MySpace Review – Nakatomi Towers

We’ve had Country, we’ve had dance, we’ve had Rock, Metal, Indie, Punk, Instrumental and now we need some Electronica. Every now and again Tickets There will make a note of bands we’ve heard and liked while prowling through MySpace Profiles but only ones that either didn’t have enough songs to review or just had demo’s, live recordings or previews rather than final recordings. One such band was Naktomi Towers and hearing them now makes us very happy we didn’t press ahead and write up their review for the sake of it.

As usual we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

Belfast seems to be bursting with some very interesting acts at the moment. We’ve been coming across a fair few of them recently but rather than name them out, we’ll leave you to go and read the other reviews and give us hits. That’s right, it’s all about us and our needs. We’re not very giving music fans.

Anyways back to the point, Nakatomi Towers are a two piece (self described) Indie / Electro / Pop group and all we can say is, they do it well. For one of the first time in our lives, we’re conflicted over which version of first song, Cut Me Out we like most. The original is poppy, upbeat and catchy as hell. The remix is full on dance, break beats and any other dance review cliché you’ve seen on Tickets There before. One great song, two great versions. Tickets There is hooked and Nakatomi Towers, you shall pass.

Second track, Magnetic is less poppy and the dance aspect is toned down. The harmonies during the chorus are well done and overall the song’s quite pleasant but nothing to drive Tickets There over the wall with excitement and it’s certainly not on par with Cut Me Out. Still though, for a band that only formed last June, they’re not doing too badly so far.

What You See brings us to an end of the normal cuts on their MySpace. It’s very relaxed and disconnected. There’s a constant beat going through that song that doesn’t let it drift off as much as the Magnetic and it keeps the chilled out, mellow vive buzz. It also doesn’t follow any strict structure and manages to evolve and change as it progresses. Very nice song, even if you’re not a dance fan it’s worth checking out.

Final track Strait Laces (Seconds Out Remix) is annoying and that’s all I have to say about that right now.

Well, not too bad overall. We’ll need to wait until we hear the album before making the final decision but What You Say and Cut Me Out are very decent tracks and they grew on us very quickly. There’s a very nice, gentle upbeatness about the band and hopefully the fruits of their labors will turn out to be gems in the near future.

Click Here to visit their MySpace!


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