MySpace Review – Ghundi

On Tuesday, Tickets There was worried about our ability to properly assess dance music. Today, we’re worried that some hardcore punk will shatter our poor, hung-over, sensitive brains. Ya know what, it ain’t too bad. Although our history with Galway’s hardcore bands isn’t the best, we’re determined to fire ahead with this review because Ghundi are pretty sweet…as hardcore goes.

We haven’t seen the band live or heard their album….And honestly, we’re not big fans of the genre but good music is good music no matter what ‘scene’ it belongs to.

Ok, Fake Cures for Fake Threats kicks things off and it’s full on, standardized hardcore. They jump in with no messing around. The songs grand, alot of this hardcore stuff all sounds the same to me. The singer’s voice is pretty good and there are some good lounging bass moments. The guitars are fairly sharp and more metal than normal hardcore. Also, the screams are pretty good. Hmm, not bad.

Next up is I Was A Teenage Suicide Bomber and somewhere during the ‘heavens just a rumor chorus’ Tickets There was ready to bail out. There has to come a point in your life when you utter those fatal words, ‘I’m getting too old for this shit’. But, turns out we’re not. The music is savage (a word I use alot but not half enough). The guitars and drums are full on, belting punk and some of the bridges are just classic. Great riffs and despite the actual lyrics being a little ..cliché, the singer has a great voice. He doesn’t just roar everything all the time, he doesn’t rely on the band to always be there to back him up to make every other line of every verse stand out and it’s just pretty good.

Sanity Clause is more along the traditional Hardcore lines again except this one has a sharper than sharp guitar rumbling away. Anyone remember Female Hercules? Same kind of crunchy sound in this song. It’s energetic again (well, it’ll hardly be a ballad).

The Last Electric Robot opens with a subtle bass line before an almightily heavy guitar bursts in sporadically. The vocals aren’t as strong as the previous numbers until you get into the song. There’s some of that roaring back and forth nonsense that just sounds like someone’s drilling into your brain and it almost completely destroys the end of the song, but they manage to pull things back together at the last moment.

Caught Dead starts off almost exactly where The Last Electric Robot finishes (as does any traditional hardcore track). This is what Tickets There doesn’t like about this music. It just seems to all run together and sound the same. Thankfully, Caught Dead is short and the following tune, Drop the Dead Junkie sees the back running back to what they do best, HEAVY GUITARS and riffs up your ass! Again it’s short but there’s some furiously over the top guitar playing, mental stuff!

Last headache once again sees them going back the traditional Hardcore route. Not bad, pretty fast and full on but ends too abruptly. What about the acoustic melodies? what about the four tier harmonies? what about the mandolin? I guess there’s just no place for old relics like those in today’s music J

Overall, well, surprisingly enough, we thoroughly enjoyed them. One of the better ones we’ve heard from Ireland and well worth ago. If you live in Galway, go see em. They know what they’re doing.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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