Wacken Metal Battle: Semi-Final 1 Results

The first of two Semi-Finals for the Wacken 2012 Metal Battle took place in the Pint on Saturday (Feb 25th). Six bands from around the country battled it out to earn a place in the final which takes place on April 21st at The Pint, Dublin. There were three places up for grabs and they went to Warpath, Exzeltic and Beltbuckle Overdrive, all from Dublin. Despite putting on a great show, Belfast born Red Six failed to make it through, nor did Kildare hopefuls, Spittin’ Bones or the extremely confusing Clurichaun from Tipperary.

Warpath were always going to easily walk through to the final in this writers opinion. Their power and brutal grasp of the classic death metal style make them a hot contender for first place in the final, let a lone the semi and seeing them on stage was a reminder of that. You know it’s good when you spend the gig wondering what it is you did to piss the singer off so much.

Exzeltic were a Tickets There choice for review some time back and we passed. One of those wonderful occasions where the MySpace wasn’t up to scratch but the band rock like mother**kers. They went up first to feck all folks and still managed to pull through. Excellent, tight solo ridden thrash metal. Win or lose, Tickets There will be paying much closer attention to these guys from now on.

 And finally we come to the third winner, Beltbuckle Overdrive. BBOD probably need a few more practices before they’ll really pull you in, but that’s our opinion. For the many folks that showed up just to hear them play it’s a different story. Fun to watch, bass player seems mental.  

So it’s all eyes on the second Semi-Final which takes place on March 24th @ The Pint. On the bill you have Bakken, By Any Means, Celtachor, Dirty Diamonds, Psykosis and Zealot Cult.



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