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Science Proves AXL ROSE is the Greatest Singer of All Time

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9552991We at the Tickets There Conglomerate Corporation for Financial Gain and Advancement Family, are not ones to gloat – but we done told ye! We said it again and a-fucking-gain – AXL ROSE IS GOD BITCHES! Ye all nit picked and griped, but the bottom line is the man is a fucking hero – and now science has proven it. (yes, science – want to fight about it?) recently put up a list that is the end result of thirty seventh century technology which has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that AXL ROSE has not only the greatest voice of all time, but is also the baddest mother**ker on the planet. Why have I started censoring the curse words now you ask? Because I just remembered my mum and aunty occasionally read this blog and they may now be aware of my readers ignorance in the field of Axl! Axl who? William Axl Rose – scientifically proven greatest singer of all time and most beloved human since Jesus.!

If you’re someone who believes seeing is believing, then here’s further proof. Axl handing out shots at a gig,

I liked writing this one 🙂


PREVIEW: Temple House Festival 2011

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Feel the excitement building? Anyone who was there last year is and with just over two weeks left until launch, Temple House Festival fever has well and truly begun.

Over one hundred incredible bands, 4 stages, countless events and quirks, a medieval village, an arts trail, excellent food and a thousand other attractions, all set over a glorious June bank holiday weekend. Top that with amazing grounds, no major queuing and excellent organization, you’d be mad to miss it. Also it’s set in Co. Sligo so you can’t go too wrong.

Tickets are selling like hot cakes and Tickets There decided it was time to give you a quick preview of just some of the great bands booked for this years event.

Friday: June 10th

ASH (Bavaria Main Stage)

What can anyone say about the incredible Downpatrick pop rock trio that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before? Ash have been one of the highest ranking staples of the Irish and indeed, international music scene for the better part of two decades. From the release of their massively acclaimed album, 1977 in… 1996 to their trail blazing A-Z series, Ash have lead the way for Irish alternative rock and have remained one of the most influential bands ever to emerge out of Northern Ireland.

The Walls (Bavaria Main Stage)

Since the demise of The Stunning in the nineties, Steve and Joe Wall have been using their time very wisely. Under The Walls banner, they’ve released two records, Hi-LO and New Dawn Breaking and for the past two years, the band have been sporadically playing live while recording their third album, Stop The Lights, which is due out later this year. Armed with an adventurous new live show, a set-list packed with enchanting new material and old favourites, The Walls are well and truly on their way to chart storming and a slot in every homes CD rack. Not one you’ll want to miss on Friday.

Fighting With Wire (Bavaria Main Stage)

One of our MySpace finds and an excellent live act. Taking the stage just before the mighty Ash, Fighting With Wire are an exciting new Irish band that are promised to deliver an excellent set. Their style will also fit in nicely with their headliners so Ash fans, don’t miss them.

Ryan Sheridan (Acoustic Stage– Walled Garden ).

One of the best up and coming songwriters in Ireland at the moment. Ryan’s performances have been landing him a lot of attention recently and soon his name will be everywhere. Temple House have Ryan on a lovely, secluded acoustic stage in a lovely garden away from the packed main stage arena so take this opportunity to check him out before he returns as a headliner next year.


We’re going easy on ye for now, what with all the camping gear you’ll be lugging, tent pitching and so on that’ll fill up your morning but don’t dare finish up the Friday without checking out The Flaws, Kanyu Tree and Preachers Son (EDIT: Preachers Son have been moved from Friday to Saturday and will now be playing the main stage at 5:00pm)

Saturday: June 11th

Kerbdog (Bavaria Main Stage)

Saturday sees one of the most exciting events of the whole festival, the reunion of the legendary Kerbdog! That’s right, Cormac Battle and the lads will be taking the stage and belting out some of the biggest alt-rock hits any Irish band has ever produced. Sine the bands 1998 split they’ve reformed a few times. Make sure you catch this gig or you may not get another chance. (Also…they’re bloody savage).

The Fallen Drakes (The Music Maker Stage)

One of the biggest success stories from the Irish music scene and one that keeps on going. The Fallen Drakes have only been together for little over a year but already they’ve landed gigs at the O2 Arena and R.D.S. Outdoor Arena (supporting The Commitments and Bon Jovi respectively). When bands like this are on the up and up, you know it’s going to be a show to remember.

Land Lovers (Bavaria Main Stage)

They’ll be on good an early so don’t spend the whole night partying with Ash. The excellent Land Lovers came to our attention many months back and managed to sneak their way into Tickets There’s own personal daily rotation. Wait for the live version of Immovable Feet and you’ll be glad you took the time to see them.

