MySpace Review – Stone Throwing Youths

Hangover is starting to disappear, feeling is returning to skull and Tickets There feels we’re ready to review yet another of Irelands emerging acts. For the next twenty or so reviews, we’re going to focus on unsigned bands competing in this years JD Set. Click Here to read more about that. Anways, ff Jack Daniels and music are involved, we’re betting there’ll be a handful of hard rock acts turning out for the prize. Judging by the opening riff from the first band we’ve checked out, we’re not going to be disappointed.

Haling from…all over Ireland by the looks of things, Stone Throwing Youths seems to be the brain child of two men, Mr. Brian Casey (Vocals, Guitars, Piano – names awful familiar) and Andrew O’Sullivan (drums).

As usual, Tickets There hasn’t seen them live or heard their album / EP

Wow. Opening song Relive Reborn is flat out deadly. It’s got a savage riff. It’s got savage vocals. It’s a hard, bruising monster of a track that smacks you’re head around a little. If any early nineties grunge act had released this, it’d be a classic. Brian’s vocals sound a tad weak at the start but as the song moves on it’s very obvious that his voice is absolutely fantastic. It’s heavy, harsh, powerful and in need of a serious producers attention to release it’s full potential. Tickets There loves this song! Tickets There really loves this song.

Since Long Ago starts a little slower leaving Tickets There to drop it’s excitement and come to terms with the fact that yet again we’d found another band who tease with one belter and then force you to sit through their emotions. That is until about a minute in when the guitars kick off, the chorus turns out to be ballad rock without the cheese and it only gets better. The guitars appear more and more as the song grows darker. A major riff appears, the vocals get gritty and the day is saved. Another one Tickets There loves.

The future’s bright, the futures Too Much Information. Riff, Riff, Riff!! Oh, give this man a Les Paul and make this song explode like it wants to. Deadly, power drive of an opening riff. Dark verse, Marilyn Manson meets Motley Crue style chorus! Retracted speed, bruising power and the daunting off beat drums let the mighty chorus smash through the dizzying void. Vocals are incredible, Jesus, imagine seeing this sh*t live!! Incredible stuff. Aw, must be played many more times at full volume. Where the hell have these guys been!

Yes, Piankiller style drum opening, Stone Roses style guitar and then what? The Pogues covering The Smashing Pumpkins before turning back into the Stone Roses covering Snow Patrol or something? It’s like three deadly bands covering the catchiest band on the planets latest single at the one time in different styles. It’s got the upbeatness of a person suddenly realizing they’re at Woodstock watching Jimi Hendrix. Downside Down, deadly!

That’s it!! Hell, if Tickets There ever get’s any money we’re paying for these guys album, their tour, their merchandise, their houses, cars, commercial sports teams, groupies, reunion press statements, pr and management companies, boats private islands, acting career startup cash, travel and accommodation during guest tv spots, drugs, smokes, booze and court cases. Twelve thumbs up, Nine out of Ten (Their album will get Ten, saving it ya see). Everything a respectable rock fan could want from a group…except a couple of solos.

Go check them out now or stop reading Tickets There!! CLICK HERE to visit their MySpace!



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