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untitledIt’s really, really true. Hellfest 2016 have just made their first official line-up announcement which has confirmed the rumours that Black Sabbath and Rammstein will be headlining the 3 day event. A third headliner and over 20 more bands will be announced at a later date with Metallica, Tool, System of a Down and AC/DC all getting nods from fans.

Along with the headliners, Hellfest have also announced Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax – further adding fuel to the potential Big 4 rumors. And just in case that wasn’t enough for you, they’ve also thrown in KoRn, Volbeat, Gorjira, King Diamond, Twisted Sister, Testatment, Over Kill, Napalm Death, Decide, Dark Funeral, Vader, Voivod, Sick of it All, Down, The Melvins and many, many, many more. Visit for full details.

Hellfest 2016 is officially the best heavy metal event of the summer we’ve seen so far. With more than 75% of passes already sold, the time to pull the finger out is upon you!


Congratulations Hellfest!

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HELLFEST 2014 has one the best festival award at the French Festival awards. Congrats to all – once again, the greatest heavy metal line-up of any festival ever in this sex writer’s opinion. Well done!


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1496370_10152465534622536_5074085481015798646_o Hellfest have announced over 120 of the bands that are set to appear on next year’s bill which will take place between the 19th and 21st of June 2015 in Clisson, France. Headlining the event will be Slipknot, Scorpions and Faith No More. with Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Slash, Motorhead, Alice Copper, Marilyn Manson, Venom, Cannibal Corpse, Anthrax, Exodus, Mayhem and many, many more also on the  bill. This is the major portion of the festival with 30 more additions expected over the next few months.

Along with the line-up announcement, tickets for Hellfest X or Hellfest 15 are now on sale priced E150. Click this link to purchase. This is epic and tickets are likely to go quickly so get on it!

Line-up: Scorpions, Faith No More, Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Slash, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, KoRn, Limpbizkit, Nightwish, Marilyn Manson, Airbourne, Billy Idol, Anthrax, Five Finger Death Punch, In Flames, Lamb of God, Killing Joke, Ace Frehley, The Quireboys, The Answer, Life of Agony, Hollywood Undead, Godsmack, Armored Saint, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Hirax, The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Iron Regan, Beastmilk, Eths, No Return, Stickty Boys, Breakout Venom, Children of Bodom, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, Satiricon, At The Gates, Cannibal Corpse, In Extremo, Bloodbath, Cradle of Filth, Triptykon, Mayhem, Finntroll, Samel, Obituary, Ensiferum, Arkona, Dying Fetus, Skyforger, Alestorm, Skinless, Craft….and so many more!


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That’s right folks, just one day left before Hellfest officially announce the line-up for HELLFEST X or HELLFEST 2015. Several names have been tipped including SLASH, KISS, JUDAS PRIEST, RAMMSTEIN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MOTLEY CRÜE, MAYHEM, TESTAMENT, NAPALM DEATH but none are 100%. Just one day and we’ll know all.

Also tickets will be going on sale tomorrow, Nov 17th. Only three day tickets will be on sale at first with single day tickets going on sale at a later date. Also capacity will e reduced next year to make things a little more comfortable so beware there will be less tickets available.

With that said, let’s roll on the excitement!

HELLFEST X announcement in SIX days

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The tenth instalment of everyone’s favourite heavy metal festival is set to be announced in six days time. Fans (me) have been panicked that this year’s usual September announcement had been delayed but organizers have now confirmed they will not announce a small portion of the bill this side of Christmas, but instead will announce the entire program for HELLFEST X.

Last year Hellfest IX displayed one of the greatest line-ups in heavy metal history so there’s a lot to live up to. Rumours on possible bands have been circulating since this years festival ended and they’ve only gotten more intense with announcements that Metallica, KISS, AC/DC, Slipknot, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and many, many more are all touring Europe this summer.Who will land on the mighty Hellfest bill? Keep your eyes peeled to next Monday for the official unveiling.

..or you could be lazy and just wait for us to tell you. I mean, it’s not like the official Hellfest page needs to the views to keep them in business. Yes, watch Tickets There and nothing else. In fact, forget the internet. Set up a Facebook/twitter account – subscribe to tickets there and never again worry about other pages.


Review: Hellfest 2014 June 20th – 22nd (Clisson, France)

1349 Announced Dublin show

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Black metal will cast a dark spell over the capital this winter. With Behemoth already confirmed to play the Academy on Dec 11th, it appears the corpse paint may need to be purchased a little earlier than expected if you’re to catch 1349’s return to our fair country.

What dark pagan magic is this you ask? Only the mighty powers of DME and their knack for getting us destroyed at the end of every year so we don’t feel like our laziness from January – September was a total waste of time. I’m rambing, forgive me. Nice to be back announcing gigs.

Anyways, 1349 became near and dear to me after their incredible performance ah this year’s Hellfest. I had deep regrets about missing their last show in… was it the Pint? Anyways, won’t be missing this one. Get your ass down to The Voodoo Lounge, November 22nd and don’t make my mistake. Tickets on sale now priced €20. More details can be found at the Official Event page.


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10610714_10152347943147536_7810550726646348077_nYes, can you believe that we’re already looking forward to Hellfest 2015! Of course, after all last year’s Hellfest boasted the greatest heavy metal line up in history and next year’s event is going to be the tenth Hellfest which opens the mind to all sorts of possible line-up’s. While no bands have been announced, Hellfest has released tickets with a 35% discount THIS MORNING (go, go, go).

As mentioned, no bands have been announced but Tickets There has money on Motley Crue, Judas Priest and Marilyn Manson all appearing on the bill. Apparently AC/DC are out of the picture, but who knows? Until the official word comes through it’s anyone’s guess.

The countdown has begun!

Review: Hellfest 2014 June 20th – 22nd (Clisson, France)

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Bq-gbMUIUAEU5NlHellfest 2014 may be over, but the ninth instalment of Europe’s fastest growing heavy metal festival won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Over the course of the weekend, more than 150,000 fans descended on the small town of Clisson in France to witness what can only be described as the greatest line-up any festival has ever managed to gather in a single year. From headliners to openers – every orifice of the metal world resonated with excitementand and there was no shortage of crowds for any band throughout the weekend.

IMG_9433On top of the incredible line-up, Hellfest organizers really enhanced the festival grounds for this year’s event. The market moved from the arena to the metal corner and developed into an actual miniature town in the form of Hellcity – with paved streets, actual footpaths, street lights and a massive number of new stalls and space. As well as that, greater seating areas were added allowing those of us with ‘walking difficulties’ more chances to relax when needed. The arena itself also got upgraded with a massive Ferris wheel added, paved paths, far more variety for food and more bars than you could shake a stick at. All in all an incredible set-up for just four days of festivities and a good sign of how quickly Hellfest is growing.

It wasn’t all glamorous however as Irish fans struggled in the extreme sun, dust and high temperatures to keep cool in black t-shirts, battlevests and corpse paint. But we survived and now it’s time to look back at just some of the highlights on and off the stage from Hellfest 2014.

Compact site means little walking between stages,

Compact site means little walking between stages,


Hellfest 2014 Begins

DAY 01 – FRIDAY: There had been rumours that the scorching sun experienced on Thursday was due to continue for the entire weekend. On Friday morning festival goers found out that not only was the sun still here, it was actually hotter. Baking heat scorches the festival site with little opportunity to hide. Tents turn into saunas while main stages become roasting pits with thousands of black-clad metal maniacs enduring the punishing conditions to catch glimpses of the earlier bands.. and endure it they do.