The Danger Is (The Music Maker Stage)

Tickets There were fortunate enough to discover this amazing, talented, all round lovely lady last year and ever since then we’ve have been quite vocal about our love for her music. With a few choices on the market, an EP and a handful of singles, Niamh and her band, The Danger Is will arrive at Temple house and blow you out of the tent. Possibly our strongest recommendation of the weekend.

Mike Joyce (DJ Set) (The Music Maker Stage)

Former Smiths drummer, Mike Joyce is popping into Temple House be this years Peter Hook, He’ll be playing a DJ set at The Music Maker stage on Saturday night so if you’re not a fan of Whipping Boy or the Stero MC’s, you’ll know where to go. Last year Temple House had the legendary Peter Hook doing roughly the same thing and you couldn’t have asked for a better end to the second day. This year Mike will will be ensuring the party doesn’t manage to slip away.

Sunday: June 12th

Aslan (Bavaria Main Stage)

When running the search on Tickets There for ‘Aslan’ results, I was disappointed that this site has never devoted an article to the dublin legends. By far one of the most successful home grown bands we’ve ever produced and standard setters in the live arena. Led by the infamous Christy Dignam, Aslan have been rocking Irish stages since the early eighties and three decades later little has changed. Hits like ‘Lucy Jones Part 2’, ‘Crazy World’, ‘This Is’ and ‘Rainman’ have endeared them to hearts of thousand of Irish people ensuring packed houses where ever they play. Whether you’ve ever been a fan or not, Aslan are more than worth checking in on – no matter what else is on.

Sweet Jane (Bavaria Main Stage)

After releasing one of the most successful independent Irish albums of 2010, Sweet Jane have turned into an unstoppable touring machine. Their songs are fused with energy last seen on the seventies and their appeal is spreading wider. Mainland Europe, the U.K. and America have brought them an impressively large international fan base which continues to grow. They’re taking the main stage on the final night and are sure to deliver one of the festivals best sets.

The Riptide Movement (The Music Maker Stage)

The Riptide Movement have been firm favorites on Tickets There for a long time. Their second album is set to emerge later this year but already they’ve released two crackin’ singles from it and have taken Ireland by storm. Their repeated appearances on Grafton street, not to mention their constant touring has brought them firmly into the public eye and things are only getting better. Last week it was confirmed they would be one of two Irish bands supporting Bon Jovi when they hit the RDS next month. They rocked Temple House last year and you can damn well bet they’ll do it again in two weeks.

Oddsocks Revival (The Music Maker Stage)

One of Sligo’s own bands, Oddsocks Revival have been saved for the last day and judging by the massive crowd they attracted last year, you’ll need to get in early. They’re extremly strong live, have a massive number of killer tracks from their debut album, It’s Time and they’ll rock the place. Prepare for cowboys meets rock ‘n’ roll.
So that’s it. Like we said, Tickets are going fast – so Act now. Full detials can be found HERE. Enjoy and make sure you check out as many of the other acts as you can, it’s too good a line-up to miss.

Day to Day Breakdown In Full:

Friday, 10th June
Bavaria Main Stage : The Late Session with “Wiggle”, Ash, Fighting with Wire, The Walls, The Flaws, The Kanyu Tree, Inteference, 1922’s
The Music Maker stage : DJ Wool, Arveene & Misk, The Minutes, Pilotlight, Shouting at Planes, Readers Wives, Chuckys River, Boy Lights Fire
Acoustic Stage – Walled Garden : Ryan Sheridan, James Humson Niceol Blue, Michael Stafford, On/off, Tommy McNulty, Laura Sheeran, Ari Sheehan, Helen Smits
Bandwagon TV Stage –Rose Garden : Yngve & The Innocent, Machine Gun Baby, Joy Booth and B & The Honeyboy

Saturday, 11th June
Bavaria Main Stage : Late Session – The Amazing Few , Stereo MCs, Whipping Boy, Kerbdog, Stand, Miracle Bell, Preachers Son, Landlovers, Hogan, Karma Parking, Redbrick House, Nova Static
The Music Maker Stage: Silent Disco, Mike Joyce DJ Set (ex Smiths), Declan O’Rourke, Andy McKee, The Danger is, The Fallen Drakes, Cool Hand Dukes, Souls, Dub Doctor Sound System, Merchants of Fortune, Tim Cobain & band, King Kong Club BOB, Lost Colours
Acoustic Stage – Walled Garden: Rory and The Island, Rory Faithfield, Aisling O’Reilly, The Ball & Chain, Bailer, David Burke, Wyvern Lingo, Finnian Kelleher, Deirdre Keelan, Peter Baldwin
Bandwagon TV Stage – Rose Garden : Henrietta Game, Neptune City, Eugene Donegan, Clive Barnes, Sanszkrit

