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Review: AC/DC – Live @ Aviva Stadium (Jul 1st, 2015)

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Credit: Pierre Petitpas

IMG_3250Kanye West thinks he is, The Who suggest they are and the Rolling Stones act like they are – but when it comes down to it there’s probably no bigger rock band in the world than AC/DC. For four decades the Aussies (don’t get picky about nationality) have been churning out some of hard rock’s finest arena anthems and giving folks from all musical backgrounds a single banner to rally behind, drink to and of course – rock the f**k out with. There’s hardly a wedding, nightclub, biker bar, brothel or nursery in the country that doesn’t have a bit of the DC in stock and their on-going popularity is proven with each sell out tour they announce. Despite the sad loss of Malcom Young from the band last year and the more amusing / starling departure of drummer Phil Rudd a few months later, the DC keep on rolling and tonight they’re in Dublin to play, what MCD are calling – “the biggest gig of 2015“. Can they pull off a show as big as the hype around it?…….. of course, it’s AC/DC!

Ballsbridge is rammed with thousands of fans from every corner of the country and the mood is electric. Inside the area, the massive custom stage falls perfectly in line with the design of Aviva as the East and West stands collapse into the devil horned dome. With a lovely warm evening, well stocked bars and such a great atmosphere all in full swing – it’s finally time to enjoy some iconic rock ‘n’ roll.

IMG_3258AC/DC explode, rather than arrive on stage – shredding into their new album’s title track, ‘Rock or Bust’. From the go they sound incredible and look like a band in their element. They rocket through fan favourites such as ‘Shoot to Thrill’, ‘Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be’ and the iconic ‘Back in Black’ with the polished yet raunchy blues swagger that made them famous in the first place. Brian Johnson chats to the crowd, thanking everyone for their applause and expressing delight to be back in Ireland while Angus silently stalks the audience in his trademark uniform – flashing devil horns and his incredible guitar skill at every opportunity.

IMG_3254Newer songs like ‘Play Ball’, ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Train’ and ‘Baptism by Fire’ blend seamlessly into a set chocked with classics and receive far more than polite applause, but of course the real excitement comes out on more familiar numbers. ‘Dirty Deeds..’, ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘Hells Bell’s and ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ are crowning glories in the band’s set as they, incredibly enough, still build towards their biggest hits.

Screenshot (81)Dedicating ‘Have A Drink on Me’ to Ireland, Brian leads the band through ‘T.N.T’., ‘Whole Lotta Rose’, accompanied by a massive inflatable – all singing, all dancing Rosie behind the band before wrapping up their set with a mammoth performance of ‘Let There Be Rock’ – complete with an almost 15 minute long solo from the wholly worshiped guitar God; Angus Young. With that, the band regroup momentarily to say goodbye and depart to a standing ovation and rapturous applause.

IMG_3252After a few minutes wait, the stage lights up with pyros as Angus’ guitar fills the PA before the band arrive on to begin their encore with ‘Highway to Hell’, one of rock’s most beloved badass anthems. Angus and fans don the trademark devil horns and the area lights up with thousands of little red lights before the night finishes with raised cannons and explosions as the epic ‘For Those About to Rock’ thunders through the cheers.

No dirty deeds – just high voltage rock ‘n’ roll. Tonight AC/DC put on one of the best shows you could ever hope to see and if they return for a bigger gig next year, there’ll be no shortage of us to welcome them back.


HELLFEST X announcement in SIX days

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The tenth instalment of everyone’s favourite heavy metal festival is set to be announced in six days time. Fans (me) have been panicked that this year’s usual September announcement had been delayed but organizers have now confirmed they will not announce a small portion of the bill this side of Christmas, but instead will announce the entire program for HELLFEST X.

Last year Hellfest IX displayed one of the greatest line-ups in heavy metal history so there’s a lot to live up to. Rumours on possible bands have been circulating since this years festival ended and they’ve only gotten more intense with announcements that Metallica, KISS, AC/DC, Slipknot, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and many, many more are all touring Europe this summer.Who will land on the mighty Hellfest bill? Keep your eyes peeled to next Monday for the official unveiling.

