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The Aftermath Live @ Academy 2 Tomorrow Night!

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Mullingar, Longfords and Leeds leading legendary pop rock outfit, The Aftermath are coming to Dublin tomorrow night.

For a measly €12 on the door of The Academy 2, you can experience some of the finest sing along guitar pop classics that this country’s produced since The Stunning. Their 2008 debut album, Friendlier Up Here was chock full of irresistibility catchy, fun anthems and with the lads currently recording their second record, you might get a chance to get a sneak peak at their new material.

Honestly, The Aftermath are a fantastic group and as Friday nights in town go, you’re not going to beat these guys for sher full on entertainment and excellent musicianship. With songs like Are You Not Wanting Me Yet, One if Fun, Hollywood Remake, All I Want Is For You To Be Happy, Northern Lingerie and Joyful Mystery there’ll be no shortage of enjoyment.

Date: 12th February 2010 (Tomorrow!)
The Academy 2


The Aftermath Play Academy 2, Feb 12th 2010

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What makes Tickets There happy? The Aftermath makes T.T. happy. If you haven’t heard them yet, The Aftermath are one of Irelands leading pop rock groups with enough hook filled, catchy as hell material to keep you entertained for many a cold month this Christmas. Their debut album, Friendlier Up here, was release in 2008 and it managed to spawn three top 20 singles including the scrumptious Are You Not Wanting me Yet.

If you like well written, tightly preformed, instantly lovable pop rock (without the overzealous cheese indulgence many of the genres bands…ehm, indulge in), then buy their album (reviewed here), love their songs and go check them out when they play The Academy 2, Feb 12th 2010.

Tickets are on sale now priced €12.00 from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide and

Check out MCD for more detials

See you there,
Tickets There

The Aftermath Start Recording Second Album

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Tickets There’s favourite pop rock Irish combo, The Aftermath are heading into their brand new studio and starting work on the follow up to last years excellent, Friendlier Up Here album.

Both lead singer Johnny Cronin and drummer Michael Cronin confirmed the band are to start recording their second album this week in Mullingar. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the record in the coming weeks.

Tickets There would like to wish the band the best of luck!!

Tickets There HY GIY?: The Aftermath – Friendlier Up Here

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I May have been a bit harsh on this new series, maybe it’ll work and here to help me road test its second outing is The Aftermath and their debut album Friendlier Up Here.  This is one of those albums I’m very surprised Tickets There hasn’t found a way to review before but first, a little bit of background.

Hailing from the fine towns of Longford, Leeds and Mullingar, The Aftermath have been working overtime for the last few years gigging every single chance they get in order to make a name for themselves. Their live performance is always fantastic and the Johnny Cronin is every bit a classic rock front man. Thankfully the band don’t sulk and stare down when on stage and they also don’t hide behind a pile of hats, masks, gimmick’s or any of the other shite most Irish bands try. It’s just them and the music and that’s all you need folks. Friendlier Up Here was released last year and has received a massive load of critical success. Unfortunately The Aftermath are one of those Irish bands that RTE scouts haven’t picked up yet (may your heads be struck from your shoulders) and this is one of the reasons the band haven’t achieved the commercial success they truly deserve.

Opening with the infectiously catchy Are You Not Wanting Me Yet?, the band explode into a semi-psychedelic/Beatles driven kind of sound that comes nicely packaged as a heavy, upbeat array of sounds. Really, really, really catchy. I Wish My Love Would Die is a strange choice for a second song after such a full on opener…but it works, works so well in fact that the massive difference in sounds highlights each other qualities and the bands ability to diversify their talent rather than play on one strength. Northern Lingerie is pure pop-rock at its finest. Another dance floor filling, slightly psychedelic riff’s played by a rock guitarist (of you catch my drift. Imagine Oasis playing The Velvet Underground). Nice, slow and once again, extremely catchy. All I Want For You Is To be Happy is one of the bands lead singles and a firm fan favorite. It’s a little slower than their other dancy songs and it’s just a lovely piece of music, probably because it’s clean cut and believable. There’s no bitches or bling bling. There’s also no decaying rats are antichrist mentions but it’s also not The Script.

