Def Leppard Expand 2013 Tour

20130423-231015.jpgYou know old Tickets There can only go so long before a Def Leppard story makes its way in. Good news for US and EUR fans though as Leppard are increasing their 2013 tour. So far the band have 11 shows announced with hopes they’ll click on a few more before they’re through…. (‘giant AHEM’IRELAND’). All current shows are listed below and all will include a live airing of their classic album, Hysteria.

  • 21/06 – Hellfest, France
  • 23/06 – San Sebastian, Spain
  • 24/06 – Barcelona, Spain
  • 26/06 – Madrid, Spain
  • 28/06 – Santiago De Compostela, Spain
  • 02/07 – Helsingborg, Sweden
  • 03/07 – Uppsala, Sweden
  • 06/07 – Skanevik, Norway
  • 13/07 – Qubec City, Qubec
  • 15/07 – Gilford, New Hampshire
  • 17/07 – Canandaigua, New York
  • See ye @ Hellfest lads!!


    2 Responses to “Def Leppard Expand 2013 Tour”

    1. I loved reading this.I grew up with Kiss and I can hsolntey say that if I haven’t been a Kiss-fan I would not have been alive today.I’m glad that I was allowed to listen to any music I wanted growing up.I’m sorry for you bella, that u were not allowed listening to Rock, but u seem to have turned out fine anyway! Thank u for a nice blog!Ciao

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