Sunday, 12th June
Bavaria Main Stage : Aslan, Something Happens, Lisa Hannigan, Jamie Lawson, CW Stoneking, The Raglans, Storyfold, Tupelo, Sweet Jane, 2Minutes2Midnight,
The Music Maker Stage : Bipolar Empire, Riptide Movement, Oddsocks Revival, Roisin O, Heathers,GMiley & The Soul Street Orchestra, The Barley Mob, Colin Scallan, Electric Penguins, The Hoop, Slap!
Acoustic Stage – Walled Garden : Mark Black, Hamlet Sweeney, My Bad Self, John Smith, Rhob Cunningham, Jason Clarke, Stephanie Rainey, Eoin Glackin, Glenn Cal, Damian Nash
Bandwagon TV Stage -Rose Garden : Paul Crean and the changing band, Willie Kelly, Red Queen Contest, A Smile Just Came, Saramai & The Swords, Gog and The Grinders

Tickets There Wants You! Contributors Needed!

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  • Love Irish music?
  • Sick of seeing our home grown artists getting passed over for the GaGa’s and Perry’s?
  • Interested in writing?

Tickets There, Ireland’s sexiest music blog, is coming back from the dead and we want you to write for us. We’re looking for contributors willing to give up their free time to help promote and celebrate the hundreds in incredible acts that come out of Ireland every year.

Details and plans are currently being drawn up, but if you’re interested, send us a mail at and we’ll be happy to share more.

Happy Arthur’s Day 2010

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It’s that time again folks, today is Arthur’s day, one magical day to celebrate the Irish brewing legend Arthur Guinness and his world famous stout.

Murphy’s fans will have to bite their tongues later as thousands of Guinness lovers will flock to the nearest pub after work to raise a pint in memory of the man, the drink and a trademark that has become synonymous with Ireland over the last 251 years.

Tickets There, being fond lovers of the drink will shake off our now five day hangover to make it to McKenna’s pub in Dun Laoghaire where the proprietor, Arthur McKenna will retire after more than 50 years behind the counter. He is due to officially hand over running of the family pub to his oldest son, Arthur McKenna Junior (Arthur’s day or what!).

The hustle and bustle of today will of course be concentrated around St. James Gate and the various other venues participating in Ireland as Diego, Guinness’ French owners put on a show to rival the St. Patrick’s day parade, hiring help from America, England, Wales and if they’re really stuck, Ireland itself but try not to forget the local pubs if you’re out tonight, the ones who sell you sweet, lovely Guinness everyday and need your business now more than ever.

At 17:59 this evening, we’ll be raising our glasses to Arthur McKenna Senior, Arthur McKenna Jr. and off course, Arthur Guinness.

MyTuneRox! – New Music based Social Networking Site Launching Soon

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Bandcamp may be taking over the reins of leading online musical display case for bands these days but the old social networking model isn’t over yet. MyTuneRox is the latest in online music networking and it’s all based right here in Ireland.

If you’ve used MySpace before you know the drill. Pics, friends, blogs and tunes. It’s aimed mostly at Irish bands from what we’ve gathered and there’s almost 200 bands already signed up.

The site kicks off officially launches next month but the beta version is up and running now. Even Tickets There has found time to throw a profile together…but for the life of us, we cannot figure out how to link to our home page so we’ll update the Follow Tickets There widget as soon as we do.

Check details of the sites Battle of The Bands @ Hotpress

And don’t forget to visit them @

Will Tickets There start doing MyTuneRox! Reviews? Yes, I believe we will 🙂

Subscribe To Tickets There… NOW!

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That’s right folks, no more lines, no more frantic searching for a computer to see if we’ve updated our glorious music blog and more importantly, no more need to follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve finally gotten sick of our non-stop Rambo/Whitesnake rants. You can now sit back and see our post updates from the comfort of your own InBox.

Simply click the Sign Me Up! button there on the right hand side and you’ll get mails from Tickets There every time we update a post. Don’t worry they’re automatic, so you won’t be relying on our lazy asses to do anything.

We hope to begin weekly newsletters, regular interviews and the odd competitions very soon so get in early before….well, doesn’t make much of a difference when you sign up but just do it already. You’ll make two north Dublin touts and a Leitrim raised Editor very chuffed indeed.

Tickets There: 50,000+ Hits and Counting

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for reading Tickets There. Today we passed the 50K views mark and we’re pretty thrilled to have grown so much in only a few months.

