IRISH NOISE! – Gama Bomb (MySpace)

Irish thrash metaler’s Gama Bomb’s name has been flying around for awhile. Tickets There first heard them on the great Irish Thrash Search of 08 along with acts like Mass Extinction, Slave Zero, Municipal Waste and, surprisingly enough, many others. At first we opted to get behind mass Extinction (they’ll have fun with that comment in Bruxelles TT – Ed) but now we’re ready to give the boys their well deserved chance on the TT plains, especially after being inundated with those updates about them on Blabbermouth.

Opening song Slam Anthem is a relentless monster of a track. The riffs, the solo’s, the drums, the screams and the non-stop beating it dishes out are more than enough justification for this country have its own thrash scene. Lyrically it isn’t as powerful as classic era thrash but musically it’s flawless. The styles use bounce from Metallica’s earlier, Kill Em All material to Testament and even Judas Priest. Tickets There likes this.

Skeletron is another monster of a track. The rampaging assault of the guitars is a brutal smack of pure adrenaline. The vocals are much sharper here than the previous track and overall structure is just more complex and layered with guitars rammed into every available orifice in sight. Savage, brutal, sweet!

Final track, New Eliminators of Atlantis BC is back to the same style we heard on Slam Anthem. Overall the style of all the songs is pretty much formula but if Slam Anthem is the best overall track, Skeletron has the best guitars then this one has the best chorus. A stomping beater of a chorus that actually conjures up the power most power/thrash metal groups aim for but rarely reach. A fine effort worthy of the Priest themselves.

Well short n sweet I say. As Thrash goes these guys are pretty good. The music is stellar, the singer…well, you warm up to his style pretty quickly. The only major thing Tickets There found lacking was those dark, solid stand alone riff and drum moments that give the songs pits of power than get unleashed in very small, furious bursts. In all fairness, These songs are simply ‘too busy’ to give that impending feeling of the apocalypse but after hearing them, Tickets There will be downloading their album to see what lies ahead.

Excellent band, highly recommended.

Click Here to see their MySpace and to Download their album For Free!

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  1. […] Our old pals Gama Bomb are preparing to re-assault the Irish and global metal scene with the release of their fourth album next month. Titled, ‘The Terror Tapes’, this will be the band’s first release since 2009’s ‘Tales From The Grave In Space’. […]

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