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The Rolling Stones Announce 2012 Tour Dates

October 15, 2012

Well this isn’t exactly unexpected, but The Rolling Stones have announced four 2012 dates in the US and UK to celebrate fifty years in the business. Rumour has it these will be followed by a large tour next year including a possible headlining spot at the world-famous Glastonbury festival, an honour the Stones have yet to […]

The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom (New Song!)

October 11, 2012

The Rolling Stones have officially kicked off the build up to GRRR! A greatest hits set coming out next mont to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary. Included on the set are two new tracks, ‘Doom and Gloom’ and ‘One More Shot’. Doom and Gloom received its first ever airing this morning on BBC and you […]

The Rolling Stones – Slane Castle – Aug 18th 2007

March 13, 2008

  Thursday evening, I turn of my computer and finish work and head on over to my friend Niamh for a chat about how many Rolling Stones tickets she has left. After she shows me I fall in love. Saturday, about 1pm I am sitting down with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a […]

UPDATED: 100107 – Rolling Stones to TOUR in 2010?

November 4, 2009

According to the Stones, there won’t be any tour in 2010. Check the full story on NME (well, it’s better than us just stealing it, isn’t it? I’ve given you the main point of the story, how much more could you want?…I’m taking ther piss, relax a little :D) –  ——————————————— According to NME, […]

Review: Motörhead – Bad Magic

September 20, 2015

Motörhead have been in the press a lot recently and rightly so. The release of their twenty second studio album is a major accomplishment and cause for celebration. Few bands management such a feat and fewer still can still put out a record of this calibre but the unyielding force that is Motörhead have prevailed. Recently, […]

Review: AC/DC – Live @ Aviva Stadium (Jul 1st, 2015)

July 3, 2015

Kanye West thinks he is, The Who suggest they are and the Rolling Stones act like they are – but when it comes down to it there’s probably no bigger rock band in the world than AC/DC. For four decades the Aussies (don’t get picky about nationality) have been churning out some of hard rock’s […]

Going to The Academy soon? Something you should see

July 25, 2013

I had the privilege of attending three shows at The Academy over the past month (I say privilege because deadly bouncers, nice bar staff and great crowds always make it a pleasure to visit) and that always leads to one thing for Tickets There – wistful smoke breaks that generally devolve into drunken lectures as […]

SLANE 2013 Confirmed

October 26, 2012

Updated: 30/10/2012 – It’s just been confirmed – Bon Jovi will headline Slane 2013. Click Here for detials If you’ve been near a computer this morning you’ll know that Slane is coming back next year. The one day festival was last held in 2011 when (ugh – sorry to mention their name during your lunch), […]

Alice Cooper Inducted Into Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame

December 15, 2010

Tickets There would like to send our congrats to Mr. Alice Cooper for his induction into the Rock n Roll hall of fame. He joins the ranks of Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and many more that have been added to the Halls list of inductees over the past 24 years.

Save The 100 Club

October 4, 2010

Well folks, yet another historic venue is coming close to biting the dust. London’s world famous 100 Club is on the verge of shutting its doors permanently as greedy landlords up the venues rent unrealistically high (uhm, recession people??). In response to this, fans and friends of the venue have started a campaign to raise […]

Arthur’s Day: Good drink, Shit Noise!

September 25, 2009

Anyone else in the pub last night at 17:59 for a toast to Arthur Guinness? Tickets There was but regrettably, there wasn’t a huge crew out. Ah well, quiet nights happen and when there’s free Guinness going around, a small crowd wont complain about having to fill the void 😉 What the hell was with […]


August 31, 2009

What happened folks? In the mid 50’s, Mr. Elvis A. Presley walked into Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and became the very first, the best, the symbol, legend, embodiment and icon of rock n roll. Like Sid Vicious to Punk, Frank Sinatra to big band, Johnny Cash to country and western or even Dana to […]

Concerto for Constantine Interview – Rock returns to Ireland

March 14, 2008

If ever there was a night in my life I should have been prepared for, this was it. An exclusive interview with one of Irelands newest and most exciting groups ‘Concerto for Constantine’ and (as I discovered later), their first since forming last August. The band comprises of Mark Greaney (Vocals, Guitar and formally of […]

The Police – Croke Park – October 2007

March 14, 2008

The Police were one of the first of the legendary groups to announce their reunion this year, ahead of Led Zeppelin and The Sex Pistols and have already played several dates across America and Europe before arriving in Dublin this weekend. I am not a fan of the Police, I should point that out before […]

IRISH NOISE! – The Urges (MySpace Review)

July 4, 2010

Though The Urges may be more suited for a MySpace Review, we thought it was about time we did another Irish Noise feature instead because honestly, we prefer the art work and the Urges have been around for about seven years now so it’s our fault for not discovering them before today, not theirs. Like […]

Review: Ash – Live @ Andrews Lane Theatre, Dublin (March 20th, 2010)

March 22, 2010

Always a dodgy things these free, invite only promo gigs. It’s either going to be a small room, located in a budding, hip – fashion friendly district of town with The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin jamming in the corner while people look elsewhere, laughing prolifically and sipping champagne. Or, they can be like tonight’s […]

MySpace Review – The Bloody Shanks

December 7, 2009

Been awhile since Tickets There got round to a MySpace Review. We lost the fire there for a wee while, damn American’s annoying us, but as always, Tickets There has regrouped and we’re ready to start bringing you some of the freshest and best talents from around the country…..whenever we find them or, like The […]

MySpace – Cheap Freaks

October 18, 2009

God, after trawling through a whole heap of this years HWCH Festival players, I’ve finally found one that doesn’t sound like The Killers, Radiohead or just pure nonsense (Chongo Pop!). Cheap Freaks are another act I’ve never heard off and they play rock n roll! Not nice pretty rock either, no. They play downright dirty, […]

KISS-LECTION – Tickets There celebrates Alive 35

September 21, 2009

Welcome to the official Tickets There KISS-LECTION, 35 out our favorite KISS songs. A lot of them may be obvious but I’m afraid Tickets There isn’t here to entertain hordes of die-hard fanatics when it’s comes to KISS. This band are about rock n roll baby and this list is a compilation of the songs […]


July 1, 2009

Well, you may have noticed extensive reconstructions on the Tickets There MySpace this weekend. After toying with the notion of moving everything to WordPress, I’ve decided not to bother so I’m staying here instead. Plans are in the making to launch an actual website in the coming months but for now we’re staying put. […]