Club Carnage Presents: THRASH YOUR FACE OFF (Psykosis / Atominated + 4 More)

20130501-221217.jpgGoodbye livers and brain cells, hello THRASH YOUR HEAD OFF \,,/. With the Day of Decay coming up on June 1st at Fibbers, Club Carnage have now decided to make things extra gruelling; by announcing a mouth watering line-up of thrash metal for the day before.

Psykosis, Atominated, Animator, Visceral Attack, Exzeltic and Edenfire are all playing on the night and entry is just €6, doors are at 8.30 and there’s drink promos and late night metal galore. You’d be half psychotic to even think about missing this gig.

Just to note, this night will also serve as the launch night for Atominated’s new EP, ‘World Without Flesh. Praise The Lord for thrash metal \,,/

[ Videos will be added later ]


4 Responses to “Club Carnage Presents: THRASH YOUR FACE OFF (Psykosis / Atominated + 4 More)”

  1. Hey man, did you manage to get any videos after?

    • Hey Barry,

      You know, despite my hedious drunken state, I actually did take a few very short ones of Animator and Atominated. I’ll post them soon. Unfortunately though I didn’t take any near the number (or the quality) I was hoping to do. Will make up for it in August at the Gama Bomb gig.


  2. Hahaha deadly man, looking forward to seeing them. Good times were had then yea?

    • …I believe so :p I have a couple of pictures that showed me I saw some of the bands :p Also one video that appears to show me crawling on stage. God help the next time those lads see me. Will upload this week.

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