..or you could be lazy and just wait for us to tell you. I mean, it’s not like the official Hellfest page needs to the views to keep them in business. Yes, watch Tickets There and nothing else. In fact, forget the internet. Set up a Facebook/twitter account – subscribe to tickets there and never again worry about other pages.


Review: Hellfest 2014 June 20th – 22nd (Clisson, France)

SLANE 2013 Confirmed

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Updated: 30/10/2012 – It’s just been confirmed – Bon Jovi will headline Slane 2013. Click Here for detials

If you’ve been near a computer this morning you’ll know that Slane is coming back next year. The one day festival was last held in 2011 when (ugh – sorry to mention their name during your lunch), Kings of Leon (no tags / links / bold text – nuttin’) headlined. This year’s headliners are being announced Monday, October 30th with The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and AC/DC (again) all being tipped to take the slot. Tickets There votes for AC/DC, supported by Iron Maiden & Motorhead!


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After hearing a lot about them over the last year, Tickets There finally sat down and gave Steel Panther a spin. It didn’t take long, about 1 minute actually before we fell head over heals in love with them.

They’re possibly the best hair metal band to emerge from the states in Christ knows how long. Death to All But Metal, Community Property and Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) are enough to make us pick up their album later on today and their videos give The Foo Fighters competition.

Community Property has to be the greatest ballad ever written with lines like “You’re the only girl that I like to screw, When I’m not on the road” and “I’ll kiss your mouth, Even after you swallow my load” it’s the classic all bands wish they had the balls to write. Even AC/DC show more restraint in their lyrics!

And before you think it, our love isn’t growing just because they reference Def Leppard and Motley Crue in Death To All But Metal and even show pictures of both bands in the video, we love them because it’s about time someone came out with some kick ass metal that calls Hip Hop and Rap stars Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kanye West and 50 Cent the cocks they are.

Brains – Strange Meat (EP Review)

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Recession or no recession, this country never stops producing good music and Cork band, Brains are the latest example of that. Formed in 2009, the band play what they describe as ‘blackened rock n roll’ which loosely translated means ‘American styled stoner rock / metal. Not that this comment really does the band justice because their debut EP, Strange Meat is packed with little gems and the odd one we’re still getting our heads around.

Wolfbeast opens things up and we still haven’t decided if we like it or not. It’s a strange one that slips between comical and pretty savage. The chunky bass, the Hammond organ and explosive guitars are excellent and the singer’s voice is powerful during the verses but something happens in the bridge and things go off course a little.  Maybe it’s just because the song is called Wolfbeast and we don’t know the band well enough to let them away it.

Second song 3ft Wide 7ft Tall was the other one we weren’t full sure about at first. Given a few spins though it quickly convinced us to keep going with this band. Opening with a doom, piano / guitar – slowed down black metal styled intro, the song quickly changes into a lighter pop rock styled verse before the booming guitars return for the chorus. Pretty funny in places but works well as a serious number because the music’s there to back it up.

Things really kick off with the guitar driven That Awful Witch which is chuck-full of dueling guitar leads, a funky chunky bass line and some very catchy hooks. An excellent number and a welcome sign that this band are not just here to sing about Wolfbeast and massive women (3ft Wide 7ft Tall isn’t about women TT, listen properly next time – Ed)….then again, AC/DC made a career out of doing that.

Black on Black really gets the full on, hard rock buzz going. Opening with another simple yet atmospheric bass intro, the song is once again filled with hooky guitars, riffs, a belting chorus and some dark fantasy lyrics. The guitar explosion at the end is reminiscent of the Thin Lizzy and sits perfectly well with the slowed down, seventies tone on the song.

Muddy Water opens with a riff that’s become synonymous with the band’s sound after just five songs. It gets a little repetitive but the song itself is great, broken down blues rock with some iconic dark metal sounds thrown in. Lovely guitar work and another credible song to make this a damn fine EP.

Things ain’t over yet however as the fine bumpkin (love that word) guitar intro to the EP’s title track kicks in. Strange Meat breaks the trend of the a crunchy bass intro and dives head first into a chaotic, raw guitar driven track. Tender moments, noisy moments – another winner.