Friday boasts one of the most popular line-ups of the whole weekend with Rob Zombie, Sepultura, Slayer, Death, Electric Wizard and Iron Maiden all on the bill. Powerman 5000 kick things in off epic style with a child chorus sing along that gets the crowd in a jolly mood before they crash in with their punishing electro-metal style. Irish rockers Therapy? provide a sharp contrast with catchy upbeat tunes that get the crowd hopping. All the major singles are included for a pretty decent set (except ‘Diane’).


Rob Zombie @ Hellfest 2014

Rob Zombie is one of the major draws for the day and he doesn’t disappoint. Although he plays without his full stage show, Rob and co. deliver an incredibly strong set packed with classics such as ‘Dracula’, ‘Superbeast’, ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ and ‘Living Dead Girl’ before also throwing in some White Zombie classics and a cover of Diamond Head’s ‘Am I Evil’. He finishes up with White Zombie’s ‘Thunder Kiss ’65’ and blows the crowd away. An epic start and only a few bands in!

Terrible blurry photo taken b y myself. Sorry......

Iron Maiden @ Hellfest 2014 – Terrible blurry photo taken by myself. Sorry……

Sepultura keep things going as the heat starts to die off with a solid set of classics, but the real excitement was reserved for the legendary Iron Maiden who’s stage set-up captivates some fans’ attentions during the Brazilian’s set. By nine o’clock, the entire crowd has gathered in the arena for one of metal’s most beloved bands and they punish the hell out of us. Brining their ‘Made In England’ tour to France, Maiden deliver two solid hours of incredibleness. Wall to wall classic songs, a mouth watering stage show and their sound is just jaw dropping, Maiden may be getting older, but they can deliver a live show above almost all others.

‘Moonchild’, ‘Can I Play With Maddness’, ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’, ‘The Trooper’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Seventh Son..’ – it’s like a dream watching them. I should be clever and wordy here – but I can’t. Maiden are everything I’d ever hoped for and it only took twenty years, four shows and France to get it. Job done – happy in life now. Leaving the stage after an encore filled with ‘Aces High’, ‘The Evil That Men Do’ and ‘Sanctuary‘ – it’s almost hard to believe there was more to come.


Slayer @ Hellfest 2014

Maiden, Therapy?, Death Angel, Powerman 5000, Rob Zombie and Sepultura. Not too shabby for one day – but add the next act onto that and you have heaven….or hell.

SLAYER are not a band to fuck around with and when they hit Mainstage 2 for their late night slot the crowd is there on time. Opening with ‘Hell Awaits’, Slayer perform a compact, but juicy set that both fulfils and delights attendees and leaves us gasping for more. ‘Antichrist’, ‘Mandatory Suicide’, ‘War Ensemble’, ‘Disciple’ – on and on they come and each one delivered with bone crushing force. Even their new tune, ‘Implode‘ sounds as strong as their older material. An excellent end to the day and time to relax with Sabaton and look forward to two more days.


Hellcity at night – just part of Hellfest’s Metal Corner


The Temple Stage after Gorgoroth

DAY 02 – SATURDAY: More heat, more music, more diversity. After a fairly solid lashing of proper heavy metal on Friday, Saturday is a mix of intensely heavy music and older classic rock. Well, any day you see Carcass, Deep Purple, Tsjuder and Aerosmith in the one place is always going to be a little strange. Add a previous night of drinking, no sleep and hotter than hell temperatures – you’ve got yourself the perfect cocktail of highly diverse chaos and incredible music.

Skid Row, Buckcherry and the excellent Lez Zeppelin are all fantastic bands to kick off the day – each one draws massive crowds (a shocking factor for me given the temptatures, but then again non-Irish people seem to cope quite well). Extreme followed with a lovely relaxing set of classics that filled the whole arena and set a nice, calming mood for the day. Gorguts and Tsjuder really changed the vibes with the latter crushing the Temple stage with fierce, violent black metal. God I missed Hellfest these last twelve months.


Entrance to The Kingdom of Museadet

Over at the Valley stage, Clutch are delivering their brand of stoner funk metal with a packed crowd and savage sound. Clutch wouldn’t be my own cup of tea, but there’s no denying they have an incredible live sound and know how to handle their crowd. With Neil Fallon’s announcement that the band are heading back to the studio to record a new album soon, fans go insane and lap up a little taste of their new material before they finish with ‘Electric Worry’, ‘One Eye Dollar’ and ‘The Wolf Man Kindly Requests..’.

Over at MS1, Soulfy brace the heat to crush Sepultura’s performance from the previous day. Max Cavalera’s outfit may not be the most exciting metal band in history, but they’re solid and a couple of Sepultura covers help keep the momentum going. A quick visit to Brutal Truth ups the ante as they crush the altar but for this writer, the time had finally come to see one of heavy metal’s founding stones – the legendary Deep Purple.

Having never seen Deep Purple before, it was hard to know what to expect. They’re getting on in age terms but judging by their show they still have it. Seeing this kind of musicianship concentrated in one space is scarce and the obvious enjoyment from the band and the older crowd brings a sense of order and relaxation to Hellfest as the light starts to fade and night takes over the site. ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Strange Kind of Woman’, ‘Lazy’ and ‘Space Trukin’ are all delivered with restrained perfection. Of course the major cheers came for their biggest hit, ‘Smoke on the Water’ which woke the crowd up and left a great energy for the remainder of their set. As they finish, this writer bites his lower lip for missing Monster Magnet in the Valley, but Purple did not disappoint.

Aerosmith lighting up MS1 - My headliner pic curse continues.

Aerosmith lighting up MS1 – My headliner pic curse continues.

Then it was time for Saturday’s major draw – the mighty Aerosmith and their jaw dropping balls out two hour hard rock spectacle. Starting with a massive video introduction, the famous smith logo shot to the screen before Stephen Tyler grabs the crowds attention with a whistle as the band kick into ‘Back Into The Saddle’. They sound great, they look great and they blow Hellfest wide open with hit after hit after hit. There’s no holding back as they reach back and pull out all the stops from their career. ‘Eat The Rich’ (personal favourite), ‘Love in an Elevator’, ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Livin’ on the Edge’ all fall out like it’s nothing and you could be forgiven for thinking their entire set is one long encore – designed to beat fans into submission. The set finishes with further dazzling displays of the bands tightness and incredibly strong back catalogue of singles before Stephen returns to the stage solo to play ‘Dream On’ in the middle of the crowd before the final track – ‘Sweet Emotion’ brings the show to a triumphant end. Incredible, absolutely incredible and there’s still more to go.

Carcass @ Hellfest 2014

In between the feel good rock ‘n’ roll of Aerosmith, a helping of Gorgoroth is needed. Only knowing them by reputation as an incredible live band means they have the task of convincing a potential new fan on an Aerosmith buzz to like them… and they do. They have a packed crowd and play a brilliant few tunes. It means missing a few Smith classics, but worth every minute. With both shows over, it’s time to devote myself to Carcass who own the Temple stage and force a lot of fans to wake up and ignore the fact that we were now going almost 36 hours without sleep. “Are you awake? Are you drunk? I’m fucking drunk” announces Jeff Walker to the crowd before offering us the chance to see Avenge Sevenfold instead. Err, no thanks man – grand here. Carcass play one of the most intense sets of the festival and ensured there will be no sleeping tonight either – back to the camp site for more Carcass and beers!

