MySpace Review – The Whiskey Limbs

Resisting the temptations of listening to Megadeth, we’ve decided to find another of Ireland’s underground unsung heroes instead. The list is beginning to run dry so we’re hoping a few kind folks and bands out there will get in touch and point us in the right direction. In case you think Tickets There is always about the guitars, the glitz n glamour, the swagger and adrenaline of rock n roll, we’re here to prove you wrong. Tickets There likes all good music…except Ska, we hate Ska. What a totally useless genre exploited by people who can’t get over their Police obsessions.  

Over the last week we’ve had reviews about Hardcore Punk, Dance, Instrumental Heavy metal, psychedelic rock and now we’re turning our focus on country! Dublin five piece, The Whiskey Limbs have been keeping us entertained for the last couple of hours so it’s high time we start this mother, jJust incase our Megadeth inclination returns (can you say that? – Ed).

As usual we’ve never seen the, live or heard their EP/Album.

Eight songs!! MySpace Reviews or always harder to do on the spot when there’s that many tracks but it also gives you a much better idea of what the band is capable of. First track, Dancing on the Fuse is like a mesh of The Waterboys, Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band and Damien Dempsey. It’s got the country, it’s got that blues/rock tempo all topped off nicely with a hint of home brewed country n folk. The chorus, like almost all the songs here, is infectiously catchy. There’s nothing I don’t like about this tune and as first impressions go, this ain’t a bad way to start. Damn this doggy dance floor, damn these heavy shoes, Damn the Smashing Pumpkins for releasing that piece of shit single yesterday!

Second track Pretty Jane is very similar in styles but just as enjoyable and makes good use of their guitar player towards the end. Third track Meantime, sees the first real departure into a more serious, stripped back track. Colm Davis’s vocals at times give hints of a ‘put on’ effort but every time your mind slips in that direction, he pulls you right back and his delivery just improves on every listen.  Backing vocalist Amy Frayne manages to make more of a mark on this number aswell and her harmonies add real depth and soul to the music. Another winner.

Dead Man’s Dream brings the rockier element to the forefront again. It’s upbeat, catchy and as an added bonus, has the best guitar solo we’ve heard so far. The following track, Dare brings things back to the relaxed feeling we heard on Meantime.

Love Song brings is to the second last track of the review. At first it gives the impression of a very slow, very romantic piece before revving up into a full on Celtic country assault. Colms’ vocals suddenly switch to a much harder Irish style and it really works. Love Song is possibly the most upbeat and enjoyable song in the playlist while final song, Half Way Girl is possibly the most bland. It’s a tired style heard too many times in your life. It’s still played well but there isn’t the same energy about it as there is in the others.

Overall, great stuff. This is an album/EP worth buying for anyone looking for a change from the ever growing instrumental / metal / techno / singer song writer acts out there. Tickets There will be watching these guys from now on.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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