Keep reading and we’ll keeping writing our sexy ass pieces.

All the best,

Merry Christmas from Tickets There

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Sorry for reusing last year’s image, but ever since the big crash of 09, all my images and art work for the lads has been deleted. Will work to get it all back next year but for now, the message is what counts.

This year has seen an enormous rise in people visiting Tickets There and it’s really been great to see bands and fans alike starting to actually like the site (and hate it in some cases…ok, many cases) but the mails and comments we’ve received, positive or negative have all been greatly appreciated. All of us here Tickets There HQ are really excited about pushing things into overdrive in 2010.

We’ll start the year with an exclusive interview with Mr. Tim Vital, the man behind Neosupervital and go from there with interviews, live reviews, albums / ep and single reviews and of course, tons of Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and KISS information. We may even have the site up and running in the first half of 2010 so keep eyes…sort of peeled for more about that.

Anyways, enough endorsement and shameless self promotion. Have a great Christmas, a happy new year and a brilliant holiday from all at TT-HQ.

Kindest Regards,

Tickets There

(Rob / Dave & Harrington)

HY-GIY?: Bell X1 – Music in Mouth

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Have to take a break from Guns N’ Roses stories and it’s been too long since I revisited some of the finest albums our local acts have released over the years so let’s turn the spotlight on Kildare’s favorite sons, Bell X1.

I first discovered Bell X1 in March, 2003. I remember the date because it was the month Turn launched their second album, Forward in Vicar Street and they roped in the Bellies as support. I wasn’t overly impressed. I’d heard Neither Am I briefly the year before and hadn’t been too impressed by that either (although Man on Mir will always be amazing). That was my first impression. What made its mark was one of my housemates playing White Water Song nonstop for about two months after the gig and then another housemate constantly playing Alphabet Soup on the guitar every time someone blinked. By September I was turning my favor towards the group and that same month I was back in vicar Street to see Turn only this time they were supporting Bell X1 for their Music in Mouth album launch. Turn were great but admittedly, the night belonged to the headliners despite my love for the Kell’s trio and with that, I was hooked.

A few days later I was back in Sligo and saw a copy of Music in Mouth for sale so I bought it, headed to work thinking I’d some fine listening for the evening. Two minutes later I’d managed to bump into Paul Noonan loading gear out of a truck on O’Connell Street, into a tiny little pub called McGarrigles where the band was playing a show to around a hundred people or less. Bell X1 have been one of Tickets There’s favorite Irish bands ever since our first topsy, turvy year together and just two years after our initial encounter, the band were back in Sligo playing top over 5,000 fans in the Radisson Hotel, once again with Turn as support.

Anyway, that’s our original meeting with the band, now it’s time to discuss the music. Bell X1 have four albums, Neither Am I, Flock, Blue Lights on the Runway and our favorite and the subject of this review, Music In Mouth. I’ve picked this one for three reasons. 1, I’m not a massive fan of Flock and for some reason; I just never got into that much. 2, Neither Am I and Blue Lights On The Runway are great but not as good as MIM and 3, it was the album that got me hooked on the band. The styles on Music In Mouth and the song writing show serious improvements from their debut. The excellent Snakes and Snakes isn’t beloved by all but we like it. It’s a real upbeat, hooky number that displays the band’s talent for wacky yet cohesive musicianship, not to mention their always off the wall lyric choices.

The fantastically catchy Alphabet Soup, with its refined banjo / guitar riffs and its instantly memorable choruses follow and its overdriven, stripped back jumble of instruments after the choruses make this song as enjoyable as it is unique. Taking things back quite a distance, Daybreak presents a much more delicate side of the bands song writing. Not only is it one of the nicest songs on the record, it’s one of the nicest songs the band has ever written and anyone who, like Tickets There, has put this on first thing in the morning will know how good it is to wake up to. Lovely harmonies, lovely playing, lovely flow…and the feedback at the end gives you the final kick you need to wake up.

Off course everyone knows the very famous Eve, The Apple of My Eye. Once again it comes from the softer side of the band. What can you say about this song other than its lovely? You can say it was used during a very (searches for the appropriate PG word)…nice moment during the O.C. which ensures it’ll be a classic for many, many men out there for years to come.  