The arena at night - filled with light and fire

The arena at night – filled with light and fire


The entertainment in VIP was not dissapointing

DAY 03 – SUNDAY: The final day comes and with it some rain in the early, early morning for those who …forgot to sleep. When the sun returns temperatures soar, meaning it’s time to put serious faces on and get in early because Crowbar except nothing but your uninterrupted attention.

Kirk Windstein has made headlines recently after kicking a fan in the face for attempting to stage dive at one of their shows. Whether you agree with bands allowing stage diving or not, it’s hard to hold it against the man as they plough through twenty five years of sludge metal. Ten albums later and Crowbar are savagely strong – even in this blazing sun. ‘Planets Collide’ is of course reserved for last but what a way to spend an hour on a sunny Sunday morning.

Fire displays at night. Well what did you expect? Taking pictures of hot people is weird with an iPhone and I don't condone it

Fire displays at night. Well what did you expect? Taking pictures of hot people is weird with a phone and I don’t condone it

Before going too much into the bands on Sunday, it has to be acknowledged at this point that Hellfest has to be home to some of earth’s most beautiful people. Add baking heat and those people get up close and personal with naked and that is a difficult thing to deal with when your girlfriend is hundreds of miles away. The heat, the tiredness, the lack of ….sustenance – the stakes rise.

Powerwolf have to be enjoyed from the comfort and shade of Museadet’s Kingdom. They sound great, but the shade won this round. Things manage to get back on track for the amazing Annihilator who up the temperature with their set – annihilating (pun intended) the crowds with a bruising set in the fiery heats of hell…fest. Having never seen them before – Annihilator quickly become one of the festival’s major highlights.


Behemoth @ Hellfest 2014

Next up is another band I’ll be familiarizing myself with more and more over the coming months before their headline show in Dublin this December. Poland’s Behemoth are certainly full-f**king-on! With a show that rivals any band of the whole festival, they make mince meat of the crowd that gathers for their main stage 2 performance. Fire, full costumes and more fire hold up the theatrics end of an amazing hour of black metal. Thus far Behemoth have conquered all other black metal performances of the weekend and it’s comforting to know they’re just warming up the stage for Emperor who’ll be out in an hour.

After Behemoth’s performance, Soundgarden take the main stage and I don’t know whether it’s the fact that they’re not black metal or that the Misfits are on in the Warzone – but they seem very flat and dull. Chris Cornell’s voice is still incredibly strong but the music just seems extremely uninteresting and lifeless. Rather than hang around, it must instead be time to see a little punk this weekend.


Jerry Only and Dez Cadena with The Misfits @ Hellfest 2014

The Misfits are now a Tickets There regular at Hellfest. Last year we were treated to a special Misfits set from DANZIG featuring Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and this year Jerry Only’s version of the band pops up. Amusing, fun and sing along brilliance. A massive array of songs all culminating in the classic ‘Die, Die, Die My Darling’. Absolutely epic performance and far more than you might expect.

Unfortunately Hellfest offered so much I should take the time to list the bands that couldn’t be seen without missing full sets from any bands this weekend. Apologies to Death DTA, Enslaved, Electric Wizard, Phil Anselmo, Nile, Monster Magnet, Dark Angel, Soilwork, Flogging Molly and Paradise Lost – I would have loved to see you but choices must be made and it’s important to stick by those choices.

As the night draws to a close, it’s time to settle in with the reason a lot of this year’s hard-core fans came to Hellfest 2014 – the much revered EMPEROR.


Emperor @ Hellfest 2014

Emperor are at Hellfest celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album, In the Nightside Eclipse and they’re playing it in full. Kicking off with ‘Into the Infinity of Thoughts’, the band play every song meticulously – right through to ‘Inno a Satana‘ with Ihsahn stopping to speak with the crowd between each song. A little cooling down from fire hoses doesn’t hurt the mood either – thank God!

For a band that hasn’t worked together much over the past few years – they appear unstoppable tonight. Also their stage show provides a subtle backdrop to the intensely dark and frightening sound. No corpse paint or satanic / pagan props needed – job done. They finish up with the classics ‘Ancient Queen’ and ‘Wrath of Tyrant’ and scare the living sh*t out of the older fans gathered for Black Sabbath’s headlining performance on the neighbouring stage next.

Black Sabbath – I can hardly believe they’re written down as the next band on the list. This weekend has produced some of the greatest live experiences from some of heavy metal’s greatest names and BLACK F**KING SABBATH are coming on now. It’s 11pm – way past their bed time these days but as the opening notes of ‘War Pigs’ ring out it’s very obvious that Sabbath mean business.

Black Sabbath @ Hellfest 2014 - wouldn't be a headliner without a terrible photo

Black Sabbath @ Hellfest 2014 – wouldn’t be a headliner without a terrible photo

Sabbath play a short set but ram it with classics and stand out tracks from last year’s 13 album. ‘Into The Void’, ‘Snowblind’, ‘Age of Reason’, ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘N.I.B’. all bombard their way through the nigh time air as they rival Maiden for the sher mass of people in attendance to see them. Ozzy interacts with the crowd, joking and getting us off our “arses” for ‘Fairies Wear Boots’, ‘Rat Salad’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘God Is Dead?‘ before Heavy Metal’s godfathers finish their main set with ‘Children of the Grave’. They’re only off the stage a minute before Ozzy’s voice booms over the PA, encouraging fans to chant for more. Ozzy, we don’t need your help. We want lots more!

The size of the crowd gathered as far back as the main entrance to catch a glimpse of Sabbath

The size of the crowd gathered as far back as the main entrance to catch a glimpse of Sabbath

Sabbath return and tease the crowd with the intro of ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ before launching into ‘Paranoid‘. Both would have been acceptable – but what a finish and what a band. Sabbath are a live force to be reckoned with.

Taking a break during Sabbath was never a goal I wanted to accomplish in life, but there was no missing 1349 a second time. Legging it to The Temple, the Norwegian black metal heavyweights could be found with an incredibly sizeable crowd (given who was playing two stages over).

1349 @ Hellfest 2014

1349 @ Hellfest 2014

After so many great black metal performances over the weekend, it’s hard to pick a winner – but 1349 are high up there and they manage all this after midnight on the fourth day of Hellfest (well, third with gigs) while Sabbath are playing a little down the way. Excellent show from an increasingly promising band. They’re also studio bound soon so expect to hear more over the coming months.

Sabbath and 1349 lead the way for the night’s final acts – Opeth and Tubonegro both manage to pack their stages despite the hour and the exhaustion felt by all. For this writer, Turbonegro have to be mostly enjoyed on the slow walk back to the campsite – much to my regret as they sounded incredible.

Another Hellfest comes to an end. An incredible weekend of music, fun, theatrics, surprises, beautiful people (excluding yours truly – I was sweaty), sun, food, drinking, partying, laughs and some of the greatest heavy metal names known to man. Hellfest assaulted the senses and left little of us to bring home. It’ll take some doing to recover but all eyes are already on 2015 and Hellfest’s tenth anniversary. Could they make it bigger? All will be revealed in time. Till then – thank you to all the staff, crew, bands and crowd for the craic. Yis were all fecking mighty!




Megadeth Cancels Immediate Tour Plans

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WB1G8752Due to the passing of Dave Ellefson’s brother earlier this week, Megadeth has decided to cancel all immediate touring plans and won’t hit the road again until June 20th when their tour picks up in Montebello, QC for the Amnesia Rockfest. This sadly means no Deth for yours truly at Hellfest, but I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to Dave and his family.

Full statement from can be viewed below and the list of dates that will go ahead can be found here.

