MySpace Review – Fighting With Wire

Has anyone else heard the new Smashing Pumpkins new single? It’s so sickening it’ll make you see the sense in communistic censorship. What a terrible song and Tickets There (like all schizophrenics out there) hates it when a bad song imbeds it’s self so deep under your skin you can’t think of anything else.

To remedy this, TT is going for our third straight MySpace Review and fortunately we found our secret list of acts we’ve found, given a quick go and approved. Today’s choice from the list is (Drum roll – Ed) Fighting With Wire. They’re from Derry and they’ve been around since 2003, so they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the biggest moments in their lives, their very own Tickets There ™ MySpace Review™®©

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album…but we’re gonna.

First song, Everyone Needs A Nemesis once again represents the Foo Fighters sound the last band we reviewed (Fingersmith – Ed) had. It jumps between some doggy musical influences but there’s a highly respectable core and the playing is outstanding. The Chorus is so damn perfect it’s hard to flaw we won’t. Absolute belter of a song that we’ve enjoyed for the last twenty minutes. Cannot wait to see what’s next.

Last Love Song has more of a scattered opening. This is another band with another great singer. We have been finding so many of these recently and we’ve only got one question, where the hell have they all been? He’s got that American twinge to a point but the actual power and ability will blow you away. Tickets There is liking these guys.

All For Nothing has a fairly mundane start. The vocals are too in your face and it sounds very like Lit. The others had a little more power which brought them over the edge but this one sounds a little lax. Oh, two minutes in, is that a surprise I hear? Nice riffage before going back into the chorus. And the riffage returns. Not a bad finish and an alright song.

My Armoury starts off with intense guitars. Vocal style completely changes (different singer?). oh, other guys comes back pretty quickly. Probably the best intro of the lot but it goes a little whiney afterwards. The guitars during the chorus are great and the drumming is brutal!…but alas, the song is too watered down with that voice. The ending’s pretty decent but agh, probably our least favorite of the lot.

Final opinion…..some dodgy moments but alot of great ones aswell. If they turned down the American-ness then they’d sound a little more believable. Then again, this wasn’t an issue of the first few tracks so Tickets There will need to hear more before making a final judgment. For now we’re giving the thumbs up.

Go and Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here!


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