Excellent EP, full of very enjoyable moments and definitely a band to watch if you’re a fan of seventies heavy metal or heavy rock. Like we said there’s a few moments in there where you’re trying to figure out which side you’re on but when Tickets There sees these guys live, we’ll be there singing along to Wolfbeast as loud as we can. Oh, and did we mention you can download it for free from This Location?

AC/DC – IRON MAN 2 (Soundtrack Review)

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Well…it’s incredible. AC/DC, a classic selection of tracks from their past. Hits like Highway to Hell, T.N.T., Thunderstruck, Let There Be Rock, Back In Black and If You Want Blood…You Got it will make this a collection worth having. Lesser known classics like The Razors Edge, Evil Walks, Shoot to Thrill, Rock N’ Roll Damnation ….. and all the others will make it the best soundtrack since god knows what.

Tickets There’s been spinning it for two days and all we can say is buy this record. It’s not a best off, it’s not a collection of rarities. It’s AC – Motha-fockin’ – DC at their best. For Those About To Rock may be missing but we don’t think you’ll mind.

MySpace Review – Million Dollar Reload

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Finally, Tickets There has found the band we’ve been looking for. After 76 MySpace Reviews, multiply that by 10 for the number of bands we’ve actually checked out as review candidates and the countless others we’ve come across in our seven or eight years as fans of Irish music. Million$Reload, in our opinion, are possibly the best Irish hard rock band that’s emerged from the emerald isle since Thin Lizzy. That might be actually be pushing it but right now, Tickets There is hard pushed to think of any other band that comes this close to perfecting one of the most exciting, hard edged sounds in modern music.

Hailing from Co. Tyrone, Million Dollar Reload formed in 2005 and released their debut album, Anthems of a Degeneration in 2007. The record seems to have received massive amounts of praise from major music publishers and critics from all across the U.K. and Ireland. They’ve toured with the likes of Alice Cooper and Gilby Clarke and some of the members were apparently involved with legendary Guns N Roses tribute band, Gunz N Rozes. This may help explain the bands incredible talent at writing four (and hopefully alot more) of the best hard rock anthems we’ve heard in many a year. Even Scottish hard rock act Wired Desire would have trouble competing with the sher perfection displayed by M$D.

Kicking things off is Livin’ In The City. What can you say? Blistering, assaulting, catchy, savage, cutting, riffage fueled monster? All the terms we’ve used before fail in the task of describing how kick ass this song is. It swaggers like Stephen Tyler in the seventies and hits harder than Lemmy would in a brawl. The song is just so full on and full of guitars and gritty street rock vocals. All this considered, it’s possibly the weakest song on the playlist. It begins!

Goodnight NewYork is everything Livin’ In The City was and more. The guitars are like something handpicked from an AC/DC anthem. The riffs are unrelenting in their power and the changes, hooks, choruses, bridges everything are just fantastic. The vocals on the chorus just pull the song up so many notches you’d swear you were in the Himalayas…the Himalayas of rock! (Jesus, seriously TT? ‘The Himalayas of rock’! Pity your writing doesn’t match the bands – Ed)

When we first ran through the tracks, third song – The Last Icon sounded a little dodgy. There’s always some element of reeking cheese with bands that try to write this sort of a song, but fear not as the band pull it off with exceptional style. The Last icon is a tribute to fallen rock legends such as Bon Scott (AC/DC), Elvis Presley (The King – Bitches!) and John Lennon (Hippie).  The intro is compiled from recordings of news reports from the days of Presley and Lennon’s deaths and the song starts off far more melodic and stripped back than the previous numbers. Before you think ‘here comes another Nickelback’, the band spice things up and some added riffage and attitude turn the song from Swiss Approved Product to thoroughly enjoyable, respectable slice of hard rock balladry.