Los Angeles, CA (May 21, 2014) – Megadeth has cancelled immediate tour plans as bassist David Ellefson and his family mourn the loss of his brother, who passed away on May 19, in Minneapolis, Minn. after battling cancer. A private family funeral service will be held.

The band sends their deepest condolences and prayers to David during this time and ask that the fans please do the same.

HELLFEST Release 2014 Booklet

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God it’s sooo close! Hellfest have gone and released their official 2014 booklet (free to all attendees at the site) online so we can get a sneak preview. Reading through the names is unreal – almost every band in the world you could dream of playing the perfect festival is playing this year and the ones that are missing played last year! It’s stupidly, ridiculously, insanely savage.

If you’re in two minds about attending for whatever insane reason – have a read of the booklet and see what you’d be missing out on. No offense to Waken, Bloodstock or any others – but HELLFEST 2014 is the greatest metal festival line-up of all time. BE THERE!


HELLFEST Running Order Leaks

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Hellfest-2014-Programme-640x898Hellfest 2014, potentially the greatest metal festival of all time is just two months away and that should be just enough time to narrow down your viewing choices for the weekend now that the running order has been leaked. Is it genuine? It sure seems to be and this writer is currently marking off the must see’s according to it. To see the leak daily breakdown’s, pop over and give struggling metal site (they probably don’t get half the traffic we do :))

For anyone who hasn’t realized it, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Aerosmith, Emperor, Carcass, Death, Monster Magnet and hundreds of others will be descending upon Clisson, France to raise…nah, no need to say that. They’re going to be there., they’re going to put on the greatest three days of live music we’ve ever seen and we’re going to return to our respective homes as pale, shallow vessels of our former selves. We shall never skip an opportunity about that one weekend in 2014 where heavy Metal and heaven met on a field for three days and how it was the peak in our otherwise unfulfilling lives. ..>Well, it is Tuesday after a bank holiday – I’m allowed to be depressing.

Three days passes are sold out, one day passes for the Friday and Saturday or sold out, but if you want to see Emperor, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Soundgardern and more – you can still purchase Sunday passes from THIS LINK – DO IT NOW FFS!


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HELLFESTYou may have noticed Tickets There has gone a little HELLFEST mental today. Anyone wondering why needs their head examined! HELLFEST 2014 is easily the greatest line-up any festival has to offer this year. In fact it might simply be the greatest line-up for any metal festival of all time.

It’s like they just announced every great band in the world that didn’t play in 2013. Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura, Soundgarden, Emperor, Rob Zombie, Deep Purple, Soulfly, DEATH DTA, Carcass, Opeth – the list is endless and everyone seems to know.

Hellfest are officially sold out of three day passes and day passes EXCEPT (get excited) for Sunday, June 22nd. If you want one of your last chances to catch Sabbath, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Emperor, Iced Earth, Annihilator, Behemoth, Opeth, Paradise Lost, 1349, VREID and many, many more – then book now.

Rumour mill has it that Into The Void records will/might have more passes soon. TT will keep you updated as we have it. The countdown has begun….er, time I booked flights. To book your tickets or view the full line-up – check out the Official HELLFEST 2014 Homepage

Happy New Year from Tickets There

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Bc-Y3hAIcAASH1vTickets There would like to wish all of our readers, commenters, followers and all the many amazing bands we love so much a very happy new year. 2013 was epically epic and 2014 is looking even stronger.

Before the first proper 2014 post (and yet another Tickets There reboot begins), I’d like to thank Psykosis, Warpath, Exzeltic, Overoth, Animator, Killface, Zombified, Dead Label, Gama Bomb, EHT Promotions, DME, Donnchadh from WMB Ireland, Dan and all the folks from Carnage, Slayer, Exodus, Death, Leonard Cohen, ASH, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, KISS, Slash, Reckless Love, Crashdiet, Twisted Sister, Helloween, Napalm Death, Whitesnake, Danzig, Testament, Metallica, Jameson, Guinness, Jägermeister, Buckfast, Trooper Beer, Fibber MaGee’s, Gypsy Rose, McKenna’s Dun Laoghaire, everyone at HELLFEST, The Academy, all the cool folks in the Odyssey (except A-hole security and Stalin like measures of control) and my girlfriend (co-conspirator) Dee for an amazing year of gig going, good times and drunken shenanigans.

Report: Hellfest 2013 June 21st – 23rd (Clisson, France)

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20130619-194215.jpgWell, the hangovers have worn off, the body has stopped aching and the cure has been had. Hellfest 2013 is over and despite it only being two days since Tickets There’s triumphant return, it seems like a hell of a lot longer since I (yes I, too late for the split personality bullsh*t) was passed out on the street outside the terminal building in Nantes. Four nights and three days of heavy metal (and drink) fuelled mayhem in Clisson and already 2014 beckons. Before that though, we need to look back on some of this year’s highlights as witnessed between boozing sessions in the metal corner.

Friday was a packed day with Saxon, Testament, Twisted Sister,  Hellyeah, Helloween, Six Feet Under, Whitesnake and headliners Def Leppard all putting on excellent shows. Despite my thrill at seeing Saxon for the first time, my surprise at how amazing Helloween are and my sheer love for David Coverdale and co, the night was ruled by two bands – Twisted Sister and Def Leppard.

993592_10151728838263200_1860147127_nDee Snider and co put on a show that can only be described as perfect entertainment. In between jokes about the multiple DS wigs floating amongst the attendees and mass sing-alongs – the band rocked out hit after hit of cock rock excellence. The only thing that topped them was the highly anticipated performance from main stage closers an’ Sheffield’s finest, Def Leppard.

Leppard’s slot at the festival was special for two reasons. Number 1, Leppard were performing their Hysteria album in full for the first time ever in Europe. Second, guitarist Vivian Campbell was making his debut after announcing earlier this month that he has been receiving treatment for Cancer. In an unprecedented move, Leppard took the stage playing the tail end of The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, before lashing into their own set. Hellfesters from all genres were there to greet them and see one of the biggest bands in Rock. They kicked off with fan favourites, hits and rarely played cuts from their earlier albums including ‘Wasted’, ‘Good Morning Freedom’, ‘Foolin’, ‘Bringing On The Heartbreak’ without the usual acoustic intro, ‘Action’, ‘Lets Get Rocked’ and the iconic duelling guitar solo ‘Switch 625’. The band were on fire and the opening tunes served as the perfect intro for the most perfectly overly produced album of all time.

1011921_10151728838128200_81723133_nLittle can be said about Hysteria that hasn’t been written it before, but after 21 years of being a devoted Leppard fan I can honestly say the live show was one of the greatest moments of my gig going life. ‘Armageddon it’, ‘Gods of War’, ‘Don’t Shoot Shot Gun’, ‘Excitable’, ‘Love and Affection’ were all outstanding, but the king of their set was the incredible ‘Run Riot’, a song I have never heard live and one that has been a long standing champion on my favourite DL songs of all time list. After a brief interlude, the band returned and finished the night with the awesome ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Photograph‘. A phenomenal set from a band that just cannot be held back. Review? Nah – this is a fan’s tale.

By Saturday, things were starting to get a little hairy. Less acts were seen, more booze was had and the general festivities were getting bigger and bigger. ZZ Top, My Dying Bride, Red Fang, Down and KoRn were all witnessed and all (yes, Korn included) put on top performances. ZZ Top especially stood out with their southern blues rock n roll charm. Only one band could dethrone them, along with most bands playing this festival; the almighty KISS.

