AC/DC – Punchestown Racecourse Review

Well, Well, Well. It doesn’t get much better than this. Standing with a cold beer, with a gentle breeze watching the mighty AC/DC pile drive through some of greatest rock songs known to mankind on a stage filled with more props than Alice Coopers duffel bag.

Thanks to the fine people at Dublin bus I fortunately missed the Blizzards and more unfortunately, missed The Answer and surprisingly enough, anyone else I talked to didn’t see them either. How strange considering the majority of the Dublin fans in attendance paid a professional bus company to arrange the transport for us. Ah well. At least Tickets There was in time to see a giant moon appear on the massive screen around the stage sending eighty thousand people into a frenzy.

The roars and cheers throughout the opening video were astonishing and there are very few bands who can get away with a five minute long video about a train. With a massive explosion and a train/stage collision, Brian, Angus, Malcolm and co run across the stage and explode into Runaway Train from last years Black Ice album. Rather than lose momentum, the band continued to enthral the crowd with Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be and the massively popular Back In Black. New song, Big Jack sits a little silly on stage but everything’s rescued with the awesome Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Thunderstruck. Black Ice shows it weakness beside the Auzzies classics while War Machine proves its might, sandwiched in between Hell’s Bell’s and the iconic You Shook Me All Night Long.

The band perform each song with such extreme passion and energy, you’re almost distracted from the massive props, amazing lightening set up and theatrics that fill all two hours of the bands set. From the full sized train crashing onto the stage to the massive bell Brian likes to swing from during Hell’s Bells and the massive inflatable woman for Whole Lotta Rosie, not to mention the constant explosions and the scenes of some young Irish ladies proving their here for a good time during the dirtiest den of them all, The Jack.

Being on the road for so long after such a lengthy absence hasn’t held the guys back on bit and Angus still isn’t afraid to strip of the uniform and bear his AC/DC undero’s to the world. With an explosive performance of T.N.T., A boisterous Whole Lotta Rosie and a foot stomping, cigarette smoking, fist shaking, all round legendary Let There Be Rock that includes a ten minute guitar solo from Angus that sees him running down a ramp, climb up to the sound desk roof and face the back of the arena with six floodlights reflecting the pouring rain aimed on him. Before we could leave, the band come straight back for a crowd driven Highway to Hell and a incredible performance of For Those About to Rock, accompanied by twelve full sized cannons.

All in all an incredible show. Tickets There may not be AC/DC’s biggest fan but there’s denying they put on one amazing show.



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