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Tickets There Wants You! Contributors Needed!

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  • Love Irish music?
  • Sick of seeing our home grown artists getting passed over for the GaGa’s and Perry’s?
  • Interested in writing?

Tickets There, Ireland’s sexiest music blog, is coming back from the dead and we want you to write for us. We’re looking for contributors willing to give up their free time to help promote and celebrate the hundreds in incredible acts that come out of Ireland every year.

Details and plans are currently being drawn up, but if you’re interested, send us a mail at and we’ll be happy to share more.

Subscribe To Tickets There… NOW!

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That’s right folks, no more lines, no more frantic searching for a computer to see if we’ve updated our glorious music blog and more importantly, no more need to follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve finally gotten sick of our non-stop Rambo/Whitesnake rants. You can now sit back and see our post updates from the comfort of your own InBox.

Simply click the Sign Me Up! button there on the right hand side and you’ll get mails from Tickets There every time we update a post. Don’t worry they’re automatic, so you won’t be relying on our lazy asses to do anything.

We hope to begin weekly newsletters, regular interviews and the odd competitions very soon so get in early before….well, doesn’t make much of a difference when you sign up but just do it already. You’ll make two north Dublin touts and a Leitrim raised Editor very chuffed indeed.

Tickets There: 50,000+ Hits and Counting

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for reading Tickets There. Today we passed the 50K views mark and we’re pretty thrilled to have grown so much in only a few months.

Keep reading and we’ll keeping writing our sexy ass pieces.

All the best,

Tickets There’s New Look (JEDWARD-THERE)

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www. Tickets There .com

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Howdy folks,

In November 2007, Tickets There was started as a laugh after watching the EyeBrowy Tout Spaced skit. Over the last two years things haven’t changed a whole pile except we’re swearing less and people are reading more. We’ve had a great laugh doing it and we’ve discovered loads of fantastic music which, at the end of the day is the whole point behind this blog. We don’t make money from TT and we don’t want to. We’re not in this for anything other than to find good bands and give them as much exposure as we can.

Today, Tickets There finally has its perfect home and we’re proud to announce that our new address is

Since it cost a kingly sum of over $14 to get this up and running, you can be sure Tickets There will be working overtime to make this a decent blog for you to read, for us to enjoy and most importantly, to give the bands we like a respectable source of feedback. Tickets There aren’t critics, we’re music fans.

Thanks alot for making all this worthwhile and I can promise you this is the last nicey nice post you’ll be seeing on this site for awhile. Now, on with the show!!

Kindest Regards,
Tickets There! (Broke N Bloggin / Irish Noise!)

Merry Christmas from Tickets There

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Sorry for reusing last year’s image, but ever since the big crash of 09, all my images and art work for the lads has been deleted. Will work to get it all back next year but for now, the message is what counts.

This year has seen an enormous rise in people visiting Tickets There and it’s really been great to see bands and fans alike starting to actually like the site (and hate it in some cases…ok, many cases) but the mails and comments we’ve received, positive or negative have all been greatly appreciated. All of us here Tickets There HQ are really excited about pushing things into overdrive in 2010.

We’ll start the year with an exclusive interview with Mr. Tim Vital, the man behind Neosupervital and go from there with interviews, live reviews, albums / ep and single reviews and of course, tons of Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and KISS information. We may even have the site up and running in the first half of 2010 so keep eyes…sort of peeled for more about that.

Anyways, enough endorsement and shameless self promotion. Have a great Christmas, a happy new year and a brilliant holiday from all at TT-HQ.

Kindest Regards,

Tickets There

(Rob / Dave & Harrington)

Tickets There: Top 50 Albums (2000 – 2009)

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So, it’s decade ending time. All the music publications, webzines, blogs, fans everyone with a computer and the ability to type has a list of their top 5, 10, 20, 50, 1,000, 1,000,000 albums of the last ten years and the great, thoughtful, original minds that drive, create, nurture and bring you Tickets There have finally decided we’ll do one to. Sher if everyone else is, why wouldn’t we? Tickets There never claimed (in the last 30 minutes) to be original or independent so we’ll follow the herd with the list thing. Not really sure what’s the point since we probably only bought 20 albums in the last ten years that were actually released in that time.

Instead of doing the 1 – 50 order, we’re putting them in chronologically.  This is a basic, hastily put together history of what shaped the amazing, the incredible, the mind-bendingly stunning tastes held by all at Tickets There HQ.

(Please don’t give me hell for Testament, but that album deserves to be on this list, even though it wasn’t released in the time frame. Damn calendar counter counters!!)

Artist Album Title Year
Testament The Gathering 1999
Turn Antisocial 2000
The Avalanches Since I left you 2000
At The Drive In Relationship of Command 2000
The Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia 2000
Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA/The Machines of God 2000
Iron Maiden Brave New World 2000
White Stripes White Blood Cells 2001
The Foo Fighters One By One 2001
Ash Free All Angles 2001
Berkeley Hope Prayers and Bubblegum 2001
Muse Origin of Symmetry 2001
The Strokes Is This it 2001
Weezer The Green Album 2001
Idlewild 100 Broken Windows 2001
Rammstein Mutter 2001
Ben Kweller Sha, Sha 2002
The Frames Set list 2002
Johnny Cash American IV: The Man Comes Around 2002
Turn Forward 2003
Future Kings of Spain Future Kings of Spain 2003
Bell X1 Music in Mouth 2003
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf 2003
Blur Think Tank 2003
Iron Maiden Dance of Death 2003
The Darkness Permission to land 2003
Motorhead Inferno 2004
Arcade Fire Funeral 2004
Jape The Monkeys At The Zoo 2004
The White Stripes Elephant
Turn Turn 2005
Humanzi Tremors 2006
White Stripes Icky Thumb 2007
Marilyn Manson Eat Me, Drink me 2007
Happy Mondays Uncle Dysfunctional 2007
Siouxsie Sioux MantaRay 2007
Bruce Springsteen Magic 2007
Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy 2008
Metallica Death Magnetic 2008
Def Leppard Songs from the Sparkle Lounge 2008
Future Kings of Spain Nervousystem 2007
The Aftermath Friendlier Up Here 2008
Jape Ritual 2008
Whitesnake Good to be Bad 2008
Wired Desire Barley legal (EP, Honorable mention) 2008
Lady GaGa The Fame 2008
KISS Sonic Boom 2009
Megadeth EndGame 2009
Bell X1 Blue Lights on The Runway 2009
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures 2009