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IRISH NOISE! – The Danger Is (The Danger Is EP REVIEW)

Posted in EP Review, IRISH NOISE!, Music with tags , , , , , , , , on January 21, 2011 by Tickets There

Their second appearance in the Irish Noise series and there’ll be many more. No sweeter sound to Tickets There’s ears these days than the lovely Niamh Danger and her band The Danger Is. Quirky, fun, excellent, sublime, lovely, talented, well played, well written, emotional and just the bees knees in every respect under the sun. We hate them, obviously!

After accidently witnessing their performance at last years Temple House Music Festival we were captivated (in a non-threatening / no need for a restraining order sort of way). The songs are just bliss and even if it’s not your sort of thing, Niamh’s obvious charm will whip you in line. For those of you who came to Tickets There expecting blog after blog of Megadeth, you’ll just have to be patient because The Danger Is EP has only come to our attention quite recently (thanks Nialler9) and we want to talk about how much we’ve been enjoying it.

Rub Who You Love, agh god. If We could spend the rest of our lives in a room listening to this incredibly sexy, passionate voice we would be happy little touts. The song is just flat out fun with enough drive to make it serious, enough silliness to put a smile on your face but most importantly there’s the ‘holy god, this is what I’ve been looking for’ factor. Love it. Next up is All For Gold which we’ve reviewed before when it was the only recording we could find….it’s still awesome.

Same Face is possibly our favourite track of the whole EP. Lovely harmonies, excellent vocal structures, lyrics are clever and the music is so catchy we’d nearly get up and dance (something those of you familiar with us personally will know we never do. For the rest of you……ye know it now). Ah who cares what we have to say about it?? Just go listen and enjoy it!

…awkward moment as we still have to review the last song. Ok, maybe stay another minute. Funnily enough, Awkward is the title of the next track – We swear we didn’t realize that..ahem. Moving on, Awkward is the darkest song on the EP, but it’s still filled with upbeat loveliness,  fantastic vocals and ever changing music that is just rampant in it’s simple excellence. Kind of like Tickets (NO PLUGS…or at least make them funny! – Ed). The end of the verse, before the building bit is our hook here. A good heavy bass the just delivers on call.

The Danger Is EP  is without a doubt the most splendid thing we’ve heard this year and for anyone looking for a ‘One to Watch’, these are the guys. Go listen to it @ The Danger Is EP – Soundcloud After you fall in love with them, go and visit their website –
The Danger Is – EP by Lefthand Productions