets There excited.

Petter Pot’s finishes things off and this time it’s a ballady number. Some of the lyrics have just been used far too many times before. The music’s nice but bland and it’s just not strong enough to convince us  that it’s from the heart.

Overall not bad. Role Model has its moments, Warsaw has its moments and Petter Pot isn’t good enough to be that famous so it won’t annoy you in the long run. Tickets There thinks the singers voice is too good on the first to tracks to waste it on the same singer songwriter effort every other musician in the country writes.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here!

Concerto for Constantine: Untitled E.P. (EP Review)

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March 17th, 2008 was the last day I remember not hearing a loud ringing in my left ear. Years earlier I had damaged the same ear after the sound at a Def Leppard show in the Ambassador had been turned up so loud even the critics sitting in the balcony had to mention it (and make the obligatory jokes of course). Typically enough yours truly was right up the front and after just two speedy hours of perfect hard hittin’ rock n roll classics from Sheffield’s greatest band, young Tickets There was left with impaired hearing and tinnitus for almost four years. One day it suddenly disappeared, after tortuous efforts like avoiding gigs (well, going to the front at least), not using headphones, using personal sound wave techniques and a whole bunch of other crap.

After all that, it only took one hour in the sleazy, dark ‘n’ smelly surroundings of Fibber MaGee’s and one of Irelands most exciting rock groups, Concerto for Constantine to bring it all back again. But hey, it was worth it.

Despite the fact that the band was only formed in mid 2007, by former JJ72 ringleader, Mark Greaney, Gavin Fox (Turn / Idlewild) and Binzer (The Frames / Everyone else), it wasn’t long before they were recording, touring the country, headlining shows, supporting legends and getting up to all sorts of rock ‘n’ roll shenanigans and Tickets There was…uhm, there to see it all. A year and a half after the Fibber’s incident my hearing is finally starting to improve, just in time for Concerto to kick things into overkill and wreak havoc all over again as they prepare to release their very first E.P.

Fans of the band will be familiar with the majority of the material here. Tracks like Cats Cradle, Killing Fields and the belting, fire breathing monster that is Gaps, have been staunch set list standards since the groups first shows together. Now they appear beefed up to the extreme, losing none of their live energy and sounding better than ever thanks to the groups hard out efforts in the studio. The original demo’s of these songs still had traces of the band finding their feet together but these recordings make it very clear that C4C are now very aware who they are and what they want from their sound.

Concerto’s first radio (download only) single, Minsk is also here. The recording is the same as the one that’s been on MySpace for a while…but this is not a problem. Quite the opposite in fact because, out of all the recordings the band did of this track, the current one is hard to contend with. An absolute belter of a song only enhanced in a live environment with the bands attack mode ‘set to kill’.

Not ones to simply release an EP of the same tracks that have been on their MySpace for the last two years, the band are also throwing in two of their lesser known future anthems, Vox Humana and Last Swim. Anyone who was at the bands Radio City show in February will remember Vox Humana. A slick yet raw guitar riff backed by a sublime, tense verse and a full on WAR mode chorus. Mark’s voice sounds incredible and one note of the chorus will see many a hard rock fan out there con-fuckin’-verted.

Last Swim is a song that made its debut when the band played their first headlining slot in Whelan’s last April. Written by Gavin Fox, the song is possibly the heaviest track the band has, despite a very mellow, uneasy (uneasy as in it doesn’t give you a chance to relax. Not that’s its bad ;)) verse. Marks voice, a repetitive guitar riff and some background rhythm dominate the majority of the track until the massive building, crashing Armageddon styled chorus explodes and sends the track soaring higher and higher before a symphony of guitar and bass solo’s come crashing back together for one final pounding. Think it’s over? Fuck no. Just a minute after the song goes silent, Concerto come crashing back in, full steam ahead.

The bands return may mean Tickets There will have to invest in some much needed ear plugs but god damn it we can’t wait. They are one of the loudest, one of the most theatrical and one of the best bands you can go and see live in Ireland these days. Now the band have a stellar EP under their belts, a large underground following and as fans will know, a whole stack of tracks on par with anything here just waiting for their chance to be recorded. Need we say more about this bands future?

Concerto for Constantine’s new EP is available now for streaming from their official MySpace. If you haven’t copped on yet, Tickets There is very much recommending all our readers to go and check it out right now.