Review: Dead Aeon – Apotheosis (EP Review)

2656672004-1Monaghan blackened/death metal heads, Dead Aeon, currently own all rights to my headphones. For several days it’s been next to near impossible to turn off their debut EP, Apotheosis. Five tracks of blistering intensity, voiced through extreme metal. After seeing them play a storming set at this year’s Wacken Metal battle, TT knew we’d need a revisit and that time has come.

Normally I’d start at the beginning for a review, but I’ve been driving folks mad with one song in particular from this EP, ‘Rise To Power’, and now it’s your turn. There’s a moment on Rise To Power, about 3.28 seconds in that will leave you completely gobsmacked.  A stampeding explosion of metal that equates to the force of an atomic bomb for the ears. Easily my favourite piece of this record, but not by far.

The EP is extremely strong, especially for a debut release. Jack Penders’ half screeching / half roaring vocals cut their way through a rampaging marathon of double bass drums, heavy snare / symbols and doom/death metal guitars riffs. ‘Omnicide’, ‘Mass Culture Theory’ and ‘All Shall Fade’ are strong songs that deliver an overwhelming amount of power, before the previously mentioned Rise To Power bounds in to conquer all. ‘Veins of The Earth’ is another gem to close the release off with. As heavy as anything else on the EP but more accomplished than the first three tracks.

If you’re looking for some quality home-grown metal, Dead Aeon are a good start (and don’t forget to listen to Rise to Power – now! Video below so you have no excuse).


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