Another single One is Fun is probably the bands best live track. Really upbeat, really melodic and full of crackin’ beats and changes. (Yes I’m rushing through this because my MP3 is about to die and I want to listen to each track while I’m writing about it). Overlooking Paris is the bands strongest love song. The style and tones are completely different to everything else on the album and the added accordion and string backing makes it all the more special. Haunting would be the best way to describe the atmosphere for this one. Up and Down with the Aftermath is a nice, short instrumental  that leads into another heavy number, Need. Really fast guitars and drums and a great hark back to the days of Brit-pop.  There’s a Darkness is another one of the albums strongest tracks and by this time you start to wonder how the hell this album hasn’t made it to number one? Hollywood Remake, Joyful Mystery, Tickets There’s personal favorite Six Days to Saturday and Song of a Graveyard follow  and expand the albums incredible stock pile of tracks.

If you haven’t bought it already, go and get it now.


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Stop the presses; Tickets There is doing a review of Concerto for Constantine and The Aftermath!!! Holy God, I’ll bet no-one say that coming.

OK, so my interest for these two bands may be the worst kept secret in the world but when two of 2009 Tickets There’s Choice Award Winners get together to play a show, I sure as hell aint letting it go without dishing out some praise. It’s been a few months since I did a live review and I have written about these bands so much I’m running out of things to say, so please bear with me.

Radio City is less than packed when I arrive. The first band of the night, Audio have already finished and the fifty or so people in attendance are evenly divided between the smoking area and bar. Good atmosphere in the place and the Guinness aint too bad. Radio City is a nice little venue. Very small, very poky, dark and a lot of little nooks and crannies, all the perfect trademarks of any underground club. It’s also on the north side which makes a nice change from the Wexford street scene.

With pints in hand and Animal Channel all set up, it’s straight to the smoking area I go. Despite the fact that it’s been about three months since I saw an Irish band live, I have no interest in watching one I don’t know tonight. Especially when they sound exactly like every other indie/Franz Ferdinand wannabe out there. I did give them a few go while en-route to the bar but they just didn’t grab me. They sounded great and the songs were tight but just too done before. Thank god the real support of the night are just around the corner.

After last seeing them supporting The Stunning in Tripod, it was great to see The Aftermath back on a small stage. Johnny and the boys never have any trouble filling a big space but they completely own Radio City tonight. With an enthusiastic crowd down the front the band belts out one perfect song after another. Six Days to Saturday, All I Want Is For You To Be Happy, I Wish My Love Would Die, One is Fun and many more I cant remember (blame the booze) thrill the growing crowd. There’s no ego in this band and there’s no experimenting or retro rehashing attempts, just good, solid, catchy, perfect rock songs. How anyone could not love this band is beyond me. Also, how Michael Cronin (Drums) can play a set in a leather jacket is a mystery. Hopefully more people will start paying real attention to The Aftermath soon, because these guys deserve it.

It’s hard to believe it’s been year since Concerto’s first headlining show in Fibber Magee’s. 2008 saw Concerto’s audience grow from former JJ72 die-hards and local hanger on folk, into a real fan base. Mark Greany’s days with the popular trio are well and truly over and it appears he has found his niche with Gavin and Binzer. The sher presence of the lads ooze’s stardom as they command the stage and crowd alike. By now, their fans have become more than familiar with tracks like Gaps, Minsk, Wasps and Killing Fields. While newer tracks like The Last Swim are fast becoming favourites. Sadly, Concerto play a very short set, only consisting of seven or eight songs but the audience laps up every minute of it. There’s even some light moshing up the front for the heavier material.

Despite several notable missing songs such as Silver, Everything and Cats Cradle (I don’t think they played this, beer again), the band did treat the crowd to, two brand new songs. Hard riffs with some serious blues style lead all backed by furious bass and drum beats. With an announcement about an EP coming our way in May, the band jump into The Last Swim before departing the stage without an encore.

It may have been short but it was sweet. Sadly Sinead what’s her names DJ’ing manages to clear the venue out before Tickets There decides to throw in the towel and head home. Looking forward to the next one.

The Aftermath


Concerto For Constantine