This puts us right in the ‘album track’ territory of Music in Mouth. Next to You, West of Her Spine and Bound for Boston Hill all make excellent additions to the record but it’s only when the opening notes of Tongue flare up that you realize just how sharp the Bellies song writing really is. Yes they have the knack to write perfectly sublime, enchanting and atmospheric pieces but, they also have a gift for heavy, loud bruising tracks that incorporate all the traits shown on the lighter material but still manage to kick you in the ass. The next track, White Water Song is another very, very good example of this. Chaotic guitars, bucket loads of O.T.T.-ness, Paul’s frenzied lyrics and style and the massive crunching chorus with spiraling guitar driven choruses launch forward gripping the confused first time listeners who were just warming up to the comfort shown on the rest of the album.

In Every SunFlower see’s a return to the land of album tracks but final song, I’ll See Your Heart and Raise You Mine gives the album on of its true highlights. As loveable and gentle as Eve, The Apple of My Eye but less popular making it just that little bit more special.

So that’s it, our review of our favorite Bell X1 record. Have You Got It Yet? No!! Go get it.

(What a corny way to end but I’ll See Your Heart… is still playing so forgive our soppy little words and child like gramm….I mean innocence.


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As you may have read, Tickets There managed to secure an exclusive interview with Mr. Tim Vital of Neosupervital fame.

The Interview is currenty being writte up so pop back on Thursday to read all about the changes in the band, how work on their second album is progressing and Tim’s plans for the future.


MySpace Review – Liz Is Evil

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The search continues. I’m still rummaging through the hundred or so acts that are playing this years Hard Working Class Heroes Festival and trying my best to pick to and review the best. So far we’ve seen Sounds of System Breakdown, Sweet Jane, C!ties and The Star Department. Not a bad lot (except T.S.D.) so let’s move on and see how many more we can come across.

Tonight’s first MySpace Review will look at Dublin locals, Liz Is Evil. I’m afraid they were playing tonight so it’s too late to catch the show…but who cares eh? You’ll see them again.

As usual, I’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

The first song on their MySpace is their latest single, Beached. It’s kind of rocky punk with more USA punk rock lyrics. Music is good, steady and heavy-ish. The lyrics wont inspire any great movement but it’s not a bad song. More than good enough to relive me of my ever present fear that I’ll have to sit through six songs of crap. Second song, Mount Molehill is more of an Irish / Celtic kind of punk number. Not as poppy as Beached and alot more interesting for any fans of the Clash or The Dropkick Murphy’s. Just had a second listen and yes, Tickets There likes. Good to hear there’s yet another decent Irish band out in the world.

Third song, Some Dogs is like a punk, hillbilly ho-down. I wouldn’t be as mad into this one. It’s a little more upbeat than Mount Molehill but it’s kind of ‘devoid of content’ in some places. The phrase ‘album track’ is sticking out like a sore thumb. Wax Model on the other hand goes more for the full on guitars to start with. Some good pounding drums (that could be a little more prominent). Actually, fuck that comment. Once you listen for a bit the style grows on you so lads, if this is a demo, the low drums works well, keep it. Flesh Doll is fourth and it’s more of an aggressive punk track. The poppy / radio friendly styles of Beached seem to be well forgotten on this number and the band gets down to the real stuff. Its heavy, repetitive, grungy, punky, everything really. Good track (kind of reminds you of Alice in Chains in places).

Plasma Dialogue (forgive the dry tone of my writing. Pretty tired after last night and all day today on this blog :(, don’t take this as my mood towards the band, TT is thoroughly enjoying them) is second last. Semi-Instrumental and very rocky in comparison to the previous numbers. Hard to believe that the same band that wrote Flesh Doll did this one aswell. Good, fast, very heavy and the ending is mental. Killer track!! Final song Drag goes back to a more punk based style and …I think that’s enough.

Tickets There highly recommends this lot, Check Out Their MySpace.

Tickets There – Friday Music Quiz

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Welcome to the Tickets There Friday music Quiz. A few feature that challenges the mind as well as your musical knowledge. This is no ordinary quiz let me warn you. The questions are so difficult, so furiously, unimaginably and notoriously hard no priest, storm trooper or search engine (no matter how advanced) can help you. Good luck!

  1. 1.       Only Eyes: Name this rock star using only this small, hard to see image of their eyes.

gene_simmons_narrowweb__300x453,0Bet you’re not happy now you started this. Bet you’re feeling pretty small right about now. Has the panic set in yet? Has the stress started to consume every emotion in your soul? Do you feel as intellectually impotent as a bull frog?? I’m sorry, but Tickets There’s quizzes are of the highest standard,. We stretch across the world in our quiz to challenge every electro that passes through your brain.

  1. 2.       Tricky, Tricky:

The band below used to have an appetite for destruction. Now, the singer is campaigning for democracy in Chine in his own special way. Name this band.


