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MySpace Review – Floyd Soul and The Wolf

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , on November 10, 2009 by Tickets There


I’ve tried several bands over the last few days and none of them, not fucking one of them caught my attention in any serious way. Since Tickets There has to be all ‘happy, friendly and bollocks’ from now on, I wasn’t allowed to cut into any of them like I wanted but today, today I’ve found a band that relieves my aching, maniac serial killing styled murderous heart, Floyd Soul and the Wolf. I’m sure they’re well known because they’re too damn good not to be but since no one at Tickets There actually listens to a radio, we don’t find these acts as quickly (but we do find them in the end – Ed).

Nice to have a band from Waterford in the MySpace review section for a change. On their MySpace under ‘Sounds Like’ they’ve written ‘Why Don’t You Tell Us’ so, Tickets There is gonna try but after a couple of pre-listens, we still haven’t nailed it. We just know we like it, we like it very much.

I’ve never seen them live or heard their album (if they have one).

Absinthe, not just a drink but a song title. On any other day Tickets There would argue that only Lemmy could pull of a title like that but here we go, proven wrong once again. It’s a strange song to say the least. Like relaxed indie with dance, with rock, with silent melodies, hushed instruments and just a general good feeling n buzz about the track. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, it’s soulful and it’s good. Have listened to it about ten times and every time just gets better and better. Next one!

Same vibes appear on second track Battle of Booze except this one sounds more rockfish than indie. Lead singer Floyd Soul has a great dry kind of voice. Oh hang on, banjo’s and Beatles styled beats half way through. Good change and back to the up down beat tippin’, toe tappin’ niceness of chill-axed, rock ‘n’ mojo roll a-hoi-hoi.  Short, interesting and also, quite good.

Tickets There loves good old fashioned classic rock n roll. We like ZZ Top, we like the Smith! (Aero, not vegan fest 1989), we like The Stones, The Kinks, Zeppelin, The Doors and we like the blues driven riffs, cow bell drumming’, classic eighties American highway vocal styling’s, smacked all over Floyd Souls thirds song, Give It A Chance. Great track, full on rock with some poppy moments. What more could you want?

Now this one’s a little easier to nail down. Life in Time is classic Neil Young and a damn good job of it.  I’m not heading into too many details because well, no matter how much shit I write and no matter how many nice, flattering things I can think off to put down on this review, it won’t change the fact that this band are deadly and you have to go and hear them. So stop worrying about reading this drivel and go over there and give them some spins. Then go out there and buy whatever the hell you can from them and then finally, smack yourself for still reading this after I told you not to!

Check out Floyd Soul and The Wolf’s MySpace by Clicking Here.

You will hear more about these guys on Tickets There in the future.