994165_10151728838718200_2021883397_nKISS are no strangers to Hellfest and previously headlined in 2010. As the familiar ‘Alright Clisson’ intro blared out over the PA, screams, arms and pints shot up and the band launched their Monster tour with ‘Psycho Circus’, the lead single from their 1998 comeback album of the same name. Greeting the crowd, Paul Stanley mocked that the band wouldn’t be growling – hellfest or no hellfest, because that’s ‘just not [their] style’. Knowing this was the final night of the band’s European summer tour, all the stops were expected to be pulled out and KISS didn’t disappoint. They delivered a hard paced set packed with their hits, tricks and sher awesomeness. ‘Shout It Out Loud’ had the crowd united in singing while ‘I Love It Loud’ bellowed through the audience with unmistakable force.

New single, ‘Hell or Hallelujah’, was enjoyed by all; including those who didn’t’ know it before ‘War Machine’ from 2009’s Sonic Boom and the classic ‘Deuce‘ bombarded their way in. After this it was time for Tommy and Eric to shine as Tommy took over the mic for the classic ‘Shock Me’ with Eric following with ‘Outta This World’. Gene took over again on ‘God of Thunder’ (not sang from the top of the lighting rig for sone reason) before ‘Lick It Up’, ‘Love Gun’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ finished things off in classic over the top, fireworks fashion. As with any KISS show, there was so much happening it became hard to keep track off but with every song came the flying over the crowd, lifts, risers, smoke, explosions, fire breathing, confetti..etc, etc. it never gets old, it just gets better.

1010240_10151728837963200_636363376_nThe band returned for an encore consisting of ‘Detroit Rock City’ and ‘Black Diamond’, much to the crowds approval. KISS came, KISS saw, KISS destroyed Hellfest. Like Def Leppard on Friday, no matter what type of metal you were there to see – KISS blew you away. If they didn’t, you’re a sad sap who needs to leave your bedroom more often. Day 02 over – another resounding success.

Finally Day 3 came along and it felt just right. The sun was shining, the ‘Metal Corner’ was quiet – a good day for whiskey and rock ‘n’ roll; and what better way to start things off than Down playing a special set instead of the previously announced Clutch?. After that the likes of Lordi, Ghost (who suck live just as much as they did on their last album), Hypocrisy and Cradle of Filth, Danzig and Napalm Death fill out an evening of heavy, light and strange metal…well, light is a little misleading.

BNoiF2uCYAAlJ9PSunday was a day of surprises for TT. First of all, Danzig wasn’t just playing Danzig. On closer inspection of the t-shirt it turned out they were playing a surprise Misfits set with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein joining them. Realizing this moments before they were due to take the stage was better than most birthday/Christmas presents can ever be. Danzig, Doyle and the guys sounded great and the pogo/mosh filled rendition of ‘Die, Die, Die My Darling’ was one of the true gems of Hellfest 2013.

Cradle of Filth provided the second surprise. Having not seen them since they played the Temple bar Music Centre way back in 2001, I wasn’t expecting the group to have seasoned too well. I was wrong as Dani Filth’s voice shredded through the Temple PA as crisp and powerful as ever. Indeed the entire band sounded amazing and even with the oddly out of place ‘Anywho’ comment from Dani, the band put on one of the best shows I managed to catch. The pentagram lighting rig above the stage only added to the atmosphere.

1013077_10151728838653200_334766648_nFinally, Napalm Death – a band I have read about, heard about and known for nearly 15 years, but strangely one I have never, ever tried to listen to expect for forced spins of ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’. What a show and what have I been doing all these years? They were incredible! One of the strongest, most bare fisted brutal acts of the entire weekend. I managed to get up good and close (my first and only attempt over the whole festival) and they were beyond reproach. Definitely the band I will be checking out more in the coming weeks and one I will never forgive myself for ignoring. Napalm Death – thank you!

I’m avoiding calling this a review because I just didn’t make the effort to see enough, record enough or stay sober enough for my opinion to carry any weight. However, that’s just how I wanted it. Hellfest blew me away and made me a life time attendee all in the one weekend. With it getting bigger and badder than ever every year – you can count me in as Johnny come lately but I ain’t never leaving. Bring on 2014, long live Hellfest and thank you to everyone who made it the best heavy metal experience of my life.

Def Leppard Expand 2013 Tour

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20130423-231015.jpgYou know old Tickets There can only go so long before a Def Leppard story makes its way in. Good news for US and EUR fans though as Leppard are increasing their 2013 tour. So far the band have 11 shows announced with hopes they’ll click on a few more before they’re through…. (‘giant AHEM’IRELAND’). All current shows are listed below and all will include a live airing of their classic album, Hysteria.

  • 21/06 – Hellfest, France
  • 23/06 – San Sebastian, Spain
  • 24/06 – Barcelona, Spain
  • 26/06 – Madrid, Spain
  • 28/06 – Santiago De Compostela, Spain
  • 02/07 – Helsingborg, Sweden
  • 03/07 – Uppsala, Sweden
  • 06/07 – Skanevik, Norway
  • 13/07 – Qubec City, Qubec
  • 15/07 – Gilford, New Hampshire
  • 17/07 – Canandaigua, New York
  • See ye @ Hellfest lads!!

    Guns N’ Roses: 2012 Tour Dates

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    **Update – November 1st 2012 – Appetite for Democracy Begins & Las
    Vegas Commissioner Calls Ad For GUNS N’ ROSES Concerts ‘Inappropriate’

    Last night saw Guns N’ Roses kick off their 12 date Las Vegas run at the Hard Rock Hotel. The show is part of their Appetite for Democracy residency that lasts until Nov. 24th and sees the band playing on an all new stage, covering hits from their entire back catalogue.  The first set-list was much the same as fans have seen them play on their recent tours but promises have been made to shake things up from show to show. The next gig takes place tomorrow.

    In other news, Las Vegas county commissioner Mary Beth Scow has deemed the advertisement for the show (based on the original Appetite for Destruction cover) Inappropriate. Fans of the movie Casiono will know what county commissioners are like and will understand. Everyone else, you should really watch it – De Niro bitches!

    “I hadn’t seen the advertising before the media event,” she told the Sun. “It’s clearly inappropriate. Maybe it’s the risk of doing business with a rock band, but I guess we’ll have some remorse over this decision. It’s a lesson learned.”

    The advertisements have been plastered all over Las Vegas, appearing on taxi cabs, walls, buses, billboards…etc, etc. To see some samples – click here.

    **Update – October 22nd 2012 – Neil Young performs with GN’R at Bridge School Benefit**

    Neil Young joined GN’R on stage at last weekend’s Bridge School Benefit to perform Neil’s single, ‘Don’t let it bring you down’. Axl never lets it Neil 🙂

    **Update – October 22nd 2012 – 2012 India Shows Announced**

    Guns N’ Roses have added three Indian dates to their December tour! Over the weekend, the bands announced plans to bring their tour to Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon. Tickets are on sale now

    GUNS N’ ROSES INDIA TOUR – BENGALURU   :: Friday, Dec 7, 2012
    GUNS N’ ROSES INDIA TOUR – MUMBAI          :: Sunday, Dec 9, 2012
    GUNS N’ ROSES INDIA TOUR – GURGAON       :: Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

    **Update – October 17th 2012 – 2012 Indonesia Show Announced **

    Guns N’ Roses have announced a show in Jakarta, Indonesia for December 15th. This seems to be a stand alone date for the group and will be their first ever concert in the country. Tickets There is hoping further dates will be added – but seriously doubts Ireland will benefit much from it :(. Poster and all so it’s official (oh, and the band confirmed it on their Facebook page)

    **Update – October 16th 2012 – 2012 VEGAS & NEIL YOUNG**

    I am very sorry to report that Tickets There has failed you folks! Seven months without an update!!!! Well, we’ve been running stories on the main page, but we  neglected this running mate for far too long and apologies for that. So, for the last two months – let’s get back into the gunners ….n roses, not to be confused with any London football clubs.

