Merry Christmas from Tickets There

Sorry for reusing last year’s image, but ever since the big crash of 09, all my images and art work for the lads has been deleted. Will work to get it all back next year but for now, the message is what counts.

This year has seen an enormous rise in people visiting Tickets There and it’s really been great to see bands and fans alike starting to actually like the site (and hate it in some cases…ok, many cases) but the mails and comments we’ve received, positive or negative have all been greatly appreciated. All of us here Tickets There HQ are really excited about pushing things into overdrive in 2010.

We’ll start the year with an exclusive interview with Mr. Tim Vital, the man behind Neosupervital and go from there with interviews, live reviews, albums / ep and single reviews and of course, tons of Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and KISS information. We may even have the site up and running in the first half of 2010 so keep eyes…sort of peeled for more about that.

Anyways, enough endorsement and shameless self promotion. Have a great Christmas, a happy new year and a brilliant holiday from all at TT-HQ.

Kindest Regards,

Tickets There

(Rob / Dave & Harrington)


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