Last but certainly not least, is the hard stomping, heart beating, fist belting anthem, show closer, curtain stopped, encore bound Fire Your Guns. Gritty, dirty, nasty vocals delivered with incredible force. Singer Phil possibly has the best hard rock voice of any band Ireland’s ever produced but the talent doesn’t stop there. Bam and Andy’s guitars give the song that razor slicing edge all good hard rock bands need. Their solo’s, riffs, melodies agh, everything is just amazing. The drums are just constantly smashing the hell out of everything and a pumped up bass completes Tickets There’s current favorite Irish hard rock group’s lineup. Fire Your Guns is just so incredibly full on and as catchy as Hell’s express train. Highway to hell? More like Armageddon marching hordes on the Autobahn to hell’s centre.  

Final opinion? Well, they’re alright. I mean, if you want to hear some of the best hard rock songs that have ever come out of Ireland, possibility the world, then I guess you could check them out. Every second their album isn’t in our hands we become more and more depressed. The more we realize we haven’t seen this band in their five years together we become depressed. This is a band worth checking out, loving, praising, financing, following and hyping up. Hell, these guys are so good they’re worth you heading out and building your own venue just so you can see book them.

Go check them out right now and don’t let them slip by your life for another second. CLICK HERE FOR PARADISE CITY!

AC/DC Double Track Special

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Just found this awesome vid. of AC/DC doing T.N.T. and Dirty Deeds @ The Monsters of Rock in 91. Savage, bring on the bitches baby!!

While we’re at it, lets ave a little Thunderstruck!

Saturday Morning Rock Clock!!!

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Want to be in a good mood today? The Rock Clock will sort that out for ye all. Get your coffee, smokes and kick back with five upbeat, good time, no bullshit Rock N Roll folks!!!

Gotta Love KISS. No other band in the world would have the balls to make this video!

Terrible Video – Might try and find a better recording!

AC/DC – Punchestown Racecourse Review

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Well, Well, Well. It doesn’t get much better than this. Standing with a cold beer, with a gentle breeze watching the mighty AC/DC pile drive through some of greatest rock songs known to mankind on a stage filled with more props than Alice Coopers duffel bag.

Thanks to the fine people at Dublin bus I fortunately missed the Blizzards and more unfortunately, missed The Answer and surprisingly enough, anyone else I talked to didn’t see them either. How strange considering the majority of the Dublin fans in attendance paid a professional bus company to arrange the transport for us. Ah well. At least Tickets There was in time to see a giant moon appear on the massive screen around the stage sending eighty thousand people into a frenzy.

The roars and cheers throughout the opening video were astonishing and there are very few bands who can get away with a five minute long video about a train. With a massive explosion and a train/stage collision, Brian, Angus, Malcolm and co run across the stage and explode into Runaway Train from last years Black Ice album. Rather than lose momentum, the band continued to enthral the crowd with Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be and the massively popular Back In Black. New song, Big Jack sits a little silly on stage but everything’s rescued with the awesome Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Thunderstruck. Black Ice shows it weakness beside the Auzzies classics while War Machine proves its might, sandwiched in between Hell’s Bell’s and the iconic You Shook Me All Night Long.

The band perform each song with such extreme passion and energy, you’re almost distracted from the massive props, amazing lightening set up and theatrics that fill all two hours of the bands set. From the full sized train crashing onto the stage to the massive bell Brian likes to swing from during Hell’s Bells and the massive inflatable woman for Whole Lotta Rosie, not to mention the constant explosions and the scenes of some young Irish ladies proving their here for a good time during the dirtiest den of them all, The Jack.

Being on the road for so long after such a lengthy absence hasn’t held the guys back on bit and Angus still isn’t afraid to strip of the uniform and bear his AC/DC undero’s to the world. With an explosive performance of T.N.T., A boisterous Whole Lotta Rosie and a foot stomping, cigarette smoking, fist shaking, all round legendary Let There Be Rock that includes a ten minute guitar solo from Angus that sees him running down a ramp, climb up to the sound desk roof and face the back of the arena with six floodlights reflecting the pouring rain aimed on him. Before we could leave, the band come straight back for a crowd driven Highway to Hell and a incredible performance of For Those About to Rock, accompanied by twelve full sized cannons.

All in all an incredible show. Tickets There may not be AC/DC’s biggest fan but there’s denying they put on one amazing show.