    Guns N’ Roses Announce Las Vegas Residency

    Guns N’ Roses have announced a 12 date residency at The Joint in Las Vegas for OCT/NOV. The Joint is the Hard Rock cafe’s venue and will host the band over 12 nights in a residency that’s been named ‘Appetite for Democracy’. The band are promosing this will be a very special event with a massive show and changes every night. What changes? We’re not sure, but it’ll be fricking sweet! Dates are listed below

    • Oct 31st  The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 2nd The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 3rd The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 7th  The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 9th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 10th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 14th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 17th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 18th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 21st The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 23rd The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV
    • Nov 24th The Joint @ The Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV

    More information about these shows can be found out

    Guns N’ Roses to perform acoustic set for Neil Young Benefit

    On October 20th, Guns N’ Roses will take part in Neil Young’s 26th annual Bridge School benefit at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Neil Young and Crazy Horse will headline the event that includes the following artists – Jack White, THE FLAMING LIPS, Sarah McLachlan, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, Lucinda Williams, Steve Martin and the STEEP CANYON RANGERS, K.D. Lang and SISS BOOM BANG, and Gary Clark Jr as well as GN’R. Also, the whole thing will be streamed live for a donation of $10+. Click here for more details.

    **Update – March 3rd 2012 – 2012 UK Tour Poster Added**

    I’ve been hoping for something like this in A4 size in a newspaper for Ireland, but nothing yet. Ah well, U.K. fans – Enjoy! (Click to make it bigger – …that’s what she said….couldn’t resist)

    **Update – March 2nd 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Confirm EURO2012 Shows and there’s way more than we thought!**

    This morning, has updated the bands full list if European shows for their summer tour. In total there’s 29 dates with more expected to be added in the coming weeks. Full list is below,

    05/17 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2
    05/19 – Nottingham @ Capital FM Arena
    05/20 – Liverpool @ Echo Arena
    05/23 – Newcastle Upon Tyne @ Metro Radio Arena
    05/25 – Glasgow, Scotland @ SECC Arena
    05/26 – Birmingham @ LG Arena
    05/29 – Manchester @ MEN Arena
    05/31 – London @ The O2

    06/01 – London @ The O2
    06/04 – Rotterdam, Holland @ Ahoy Stadium
    06/05 – Paris @ Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy
    06/08 – Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Warsteiner Hockeypark,
    06/10 – Lyon FR @ Halle Tony Garnier
    06/11 – Strasbourg FR @ Zenith
    06/14 – Toulouse FR @ Zenith
    06/16 – Clisson, France @ Hellfest
    06/18 – Montoellier FR @ Parks & Suites Arena
    06/19 – Toulon FR @ Zenith
    06/22 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera (Gods of Metal)
    06/24 – Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting
    06/27 – Basel, Switzerland @ St. Jakobshalle,
    06/29 – Graz, Austria @ See-Rock Festiaval 2012

    07/06 – Istanbul @ Vasil Levski National Stadium
    07/08 – Sofia, Blugaria @ Sofia Rocks
    07/11 – Rybnik, Poland @ Mosir Stadium
    07/13 – Piešťany, Slovakia @ Letisko (Airport) (Topfest PLUS)
    07/15 – Serbia @ The Exit Festival
    07/17 – Split HR – Spaladium Arena
    07/21 – Benicassim, Spain @ Costa De Fuego Festival

    **Update – March 1st 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Announce LA Takeover & New EURO2012 Shows**

     Last night, Guns N’ Roses announced they’re bringing their critically acclaimed Up Close and Personal tour to their motherland, LA! That’s right, Guns will be getting right in your face this month as they prepare to take over several of LA’s hottest venues. So far, the Hollywood Palladium, The Wiltern and the House of Blues have been earmarked as venues but like the East coast tour, you can most likely expect a few surprise additions in the coming days.

    Everything kicks off on March 9th at the Hollywood Palladium. Full list of remaining UCAP dates below, we’ll update once more shows are announced.

    March 1 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
    March 3 House of Blues Orlando, FL
    March 5 Fillmore Miami Beach Miami, FL
    March 9 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA
    March 11 The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA
    March 12 House of Blues Sunset Strip Los Angeles, CA

    To top that, Guns have been confirmed for a dates in Slovakia and Serbia. Details below,

    07/13 – Piešťany, Slovakia @ Letisko (Airport) (Topfest PLUS)
    07/15 – Serbia @ The Exit Festival

    That brings their total European count to 20 shows with still more to come! Full list below,

    5/17 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2
    05/19 – Nottingham @ Capital FM Arena
    05/20 – Liverpool @ Echo Arena
    05/23 – Newcastle Upon Tyne @ Metro Radio Arena
    05/25 – Glasgow, Scotland @ SECC Arena
    05/26 – Birmingham @ LG Arena
    05/29 – Manchester @ MEN Arena
    05/31 – London @ The O2

    06/04 – Rotterdam, Holland @ Ahoy Stadium
    06/08 – Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Warsteiner Hockeypark,
    06/16 – Clisson, France @ Hellfest
    06/22 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera (Gods of Metal)
    06/24 – Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting
    06/27 – Basel, Switzerland @ St. Jakobshalle,
    06/29 – Graz, Austria @ See-Rock Festiaval 2012

    07/08 – Sofia, Blugaria @ Sofia Rocks
    07/11 – Rybnik, Poland @ Stadion Miejsk
    07/13 – Piešťany, Slovakia @ Letisko (Airport) (Topfest PLUS)
    07/15 – Serbia @ The Exit Festival
    7/21 – Benicassim, Spain @ Costa De Fuego Festival

    **Update – February 27th 2012 – Dublin Show Flyers Now Out**  

    I don’t know about my fellow countrymen, but the moment Tickets There has been waiting for is finally here. Official Guns N Roses @ The O2, Dublin May 17th flyers! (how sad are we?) TT spent the entire week between the gig being announced and then going on sale checking every single Irish paper going for adds for this show and finally there’s some out. They’re using that cool skull….that you can see right there, right there to the side and up above. Apologies for wasting your time.

    UK fans are happy as Larry today as they come to terms with the fact that Guns are playing seven dates across great Britain starting in Nottingham and working their way through Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Ye Olde London! TT may even have to break our long held ‘Don’t Travel for Guns#’ rule and visit MAD:Chester for the larf!

    **Update – February 27th 2012 – 2012 UK Tour Announced** has been updated with dates for Guns N’ Roses 2012 UK Tour. Cities includes are London, Nottingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. Tickets are on sale now priced between £45 – £56 depending on seats / city. I’m afraid there’s still been no official word from the Guns camp about this tour, but what else is new! In 2010 it was the same so don’t panic!

    Full list of date below,

    05/19 – Nottingham @ Capital FM Arena 0
    5/20 – Liverpool @ Echo Arena
    05/23 – Newcastle Upon Tyne @ Metro Radio Arena
    05/25 – Glasgow, Scotland @ SECC Arena
    05/26 – Birmingham @ LG Arena
    05/29 – Manchester @ MEN Arena
    05/31 – London @ The O2

    Oh yeah!

