GUNS N’ ROSES Announce 2012 Dublin Show

I know right! WTF is going on in the world? As ZombieDee phrased it, has hell actually frozen over and do they need additional heaters to stop their water tanks from collapsing through their celling’s? Dear hell, if you are in need of assistance please do not be too proud to ask. We Irish have been through it enough.

Seriously though, seriously! Guns N’ Roses, the greatest hard rock band in the world have (seriously) announced a show at Dublin’s Point Theatre (O2 Arena) for the 17th of May. Ahem, you may remember their infamous 2010 show at the same venue….need I try to carry on with half assed witty comments?? I think not.

Guns N’ Roses are coming back, tickets go on sale next Friday, February 3rd @ 09:00 priced €65.45 plus booking fee from This will be just a few weeks after their inducted into the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame which is expected to see the original line-up reform for one night in celebration of the event. There’s also talk the new Guns will be touring Europe all summer so expect a few more dates soon.

Note to Fans: Get over it! If you don’t want to go then don’t. The band will arrive late, Slash will not be there so don’t buy a ticket if all you’re going to do is bitch about the new line-up, Axl, the tardiness..etc, etc. Go see another band if you want punctuality. If you go see Guns N’ Roses prepare for a taxi home (cause there’ll be no trains), a long wait and one of the best live shows you’ll ever see with three hours of incredible music. You have four months to save for the taxi and a few extra pints so no bitch slap rapping!


4 Responses to “GUNS N’ ROSES Announce 2012 Dublin Show”

  1. […] off with the brightest start yet. According to an announcement from Irish concert promoters MCD, Guns N’ Roses are coming to Ireland this May (17th, O2 Arena). The rumour is this is part of a large European tour that’ll carry into June at the […]

  2. […] could be in for a seriously delicious treat when Guns N’ Roses hit the O2 on may 17th. Denis Desmond has stated the band will be using Ireland as a rehearsal base before they […]

  3. couldn’t agree more! get over it, twill be a great show. without trying to sound like a “in the know” guy. i met one of the members of the band after a gig they were playing(not gnr) and he said it was unlikely they’d come back so that axl agreed to this show has to mean that he actually wants to do it, maybe its his awkward way around an apology(even though he wasn’t completely in the wrong to be fair). or the other possibility is he wants to get one last snub on the irish never to return again but he’ll have got the last laugh….maniacal laugh!

    • It’ll surely be interesting either way. But I believe Axl is enjoying the latest wave of success and praise the band are getting on their basically incident free US/EUR tours (aside from RED/LEED/DUB). He’s really shaken of the hermit image the media built around him and he’s taking well to the positive vibes . I hope they just show up and rock the place like they did in Belfast! The haters will always hate, hopefully the fans will come away happy though.

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