  1. 3.       Difficult galore:

Ok, looks like you’re having trouble and Tickets There doesn’t want to shame you so badly. Who are we to sit on our high chairs and mock unsuspecting fans that scratch their heads and spit fury on the day they ever found this quiz. This time, just this one mind you, we’ll add multiple choices so you don’t feel as down trodden and removed from the higher classes of the musical elite.

This Dylan’s first name is Robert, can you guess his stage name?


  1. 4.       The clincher:

Who is this? No names, I’m making this as hard as possible.


I’m, very sorry you had to go through that but I hope you know now that life isn’t all fun and games. No sir, sometimes, a quiz like this can pop up and take the wind out of your sails. Doctors recommend having a coffee, a small break or a brisk walk to try and recover from this sort of academic challenge. Those doctors never came across a challenge like the one you just undertook. Tickets There recommends you do all three aswell as calling in sick to work (take the Friday to yourself to recuperate), slip going out this weekend and don’t try and bone up one your musical knowledge just yet. Your system won’t be able to handle anymore for at least 24/48 hours.

For those of you who cheap, the answers are below.


1: Gene Simmons (KISS), 2: Guns N Roses, 3: Bob Dylan, 4: The Beatles

Tickets There – New Website PIcture

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MySpace Review – Mighty Atomics

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Hello all, it’s time for another delve into the MySpace world and try and find an Irish band worth mentioning more than once. Recently there hasn’t been much joy and over on WordPress I managed to take a bashing from fans of So Cow and even (fuck me), Kill Krinkle Club. Ah well, I stand by every word. Let’s move on anways, today’s choice is the Mighty Atomics. I’ve never heard of this lot before so why not. They’re from Dublin and they list themselves as Garage / R&B and Surf. Should be interesting.

As usual, I’ve never heard their album or seen them live.

The first song, Hunting Season, started of while I was writing the intro and so far it’s not bad. Really is kind of Surf music with an overall Garage feeling. Kind of done before, very sixties rock with Chuck Berry style lead solo 2 and a half minutes in but it’s good. Now I’ve been burned before by great opening songs and 4 disappointing ones after so hopes haven’t been raised high yet. March of the Mighty Atomics is second and it’s an instrumental surf’s up, wipe-out kind of mesh. Very well done no matter how familiar it is. They really have a great guitar player in this group. It goes on for three minutes playing roughly the same piece again and again but they manage to keep it appealing. Two down and so far not a bad thing to say, that’s odd for TT.

The intro to third song, Uptight Werewolf sounds very, very familiar. Like something from The Troggs or The Doors. Good stuff none the less. Same style as the other two songs which I find a refreshing sensation. So many bands out there trying to be extremely diverse and 99.9.9% of them fuck it up royally. Think it’s fair to say the Mighty Atomics are getting a firm thumbs up from Tickets There. It may have been done before but it’s good stuff, so why not do it again?. There’s a kind of sloppy, live sound to these guys. Like they could sit down and in a couple of takes do it perfectly but instead, they capture that rawness very few bands manage to recreate in the studio. The forth song is a live song so we’ll see how it compares. Seasick is another surfy rock n roll swinger. I’m a minute in and there ain’t no lyrics so I’m guessing it’s an instrumental and the one thing I’ll ask is why? This could be a real ‘Johnny Be Good’ kind of track with a bit of filler so why not make it one? Ah well, pretty deadly solo in there so no complaints from TT.

Second last track is called El Diablo and I’m just waiting for it to load and I noticed the next one is called Batman Theme, that’ll be fun. Anyways, El Diablo has started and it’s already much stronger than the previous numbers. Vocals and music is rougher and more prominent and the overall flow is really well done. There are elements of newer bands audible in their sound and this helps spice up the classic old style. Unlike the previous songs, they’ve dropped alot of the Surfy style guitars but still kept the overall feeling. Probably my favourite so far and that’s against some stiff competition. Even the guitar solo’s style has changed. Rather than a picturesque image of Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, it’s late 70’s London, the 100 Club and a young Joe Perry has stood in for a band influenced by …the Mighty Atomics. Excellent stuff.

Final track is the Batman Theme and as hoped they do do a great job of it. Signed sealed and delivered!

Well the verdicts clear, I hated them :p. Honestly I’m completely surprised. They sound like alot of fun, they have the talent to back it up and they are firmly on my list of bands to watch. Keep an eye on Tickets There for a live review in the future.

Tickets There WordPress 101 Posts

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I just copped on that I’ve now posted here 101 times (including this one).  The last few months have seen my average monthly hits go from 31 this time last year to over 600 in August. Thanks a lot for reading all and I promise I’ll make more of an effort to discuss new bands going forward.

