MySpace Review – The Cold 100

What is it with brand new, never heard of before bands filling their MySpace players with samples? It gets a tad annoying when ever you find a band that sound pretty decent and the song cuts off just before it gets going. Obviously in their heads they think ‘people will hear this, have to hear more and we’ll be millionaires’. Unfortunately, this may not always have the desired approach. We can’t count (they know – Ed) how many bands we’ve found with samples instead of full songs that we’ve just dismissed from the review series despite their songs showing real quality. We always think to ourselves that we’ll check them out properly when we have the chance but unfortunately, we don’t most of the time.

In the essence of real reviewing and reporting, we’ve decided to fire ahead with one such band that do show real potential to be a major force on the scene, The Cold 100. Three songs, first two are samples but the third is full and well, enchanting.

As usual we’ve never seen the band live or heard their record (and I think we forgot to write that on the Million$Reload article so this covers them aswell)

Formed in 2007 by Simon Delaney and rhythm guitarist Mark Walsh, The Cold 100 play flat out blues rock, simple as. They fuse classic sixties / seventies rock with classic American blues. First song Red Headed Woman sums it all up. Choopy riffs littered with unique lead offshoots. A pronounced funked up bass and some smooth, classic rock styled blues drumming. Si’s vocals suit the style perfectly and they really come to fruition during the chorus and then…..then, the preview ends. Well, it may be just over a minute but it’s more than enough to keep you listening.

Just Want Your Love is similar in many ways to Red Headed Woman. The vocals are less stand out but the bass just blasts off into its own world of belting funk. The psychedelic styled guitar intro is something you’ll want to hear more and more off and hopefully the complete version of the song unveils a little more of their guitarist talent.

Finally we come to the only complete song on the play list. Start Again is a ballad. The opening is similar to several other songs you’ll have heard in your life but to hell with it, they do it well. It’s in this song the singers vocals stand out the most. What ever way they’ve done the mix it’s dropped the singer’s voice in the background a lot but then again, this was true for a lot of blues rock bands and it just works. The chorus is catchy, there’s still blues melodies scattered about the whole song. Overall it’s a pretty relaxed wee rock number that just works exceptionally well.

End result we’re very pleased we didn’t let the samples throw us off The Cold 100. Their stripped back, easy going blues style is extremely pleasing on the ears and any band with this much talent that isn’t trying to write Killers rip offs is fine in our books.

Well worth checking out so visit their MySpace by Clicking Here!


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