    **Update – February 24th 2012 – Changes to UCAP Tour**

    New date in Atlanta and the Miami sate has been pushed from Feb 29th to March 5th. All trains a running!

    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues
    2/27: Philly @ Electric Factory,
    3/01 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle (New Date!)
    3/03: Lake Buena Vista @ House of Blues Orlando
    3/05: Miami Beach @ Fillmore, (previously scheduled for Feb 29th)

    **Update – February 21st 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Announce First Ever Slovakia show**

    That’s right dear Slovakians, uncle Axl is a coming.
     Yesterday GN’R announced they will take part in the 2012 Topfest Plus festival on July 13th. A venue is still TBC but tickets go on sale Feb 27th. This will be Guns N’ Roses first ever show in Slovakia and they’ll love it!

    **Update – February 20th 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Announce Manchester MEN Arena Show**

    1, Guns N’ Roses have just confirmed a show at Manchester’s MEN Arena for May 29th. Tickets on sale March 2nd priced £45.80 – £51.50 plus £5.80 booking fees from

    2. Ohhh, 3 new U.S. Club shows announced by Here Today, Gone to Hell. This brings the total remaining dates of the UCAP tour to six (aha, aha, ha). Cities now included are Philadelphia, Miami and Lake Buena Vista (FL).

    2/21 – Detroit, MI., The Filmore (Detroit)
    2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore
    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues
    2/27: Philly @ Electric Factory,
    2/29: Miami Beach @ Fillmore,
    3/03: Lake Buena Vista @ House of Blues Orlando

    Busy day in the Guns camp!

    **Update – February 17th 2012 – Guns N’ Roses play Hiro Ballroom In New York and Announce Israel Show!**

    Last night, the GN’R boyos played an exclusive, invite only (la-de-da) stripped back show at the Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel in New York (previously unannounced – show #4 of the UCAP special). They played a full set in the small room with the band appearing as they are, no stage shows, gimmicks, nothing. Aside from some gobshite who through a glass a Ron Thal, the show seems to have gone off exactly with another packed set that still includes – ‘I used to Love Her’ but no ‘Shacklers Revenge’ for Tickets There (sad face).

    Oh, and did we mention Guns N’ Roses will play Israel at Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv on July 3rd?. Be there or …. be at temple I suppose. Either way have a good excuse! This is the 12th show of their 2012 summer tour with many more still to come (we hope!)

    A big thank you to for the pictures.

    **Update – February 16th2012 – Another European Date (Spain), Return to ‘ The Ritz’ and website action!**

    Another EURO-EURO date confirmed today, Guns N’ Roses are heading to Spain on July 21st to headline the Costa De Fuego Festival in Benicassim. This is the 11th confirmed date of their 2012 European tour bringing them over this side of the pond for a minimum 3 months with a promise of many more dates to follow. Who promised? Tictets There did. Latest confirmed list of dates can be found below this next bit of text from yours truly.

    Last night the band played their last New York UCAP show at Webster Hall (renamed ‘The Ritz’ to celebrate the return). In an incredible move, Guns played a shocking 37 song set featuring hits from Chinese Democracy, Appetite and UYI. Among the unexpected inclusions and highlights were Schacklers Revenge, Estranged, You’re Crazy, Street of Dreams, Used To Love Her, Civil War, My Michelleand many more. The band now has dates left in Chicago, Detroit, Silver Spring and Atlantic City before preparing for the Rock N’ Roll hall of Fame induction in April and their 2012 European Tour. Busy lads! Oh, and their official website, went live today and you can become a fan club member! Oh yeah!

    Guns N’ Roses 2012 US/European Tour (Confirmed Dates – Feb 16th 2012)

    2/19 — Chicago, Ill., House of Blues
    2/21 – Detroit, MI., The Filmore (Detroit)
    2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore
    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues

    5/17 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2

    6/04 – Rotterdam, Holland @ Ahoy Stadium
    6/08 – Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Warsteiner Hockeypark,
    6/16 – Clisson, France @ Hellfest
    6/22 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera (Gods of Metal)
    6/24 – Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting
    6/27 – Basel, Switzerland @ St. Jakobshalle,
    6/29 – Graz, Austria @ See-Rock Festiaval 2012

    7/08 – Sofia, Blugaria @ Sofia Rocks
    7/11 – Rybnik, Poland @ Stadion Miejsk
    7/21 – Benicassim, Spain @ Costa De Fuego Festival

    **Update – February 13th2012 – Sofia Rocks Poster – How cool is that!**

    Just adding this awesome poster for the Sofia Rocks festival and the full list of Guns N’ Roses 2012 dates as it stands now.

    Guns N’ Roses 2012 US/European Tour (Confirmed Dates)

    2/15 — New York, N.Y., The Ritz (Webster Hall)
    2/19 — Chicago, Ill., House of Blues
    2/21 – Detroit, MI., The Filmore (Detroit)
    2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore
    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues

    5/17 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2

    6/04 – Rotterdam, Holland @ Ahoy Stadium
    6/08 – Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Warsteiner Hockeypark,
    6/16 – Clisson, France @ Hellfest
    6/22 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera (Gods of Metal)
    6/24 – Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting
    6/27 – Basel, Switzerland @ St. Jakobshalle,
    6/29 – Graz, Austria @ See-Rock Festiaval 2012

    7/08 – Sofia, Blugaria @ Sofia Rocks
    7/11 – Rybnik, Poland @ Stadion Miejsk

    **Update – February 13th2012 – Switzerland Show Announced

    Just after we confirm there’s no new European updates, we get a f**king-nother one. Not that the good people of Switzerland are going to mind. Guns N’ Roses have confirmed a date at St. Jakobshalle, Basel for the 27th of June. The venue holds about 9,000 people and was made famous by inspiring Bob Dylan to begin his ‘Never ending tour’, which anyone that’s ever seen Bob Dylan will know is not necessarily a good thing. Give it up Bob, give it up. (excellent use of Wikipedia there TT! – Ed). Tickets are priced CHF 80.00 and go on sale…well, best we can tell is they’re on sale now – Click Here

    **Update – February 13th2012 – Guns N’ Roses ‘Up Close and Personal’, 2 Dates In**

    Guns N’ Roses are two dates into their ‘Up Close and Personal’ US tour. The band are playing seven American shows in much smaller venues than you’d normally see them in an effort to reconnect with fans and the band’s roots. So far the group have performed two of the three New York shows with the tour starting in Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom before moving on to Terminal 5, which is located in Hell’s Kitchen. Both venues have an approx. capacity of 3,000. Next stop will be the show everyone’s been waiting for, a return to ‘The Ritz’ (1,500 capacity – awesome) where the band recorded their famous ‘Guns N’ Roses Live At The Ritz concert in 1988. The venue has since returned to its original name, Webster Hall but in honour of Gun’s return, they’re renaming it for one night.

    So far the sets have been in the range of two hours and forty minutes with a selection of songs to please any fan (aside from ‘Chinese Democracy’ no longer appearing on the set – Boo urns!). With songs, solo’s and jams – the set features roughly 29 different moments. Standouts include ‘Estranged’, ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘Civil War’, ‘This I Love’, ‘Rocket Queen’ and ‘Better’.  Full dates for the remaining shows can be seen below and on Guns N’ Roses official website –

    2/15 — New York, N.Y., The Ritz (Webster Hall)
    2/19 — Chicago, Ill., House of Blues
    2/21 – Detroit, MI., The Filmore (Detroit)
    2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore
    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues

    **Update – February 6th 2012 – Extra dates, update for the Polish show and more**

     Yup, new dates (Michigan!) and we’ve corrected the Polish date, it’s actually July 11th so the poster below was a fake. Just for clarity, please find the full list of dates below and I’m also including all those ones that were rumoured but haven’t been confirmed at the bottom. Shaping up very nicely!