Tickets There.


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Ya know, Tickets There were never fans of Whitesnake. Yep, it’s true I’m ashamed to say. We always thought they were cheesy, comical and too poppy, an idea shared by a lot of people it turns out and one thought by Def Leppard haters as well I’m sure. All that came to an abrupt end lat June however when yours truly got to see the mighty Whitesnake five times in the space of three weeks.

It all started in Holland at the Arrow Rock Festival. KISS and Leppard were there and so was Tickets There. Whitesnake were playing just before Motorhead and KISS and I remember being slightly surprised at the strength of pretty much their whole set. Even the classics like Here I Go Again and Is This Love was incredible and Whitesnake officially moved up a notch in my books. A few days later I was in Birmingham where Def Leppard and Whitesnake were on the second night of their co-headlining UK tour. My enthusiasm for the snake had diminished rapidly in a few days as the enthusiasm of seeing Leppard indoors for the first time in five years took hold. Again I was surprised and even found myself recognizing some of the material from Holland. Coverdale’s presence and voice should be more than enough to convince anyone and his tongue in check humour and mannerisms are all part of their really enjoyable show.

After another three nights around the UK, Tickets There returned to the emerald isle as a changed man. The first thing I did was get my hands on a copy of their 1987 self titled LP and the rest is (present) history.

Now I know some of you will find it very difficult to come to terms with a band who wear open shirts and actually move on stage and more than likely you wont be able to take any band that uses the word Love as often as the Snake do in their song titles but trust me, it’s worth it and 1987 is as good a place to start as any. You have everything here like Give me all your Love, Here I Go Again, Children of the Night, Straight from the Heart, Is this Love and my personal favourites from this record, Bad Boys and the mighty, the awesome, the mouth wateringly heavy and incredible Still of the Night.

Don’t turn your nose up at it, don’t dismiss it as cheap, stereotypical joke music. I did that and was very, very wrong. If you’re a fan of rock or metal. Whitesnake have something for you and it’s good!

KISS – Modern Day Delilah

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Sorry for being a few weeks late with this but I though you all may like a listen to KISS’s latest single, Modern Day Delilah, which comes from their for coming album, Sonic Boom. Pretty savage song with good strong riff’s, Paul’s voice is on fire and it’s just great. I’d say more but as you can see it’s pretty early and Sunday.

Tickets There HY GIY?: The Aftermath – Friendlier Up Here

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I May have been a bit harsh on this new series, maybe it’ll work and here to help me road test its second outing is The Aftermath and their debut album Friendlier Up Here.  This is one of those albums I’m very surprised Tickets There hasn’t found a way to review before but first, a little bit of background.

Hailing from the fine towns of Longford, Leeds and Mullingar, The Aftermath have been working overtime for the last few years gigging every single chance they get in order to make a name for themselves. Their live performance is always fantastic and the Johnny Cronin is every bit a classic rock front man. Thankfully the band don’t sulk and stare down when on stage and they also don’t hide behind a pile of hats, masks, gimmick’s or any of the other shite most Irish bands try. It’s just them and the music and that’s all you need folks. Friendlier Up Here was released last year and has received a massive load of critical success. Unfortunately The Aftermath are one of those Irish bands that RTE scouts haven’t picked up yet (may your heads be struck from your shoulders) and this is one of the reasons the band haven’t achieved the commercial success they truly deserve.

Opening with the infectiously catchy Are You Not Wanting Me Yet?, the band explode into a semi-psychedelic/Beatles driven kind of sound that comes nicely packaged as a heavy, upbeat array of sounds. Really, really, really catchy. I Wish My Love Would Die is a strange choice for a second song after such a full on opener…but it works, works so well in fact that the massive difference in sounds highlights each other qualities and the bands ability to diversify their talent rather than play on one strength. Northern Lingerie is pure pop-rock at its finest. Another dance floor filling, slightly psychedelic riff’s played by a rock guitarist (of you catch my drift. Imagine Oasis playing The Velvet Underground). Nice, slow and once again, extremely catchy. All I Want For You Is To be Happy is one of the bands lead singles and a firm fan favorite. It’s a little slower than their other dancy songs and it’s just a lovely piece of music, probably because it’s clean cut and believable. There’s no bitches or bling bling. There’s also no decaying rats are antichrist mentions but it’s also not The Script.

