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Club Carnage Presents: THRASH YOUR FACE OFF (Psykosis / Atominated + 4 More)

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20130501-221217.jpgGoodbye livers and brain cells, hello THRASH YOUR HEAD OFF \,,/. With the Day of Decay coming up on June 1st at Fibbers, Club Carnage have now decided to make things extra gruelling; by announcing a mouth watering line-up of thrash metal for the day before.

Psykosis, Atominated, Animator, Visceral Attack, Exzeltic and Edenfire are all playing on the night and entry is just €6, doors are at 8.30 and there’s drink promos and late night metal galore. You’d be half psychotic to even think about missing this gig.

Just to note, this night will also serve as the launch night for Atominated’s new EP, ‘World Without Flesh. Praise The Lord for thrash metal \,,/

[ Videos will be added later ]


\M/erry XMas Bash, Smash, THRASH Gig Announced

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You have to love Christmas! On top of presents, time off and good food, you also have all the bands in the country looking for one last gig of the year. For fans, that means a good 2 weeks of solid gig going where’ll you’re likely to catch pretty much every local band going. This year is no exception and for thrash fans, that moment is arrived.

Local thrash metal bands Edenfire, Exzeltic, Toxic retribution, Specter and Damageflag have announced a Christmas blow out @ (you guessed it) The Pint!. On Friday, December 14th, these five bands will play the \M/erry Christmas Bash, Smash, THRASH celebration. Five bands in one night for the tiny, small price of €5. Doors are at 6pm and if there’s any more details.

Gama Bomb: Nominated for Metal Hammer Award

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Irish thrash metallers, Gama Bomb have been nominated in the underground band category in the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

You can vote the for the lads by visiting Metal Hammer’s Official Website (click the orange )

Gama Bomb’s latest album, Tales from the Grave can be downloaded for free from

Annnddd, you can catch the band live when the play a small irish tour next month, dates below.

April 15th – An Cruiscin Lan, Cork
April 16th – The Pint, Dublin
April 17th – The Speakeasy, Belfast
April 18th – Kelly’s, Galway

July 18th – The Academy, Dublin (Supporting Sepultura)

Reborn – Blood & Hell (EP Review)

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Tickets There has been on a total metal buzz recently. We’re not sure what kick started it again but tt could be the fact that Megadeth are coming to Ireland again this year, or the fact that Judas Priest are just too damn good you don’t even want to listen to anything else Or maybe it’s just this simple, heavy metal kicks ass. What ever the reasons, Metal rules and Tickets There is finally discovering the Ireland has a lot of bands that do it well.

One band that does it particularly well is Mayo’s own, Reborn. We only heard these guys for the first time today but man we’re hooked. Their EP, Blood & Hell is pretty much a non-stop, thrashing, heaving monster of a record that delivers riffage up the ass. Opening song Patriot has the gust of a thrash metal classic. The band tightly explode into a frenzied, chaotic, yet structured mesh of riffs, solo’s and some extra crunchy bass for good measure. Play this song once or twice and you’ll be thrashing along within no time.

See the End continues the breakneck thrash speed with some suspended moments that only highlight the bands tightness when then push things into overdrive. Aside from the adrenaline fueled shredding, there’s some incredible soling and changes scattered throughout the track ensuring you don’t confuse this with the watered down verse, chorus, verse, chorus metal songs that are currently favored. The only improvement would be more growls from the singer. Musically the song is perfect and isn’t dragged out but the vocals need more of a sneering, aggressive tone.

Calm of the Storm kicks off with the best opening yet. Things are slowed back before twin lead guitars add some Lizzy-esqe nostalgia to their thrash foundations. The vocals here really need a push but as you can hear on Patriot, the singers still young but he’s getting there. The lead melodies in this song are perfect and remind you of Iron Maidens style. Then there’s the solo and as thrash solo’s go in this country, this is one of the best we’ve heard in awhile! Ah metal, don’t we love it.

The EP closes with Forever Known and it’s possibly the heaviest of the lot. The singers voice shows more signs of cutting loose as the band blister through some tasty riffs, delivered with more talent than you hear in a lot of younger bands. It’s no secret, we love the guitars in this band and given a few years of touring, we expect to hear a lot more from Reborn in the future.

Check out their MySpace now to hear the Blood & Hell EP in full by Clicking Here.

MySpace Review – Sirocco

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It’s been far too long since we got a chance to do one of these. Managed to sprain, twist and dislocate things since the last time we checked in but all’s well and we’ve got a new found respect for the enduring people of Cambodia, aswell as picking up an in-depth history of the presidents box in Ford’s Theatre, Washington and finally, we’ve started a quest into researching the career of one of America’s most notorious politicians, Richard M. Nixon.