    Guns N’ Roses 2012 US/European Tour (Confirmed Dates)

    2/10 — New York, N.Y., Roseland Ballroom
    2/12 — New York, N.Y., Terminal 5
    2/15 — New York, N.Y., The Ritz (Webster Hall)
    2/19 — Chicago, Ill., House of Blues
    2/21 – Detroit, MI., The Filmore (Detroit)
    2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore
    2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues

    5/17 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2

    6/04 – Rotterdam, Holland @ Ahoy Stadium
    6/08 – Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Warsteiner Hockeypark,
    6/16 – Clisson, France @ Hellfest
    6/22 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera (Gods of Metal)
    6/24 – Dessel, Belgium @ Graspop Metal Meeting,
    6/29 – Graz, Austria @ See-Rock Festiaval 2012

     7/08 – Sofia, Blugaria @ Sofia Rocks
    7/11 – Rybnik, Poland @ Stadion Miejsk

     Rumoured Dates

    June 5th, 2012 – Paris, France @ Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
    June 10th, 2012 – Lyon, France @ Halle Tony Garnier
    June 11th, 2012 – Strasbourg, France @ Zenith Strasbourg
    June 14th, 2012 – Toulouse, France @ Zenith de Toulouse
    June 18th, 2012 – Montpellier, France @ Park&Suites Arena
    June 19th, 2012 – Toulon, France @ Zénith Toulon

    **Update – February 3rd 2012 – HELLFEST!!**
    Back again. Now they’ve been announced as the headliners for France’s HELLFEST Metal Festival which takes place June 15th  – 17th (Guns playing the 16th). Oh yeah baby, Europe get ready! Still no UK dates confirmed which is odd but it seems the band are intent on staying this side of the ocean for several months so we assume there’s plenty more dates to come.

    **Update – February 3rd 2012 – Germany and Belgium Get Ready!**

    Two more European shows confirmed folks. Guns N’ Roses have announced they’ll be playing Mönchengladbach, Warsteiner Hockeypark, Germany  on June 8th and…. They’ve also been confirmed as one of the headliners for this year’s Graspop Metal Festival in Belgium on Sunday, June 24th (bet you didn’t figure that out from the poster).

    As soon as a few more date have been announced, we’ll unleash the full list but for now all confirmed dates can be found below.

    **Update – February 2nd 2012 – See-Rock Festival Poster Added**
    In our frustration waiting for a Dublin poster, we decided to share this one for the See Rock 2012 Festival we mentioned a couple of days ago. Guns N’ Roses and the Cult….I believe I’ll stick to Dublin and hopefully The Gods of Metal! Black Sabbath of course still not 100% but Guns, Sabbath and Motley Crue would be pretty frickin’ sweet. And where are KISS?? Them’s boys got an album a coming. More to come…

    **Update – January 31sth 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Add Rotterdam Date**

    According to Here Today…Gone to Hell, Guns N’ Roses will play Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam on June 4th. Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 3rd! ANOTHER (17:51 GMT) Guns also confirmed for the See-Rock Festival in Graz, Austria according to ther Here Today lads. Can’t find anyhting official on this yet I’m afraid but will update when I do. and old Poland poster added, not 100% this is legit!

    **Update – January 31sth 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Updated Website and Add East-Coast Invasion Poster**

    Well it only took three years but as we say in the world of Guns, better late than never! Guns N’ Roses have finally started to update their website with tour dates, news and the promise of a full update to come soon. Fans in the US will be able to purchase VIP tickets for their up coming East Coast tour (dates below) and hopefully we’ll start to see those European dates added in the near future.

    Also, they’ve added a nifty poster for the EC tour and you can see that there on the left there. Pretty sweet, iconic Guns style art work. Axl really is working his way back to the top in style. Hats off to you sir!

    **Update – January 30th 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Announce Small East-Coast Tour and Additional European Date**

    Guns N’ Roses (thank you have announced a six-date East Coast tour kicking off next month. The dates are below and tickets go on sale tomorrow. One point of interest with this tour, Guns will be returning to The Ritz in New York where they played their infamous 1988 show. The venue has since be renamed Webster Hall; but will be renamed The Ritz on the night to mark the occasion.

    Guns N Roses: February 2012 East-Coast Tour:

    2/10 — New York, N.Y., Roseland Ballroom 2/12 — New York, N.Y., Terminal 6 2/15 — New York, N.Y., The Ritz (Webster Hall) 2/19 — Chicago, Ill., House of Blues 2/23 — Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore 2/24 — Atlantic City, N.J., House of Blues

    On top of that, two further European dates are out. We finally have Poland and an additional date in Bulgaria. Please find details below,

    Saturday, 30 June 2012, Rybnik, Stadion Miejski w Rybniku, Poland
    Saturday, 8 July 2012, Sofia Rocks, in Bulgaria

    **Update – January 29th 2012 – More European Dates Announced**

    Guns N’ Roses fan site Here Today….Gone To Hell has added a list of confirmed European tour dates to their news section. These dates include a surprising six dates in France as well as the previously confirmed shows in Dublin and Italy (Gods of Metal)

    May 17th, 2012 – Dublin, Ireland @ The O2
    June 5th, 2012 – Paris, France @ Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
    June 10th, 2012 – Lyon, France @ Halle Tony Garnier
    June 11th, 2012 – Strasbourg, France @ Zenith Strasbourg
    June 14th, 2012 – Toulouse, France @ Zenith de Toulouse
    June 18th, 2012 – Montpellier, France @ Park&Suites Arena
    June 19th, 2012 – Toulon, France @ Zénith Toulon
    June 22nd, 2012 – Milan, Italy @ Arena Fiera Milano (Gods Of Metal)

    More to come folks, more to come! Oh, and the band have also begun to update their official website ( for the first time since 2009. It’s all go up in here!

    **Update – January 29th 2012 – Guns N’ Roses Announced as headliners for Gods of Metal**

    It Begins! Guns N’ Roses have been confirmed to play the Gods of Metal festival in Italy this June. They’ll be joining other confirmed head-liners Manowar, Motley Crue and Black Sabbath. And that’s not all, there’s going to be an announcement soon about further shows in Germany, France and Poland. Stay tuned!

    Denis Desmond, head of Irish concert promoter recently spoke to The Irish Times and confirmed Guns singe, Axl Rose had personally requested a date in Dublin’s O2 arena as he feels there is unfinished business with the band’s Irish fans. You know what that’s in reference to. Tickets There managed to wreck several folks heads in the pub last night with our cheers of joy over this announcement and we plan on doing the same for all of our readers over the next four months.

    ORIGINAL STORY – January 27th 2011

    This is becoming a tradition at this stage, but 2012 is easily kicking off with the brightest start yet. According to an announcement from Irish concert promoters MCD, Guns N’ Roses are coming to Ireland this May (17th, O2 Arena). The rumour is this is part of a large European tour that’ll carry into June at the very least.

    Tickets for the Dublin show go on sale next Friday, February 3rd @ 09:00 AM GMT from priced €64.50 plus booking fee. Tickets There is extremely excited about this and looking forward to another year of GN’R fun, dates, annoyance and mania! Join us, forever and ever and ever…..