Another single One is Fun is probably the bands best live track. Really upbeat, really melodic and full of crackin’ beats and changes. (Yes I’m rushing through this because my MP3 is about to die and I want to listen to each track while I’m writing about it). Overlooking Paris is the bands strongest love song. The style and tones are completely different to everything else on the album and the added accordion and string backing makes it all the more special. Haunting would be the best way to describe the atmosphere for this one. Up and Down with the Aftermath is a nice, short instrumental  that leads into another heavy number, Need. Really fast guitars and drums and a great hark back to the days of Brit-pop.  There’s a Darkness is another one of the albums strongest tracks and by this time you start to wonder how the hell this album hasn’t made it to number one? Hollywood Remake, Joyful Mystery, Tickets There’s personal favorite Six Days to Saturday and Song of a Graveyard follow  and expand the albums incredible stock pile of tracks.

If you haven’t bought it already, go and get it now.

Tickets There: HY-GIY (Have You Got It Yet) Future Kings of Spain – Nervousystem

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Hmmm, not sure about the title for this series. I like the fact the initials spell Hy Giy (Hi Guy for all you slow folk) but I just don’t know. Wouldn’t mind if someone came on and said it sucks, then I could go back to the drawing board and dream it all up again.

Anyways, this series is similar to the Tickets There Likes one except it will focus solely on a handful of Irish albums we consider to be the best in the new millennium. First up is The Future Kings of Spain’s second output, Nervousystem. Now, personally I consider the Future Kings of Spain Irelands best act on the go at the moment. Closely followed by Jape, Humanzi, The Aftermath and Concerto for Constantine. I know I’ve made no secret of this but hey, if you want diversity and underground bla, bla, ego, go check out Una Rocks or Niallier9, plenty of pretention and nonsense over there to keep you occupied for the rest of your life. Anyways, enough bitching about other music blogs. They get a lot more hits and mentions than Tickets There so they must be doing something right.

So back to the Kings. Well, their debut came out in 2003 and it was great. Then they had record label issues which was shit. Then they nearly broke up which was even more shit. Finally they managed to pull things together, work out their issues and release their second album in 2007. Was it worth the four year wait? You’re damn right it was and I encourage any of you who bought album two years ago to take it of your shelf and give it another listen because it’s not a record that should be forgotten.

Kicking things of is Guess Again. Not a bad song, good riff but Tickets There got a little sick of this track a long time ago.  One More Mistake is next and it’s easily the closest thing to a grunge classic any Irish band I’ve heard has ever managed (except Ash’s A Life Less Ordinary which is, I’ll happily admit, a better tune). Vocals and guitars are nice and dirty during the verse and the constant bridges, breaks and extras all combine nicely in the ear drum shattering chorus. Joey Wilson has a savage voice that’s both believable and reckless.  I don’t like the very start of This Is the End but the song has a great overall feeling, nice anthem kind of tune. Lost and Found is a real smooth, atmospheric number with some lovely melodies, harmonies and changes. There’s a real air of restraint during the first part and you’re just waiting for the song to explode into its full form. Syndicate is has much the same feeling as Lost and Found except it’s on a much grander scale. Without a doubt the Kings flagship masterpiece. Simple, complex, light, heavy…everything really and a great video to accompany it. At nearly eight minutes in length, it’s astonishing the band manage to keep the song as interesting and evolving as it is.  Each verse and bridge brings something new into the fold and every chorus whips them all together to deliver the classic FKOS hard hitting style in as much force and energy as anything else out there.

Kick in the Teeth is another good, simple track. Slow, heavy and beating is the best thing I can say about it…in a good way. Another classic pops up next in the form of You Dream in Solid Gold. The Kings talent for writing this kind of track is unparalleled in this country and it’s a style that really can be attributed to them. Nineteen Eighty One brings more guitars and pounding drums back into the fold as melodic lead’s hover in the background behind one of the albums best chorus lines and a good heavy riff. Chemical Burn is one of the actual ‘album tracks’ on Nervousystem. Very simple and catchy but nothing too classic here except a great chorus. This Song is one of the slowest the band have ever done and sounds a little like something the Foo Fighters could come up with. In saying that, The Foo Fighters didn’t and the FKOS did so it’s there’s. Very moody and grungy and a nice penultimate number before I Disappear comes raging in to show Nervousystem isn’t one bit short of great tracks.

Overall a great album (that’s why I’m writing about it). If you want to hear a great Irish band playing great music, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the FKOS. Readi ng over this piece, I’m not entirely happy with it so I’m not sure how many more I’ll do. Thankfully, Tickets There isn’t one to waste over 800 words so this one’s going up anyways.

All the best, Tickets There


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Tickets There is very, very happy Friday has finally come. Expect a few new MySpace Review’s this weekend. Have a good evening all.