Anywho, Tickets There’s premier band search / TT bio series is back and we’re spicing things up with some Metal \,,/. After finding Waterford Celtic / Thrash metal  legends, Sirocco, we decided it was time to revive the greatest, sexiest, most entertaining and most respectable Music series currency being written anywhere in the entire country, The MySpace Review.

As usual (We don’t say almost anymore, been a long time since we used bias) we haven’t heard their album or seen them live.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen them live or even heard of them before. Sirocco formed in 2003 and they’re deadly, full stop!. Opening song God’s Salvation is like something Brian Robertson and Metallica could have penned in 1984. It’s a blistering, grinding slice of old school thrash metal mixed with some Irish styles and played with a restrained composer that very few Irish bands can pull off.

Second track Abyss is a complete turnaround in styles. Rather than giving you a brooding, dark beating like God’s Salvation, they deliver a pristine Celtic metal odyssey. No lyrics and no stopping it! Great Thin Lizzy / Iron Maiden styled dual lead guitars. Third track Blood and Soil goes back to the harder style of God’s Salvation. Some parts sound like a grunge song, others sound like Ozzy Osbourne’s singing. Other’s sound like Metallica, Megadeth… name it basically. A brilliant mix of styles and changes and a singer with one of the best metal voices in the country. You can’t really ask for a whole pile more can ya? Oh, did we mention riffage yet? Plenty of it, not to worry.

An Triu Creathan is another instrumental and believe it or not, it’s even better than Abyss. The guitars are heavier; the riff is piercing and the overall impacts far more powerful. Another great song.

Forsaken Shores brings us to the end and it’s just eight minutes of metal guitar mayhem, mystical (but not very convincing) lyrics about warriors and clans..etc, solos, kick drums and riffs. After a few goes, this one still isn’t sticking. It’s got alot for guitars nuts but there just isn’t a whole pile else and it seems far to drawn out. The fret solo towards the end is pretty sweet and some of the changes are great but the middle droops far too much. Saying that, nine minute opuses can’t really be properly judges after two listens so Tickets There is going back for more.

Sum it up you say? ok, ‘A Thrash Metal version of Thin Lizzy’.  Possibly the best Thrash metal band we’ve found so far from Ireland. They sound right, they play well and there’s just some awesome moments in there. Go and check them out for yourself by Clicking Here.

IRISH NOISE! – Raging Conflict (MySpace)

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I’ve been listening to these guys on and off for a good two years now but I’ve never gotten a chance to give them a review or even see them live so here goes, at last.

 Although the Irish Thrash metal scene is quite small, there are some fine acts. Groups like Mass Extinction (Our personal favorites. So good we even got off our arses, went into town and bought their EP), Gama Bomb (Who we’ve just reviewed) and these lads here, Raging Conflict. Unfortunately, due to places like The Voodoo Lounge closing, many of our local acts have no outlet in this country to display themselves. They end up having to head over to Europe or the US to get any sort of recognition, but they keep going.

Whatever the indie bands moan about in terms of sales and gigs, the Thrash lads have it eighty times worse but it fuels their determination, aggression and power making their songs sharper, heavier and more authentic. At the end of the day, Thrash Metal represent s part of California twenty years ago and making that relevant now in this country (Departed – Jack Nicholson voice) is no easy task, especially considering how rigid the guidelines of ‘what constitutes Thrash’ can be.

Opening song Attrition is so densely heavy and aggressive you’d swear it was Slayer covering Black Flag. There’s little catchiness, no melody and not a harmony in sight except the occasional input from the devil. The solo’s are unforgiving in their attack and the guitars form a steel cordon around the rampaging drums and vocals. Bring on the onslaught!

From the word go, second track Lost Generation seems pretty intent on letting you know Raging Conflict are more than capable of playing faster, heavier and angrier. Ah, just had to sit back and soak that one in. The drums at the end sound like they’re about to explode and if they go, you’re going to! Imagine being in sky, in the middle of a thunder storm with a giant demon smashing its fist on you. Suppose you could call that heavy Metal!

Finally we come to our last song, People of the Lie and despite its rather silly title, it’s one of the strongest Thrash metal songs you’ll hear coming out of this country any time soon. The chorus is perfect uppercut, duck and cover styled metal with a sudden bellowing change in the unstoppable riff war machine.

Another band you need to check out. Ireland has alot of heavy metal fans (well, at least we have alot of those little bitchy Emo kids) and they need to realize we also have alot of great heavy metal bands. Don’t just wait for Metallica to play for two hours once a year, go and find some fresh, young original talent near you and encourage them to play. Better than waiting for a bunch of fifty year olds who don’t even have the hair to bang anymore!

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here!