Tickets There: Our Favorite Irish Bands


Hi There,

Tickets There has decided to create a list of the Safe (Good) Irish bands.

This list will only be based on our collective (my) personal tastes and will be updated as often as possible (Also, the Top Ten only includes bands that are still together and fairly underground / local. Thats why Ash aren’t on this list for example ;)).

Click on the band names to read what Tickets There has to say about them.

Safe: Top 10 Best Irish Bands & others worth checking out

  1. The Future Kings of Spain (Indie Rock)
  2. Concerto For Constantine (Indie Rock)
  3. Jape (Indie / Techno / Pop)
  4. Humanzi (Punk Rock)
  5. The Aftermath (Pop Rock)
  6. Jaded Sun (New Entry) (Rock N Roll)
  7. Cathy Davey (Singer / Songwriter)
  8. LE GALAXIE (Electro-Rock)
  9. Adebisi Shank (Hard Rock / Metal, Instrumental)
  10. Mass Extinction (Thrash Metal)

TURN, The Mighty Atomics, Kill City Defectors, The Walls, One Day International, The Brothers Movement, Oliver Cole, The Answer, The Delorentos, Class of 1984, The Mighty Stef, The Frames, The Rapport, ,Bell X1, Lisa Hannigan, Republic of Loose, Berkeley, The Murder Clues, Fred, Sickboy, TKO, Joe Rubix, R.S.A.G., The Stunning, And So I Watch You From Afar, Codes, I’ll Eat Your Face, Cheap Freaks, Sound of System Breakdown, The Mighty Atomics, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, Sweet Jane, C!ties, 21 Outs, Floyd Soul & The Wolf, The Bloody Shanks, The Pulpit, A Futurist Theatre, Beastmen, A Futurist Theatre, Solar Taxi, Ghundi, Stone Throwing Youths, House of Dolls, Fingersmith, Fighting With Wire, Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Swanee River, The Black Strands, The Cold 100, Million Dollar Reload, Sirocco, The Whiskey Limbs, Lluther, Two Tales of Woe, Raging Conflict, Gama Bomb..more to come.


10 Responses to “Tickets There: Our Favorite Irish Bands”

  1. Oh wow. You had me with the top ten best bands, I thought it was a great list….but your worst bands? Kill Krinkle Club are deadly and as for BATS….are you serious? What the hell?? What’s this based on? They’re one of the most incredibly exciting bands this country’s ever seen!

  2. Hi Nay,

    Top Ten Best list is totally based on my favourites. The worst is based on MySpace Reviews I’ve done (but exceptions can be made :D)

    With Bats, I really tried to like them but it just didn’t work, their just soooo boring and about as exciting as a toilet. As for that other shower, I’ll say one thing about them, there are very few bands in the world can can write, record and preform such terrible, awfull, wickedly bad sounding material and have the guts to try and ask people to pay for it.

    Who’d be on your list? Maybe I could find a few worse ones and push bats down 🙂

  3. One man’s meat…. I guess I’m too involved in the scene at large and so try to keep my opinions to myself unless there’s a purpose in revealing them. Like I’ll say if so-and-so played badly or I don’t like their EP but I wouldn’t do lists like this. Doesn’t do anyone any good!

    You think BATS are boring….what are you, an alien from the future who’s seen God?!

  4. Hmmmm I already input a comment…. where’s it gone?? Basically, I’m too involved with too many bands to really state who I do or don’t like which sucks a bit but I never enjoy compiling Best of lists, let alone Worst. However I will say one band only; The Chapters. UGGGGGGGGH.

    Yet you don’t like BATS….are you an alien from the future who’s seen God? Because the real magic of this band are in their lyrics…they represent a new breed of Irish people who refuse to be held to the old superstitions of Catholic, Fearful Ireland. Have you heard the new album? It’s really good…they sing about M-Theory, FFS! Exploring new dimensions, and also US Chastity balls, and Dragons, and so much more…give them another listen and the album a shot…I do think it’s worth it:

  5. Nay, for you I will happily give Bats another listen, I am totally open to be proven wrong and admitting it, one more band to like is always a good thing. Although I really did try with Bats already.

    I stand by the list. I’m not a big fan of them but I’m quite happy with this one. I don’t see any complaints about the good bands, just people not liking the ones I’ve but down on the Avoid List. Personally I think those groups on the avoid list are absolute shit. Fight Like Apes, GPO, Kill Krinkle Club, the Holy Roman Army, The Amazing Few are not saviors of Irish music, hell half (or more) of them couldn’t even be called music.

    (Also, your comments keep going into my Spam folder. Thought that would stop after I approved your first one but same thing happened to those other two.)

  6. Just gave that Particles song ago and still very unimpressed. Sounds like kids just playing pretty tired, mediocre rock. This is basically the same thing the FKOS do except it sounds forced and I really hope you didn’t mean that song when you mentioned these awe gob smacked lyrics.

    As for Gamma Ray, are you serious? Chongo-pop, nothing else. This is music for children and not much else. Maybe it’s just me but this is not music, this is noise. A bunch of kids with American accents playing rubbish. This Gamma one is just like At The Drive-In except….crap, I don’t get it.

    Tired and boring. That’s all I get. I’ll listen to the rest of the album over the weekend but so far, not impressed and they remain in the list. If they continue they’ll move up if anything. I will not subscribe to the notion that because they’re Irish we have to love them or this nonsense about not slating them because at least they’re trying. Personally, Tickets There would prefer if they didn’t try.

    Oh, Credulous just came on and that’s just as bad as Gamma Ray Burst. I don’t think this is going to work Nay, sorry but I don’t like them, it’s not my thing and really, it’s my opinion I’m here to voice, no one else’s.

    If people dont like it (Cira :)), dont read Tickets There!!

  7. Yo, slow down. Just because you disagree with me, I’m not going to challenge your right to an opinion or slate your tastes. If you get this defensive, this quickly, no one will bother reading.

    • Nah, that’s not aimed at you Nay, that’s why I said Cira :). I’ve gotten a few people jumping on me recently so I was just making the point clear before I get more of it.

      Check out the Blizzards review to see what I mean…and the Kill Krinkle Club one while you;re there 😉

  8. Kevin Ayres Says:

    Hey mate,

    Is this a new layout, or have i just not stumbled across it before?

    It’s pretty cool.
    Must check out some of the bands you have listed in your favourites that i don’t know at all.

    Not sure i’d put Le Galaxie as Techno, more electro-rock i’d say, but hey, it’s all good.
    At least they’re in your top 10.

    Have to disagree with your bottom 10.
    I kinda like The Chapters, though admittedly, they’re more than a little poppy.
    I’d more strongly refer to Angel Pier though.
    They’re a great little band.
    And great live, they’ve got a great energy.
    for the record, they seem like really nice guys too – though that shouldn’t influence here.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yep, it’s all new. Decided to get a little silly with Widgets :).

      I think you’re right about LeGalaxie so I’ll add that in there.

      Ah The Chapters, I might actually remove them because I’m kind of borderline when it comes to those lads. Personally I haven’t got a bit of interest in the bad and every time I see them they bore me to tears but, they do what they do and I’d prefer that to many of the other bands in that list.

      I’m hoping to start heading out to gigs again over the next few months so I’ll try and get to one of Angel Piers shows. I really am open to having my mind changed about all the acts here, this is just a ‘what I think now’ kind of list :).

      Thanks again and keep reading,

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