MySpace Review – Solar Taxi

Recently, Tickets There seems to have turned the MySpace Reviews into an exclusive outlet for Ireland’s rock acts. That’s not the way it’s meant to be so we’re shaking things up (LMAOL – Ed). We’ve got two bands lined up who deserve some positive words. Bring on the Blues but first, bring on the dance.

Realistically, Tuesday morning is not a good time to start listening to dance music…unless you want to hate the band. This morning however, Tickets There is finding the beating tunes from Solar Taxi quite enjoyable. Now, we’re not going to go out of our way to convince we’re the biggest dance fans on the planet. We like some but we dislike / hate the majority of it. As genres go, dance and techno music is probably the worst for attracting horribly mundane acts with as much talent as a broken corkscrew. On the other hand, Irish acts such as LeGalaxie, Jape, Cowboy X, The Vinny Club and many more, are proving everyday that dance music can still be fresh, fun and exciting. I’m sure there’s some decent International dance acts as well but unless they’re called Def Leppard, we don’t care J

Blame Game is first up and it’s a pretty chill-axed, simple number. One thing that will grab you immediately is the quality of the production. It’s quite long for a dance number but it fills out the time well. There’s several well placed changes to keep things going and the song’s structure manages to keep evolving as the number goes on. What more can you say? Pretty decent tune.

CantWont is next and it’s more along the techno lines than Blame Game. There’s more force in the lyrics and it’s a little more interactive with the listener. There’s a nifty guitar soloing along in the background which makes a nice addition. Rather than constantly changing and evolving, this song is more structured and repetitive but this makes for a sweet little dance floor number.  Tickers There is liking it.

Moving swiftly passed the remixes, it’s time for Peachy Peach and yet again we have a change in styles. Instead of dance beats and techno keyboards, we get a full drum kit, a hooky wee bass line and a Sitar of all things. It keeps the upbeat tone of the previous tracks but it’s an indie/rock song through and through. Agh, the bass is sooo crunchy. Check 1 min. and 53 secs. in to see what I mean. The riff is simple, the playing is ni-ce!. Probably the best yet, kind of a pity we’re onto the last track.

Final song, In Your Skin immediately get’s back to the dance styling’s of the first two tracks. Its keyboards, bass and snare beats and  a general half two in the morning, falling around a dark floor covered in sweat, half hour queues at the bar, long stints in the toilets…both toilets, blackouts in taxi’s, bad kebabs and head spinning nostalgia.

Overall, as dance acts go I’d recommend Solar Taxi ahead of the pack. Their upbeat, tight as hell and have at least four tunes worth hearing under their belts. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here and hear for yourself.


One Response to “MySpace Review – Solar Taxi”

  1. gave them a listen and there pretty sweet i dont really like dance though

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