Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ Brewers struggle with demand

The family of brewers behind Iron Maiden’s first ever ale- ‘Trooper‘ are extending their working week to meet pre-order demands! Producing three batches a day, Robinsons say 250,000 pints have already been pre-sold ahead of the official May 9th release date. According to the official website there are some restrictions on the sale of the beer and it can only be pre-ordered from some countries. Is Ireland on the list? keep reading…

IMBThe Ale comes in at a lovely 4.7% and has been rigorously taste tested by singer, Bruce Dickinson. Robinsons brewers are based in Stockport, England and have been in the beer business since 1838; just around the same time Eddie donned his read coat and union jack to pose for the tap.

The cover of course comes from the band’s 1983 single The Trooper from Piece of Mind album. Irish fans will remember this song very well from their 2003 and 2005 shows (can’t help but mention it). A great song, hopefully a great beer and will it be available in Ireland???? – yes!. You can pre-order the ale from the official Iron Maiden Beer website now.



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