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Review: KISS – Monster (Album Review)

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The kings of the night time world are back with screaming glory ‘n’ a vengeance! MONSTER is the twentieth studio album by iconic rockers KISS and it looks like 19 previous records, countless live shows and 39 years in the business haven’t slowed down the guys one bit. Monster is one of the biggest releases in the band’s history and it comes hot on the tails of their 2009 record, Sonic Boom (at that time, their first album in ten years) which saw the band achieve the highest US chart success of their entire career. Now the task falls on Monster to satisfy the mighty KISS army, continue their never ending – steamrolling success, fuel the ship on their second and sold out KISS KRUISE and most importantly of all, add a few more hits to the indestructible KISS KATALOGUE (yes, everything KISS related must, when possible, begin with a K).

Monster delivers everything the band promised and more. No ballads, no outside song writers and a welcome return to the band’s classic seventies sound. Harder guitars, re-introduction of groove and balls to the wall rock ‘n’ roll. Opening track ‘Hell Or Hallelujah’ screams back to the days of Love Gun and Rock N Roll Over. Shredding guitars left right and centre, a pounding riff and Paul ‘Starchild’ Stanley standing firm at the forefront delivering the best song KISS have written in years. Fortunately, it’s not alone. ‘Take Me Down Below’, ‘Last Chance’ and ‘Freak’ are all stand out tracks, vocally endorsed by Mr. Stanley, each one making a case to outshine the others.

As with Sonic Boom, Gene’s tracks take a few more listens to really get to grips with. The demon seems to be on a quest for a pounding, thunder some anthem that correctly represents his larger than life character with all the dark coattails and demonic tendencies attributed to such a legend– with the obligatory sing along catchiness we all want from KISS of course. After three days of listening, we can happily agree ‘Back To The Stoneage’, ‘The Devil Is Me’ and ‘Wall of Sound’ achieve everything you’d want from a classic Gene track. However his work with Paul on ‘Take Me Down Below’ stands out as one of the true Monster gems.

Not forgetting Tommy Thayer or Eric Singer, both deliver the goods across the board on Monster. Once again they both get a shot at the spotlight handling vocals on ‘Outta This World’ and ‘All For the Love of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ respectively.  Two feel good, sing along KISS tracks that fill their space nicely (of course, this writer is tipping his hat to Outta This World more so).

Well, Monster is everything you’d thought it would be. A solid KISS album with its fair share of tunes you’d happily invite into future live sets. The whole band put in a great performance and it’s a true credit to them, especially after so many years in the business. 37 years ago they preached about rocking and rolling every day and every night and unlike most of their contemporaries, they’re still doing it to the letter. Rock on KISS!


KISS Set To Release New Album ‘MONSTER’ Spring 2012

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Legendary rockers KISS are set to unleash their new album ‘MONSTER’ next year. Originally pencilled in for a later 2011 / early 2012 release, Gene Simmons recently confirmed they’ve pushed it back to the spring. It’ll be the bands twelfth studio record and the follow up to 2009’s highly successful ‘Sonic Boom, the bands highest charted record to date.

Like Sonic Boom, Monster will be completely written by the band and produced by their amazing lead singer, Paul Stanley. So far six song titles have been confirmed and to celebrate the album, KISS will also put out KISSOLOGY Volume IV around the same time Monster hits the shelves. Oh, and of course they will be embarking on a world wide MONSTER tour! Safe to say 2012 will be their year. Track’s confirmed so far are below and we advise you keep reading some other bits of news below.

Hell or Hallelujah
Born to Be a Sinner
Out of This World (Written by/to be sung by Tommy Thayer)
Are You Ready? (Written by Simmons)
Wall of Sound

That’s Not all though…

KISS KRUISE RETURNS: As well as an album, tour and DVD set; KISS are also set to embark on a few other tasty projects next year. 2012 will see the return of their KISS KRUISE, the first of which took place earlier this month. Taking place over five days and featuring several performances by the band themselves, the KISS KRUISE is Mecca for their fans and Tickets There does not intend on missing it this time. Stay tuned for updates later in 2012.

KISS TAKE LAS VEGAS: What’s the one thing Vegas is missing? A KISS themed casino, hotel and theme park, that’s what! Well fear not, January 2012 will see the opening of the KISS: By Monster Mini-Golf, Rock & Roll All Night Café, Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel and will incorporate the ‘largest KISS gift show in the world’. Ahhhh hell yes!! 18 indoor glow in the dark KISS themes golf holes, KISS themed event rooms, all day DJ’s a KISS gallery and much, much more. Next stop – KISS Konquers VEGAS!

KISS Confirm New 2011 Album

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The doom and gloom of our rancid recession ridden lives aside, the mighty KISS have cheered up the millennium with the confirmed announcement that they’ll be hitting the studio in March to record a brand spanking new record for release later this year. Mr. Paul ‘Starchild’ Stanley, the nicest man in rock music and the filthiest legend going with the ladies is once again set to spear head production duties for the record after the massive success from his last baby, Sonic Boom.

KISS + New Album = New Tour!!! Fortunately, the tour isn’t all these is these days as Sonic Boom proved The lads can whip out classic rock giants like ever before and a new album means at least 10 new songs to add to your favourite KISS tracks of all time. Tickets There’s list currently includes around 18,000 songs. Not all were written or recorded by KISS but deep down we know and you know that it was KISS in another form.

Anyways, the news was confirmed by Tommy ‘the main man’ (not his actual nickname folks, just the lads being unoriginal as always – Ed) Thayer when he gave an interview to BackstageAxxess recently. Read his bible like comments below!

“The great news is that we are going in the studio again in the next month or two. We are starting to work on writing some songs, approach it just like we did with Sonic Boom and keep it all in the band in terms of the writing, with no agenda besides writing great rock n’ roll songs that we love, then rehearsing them before then recording them. It really felt good to us so we’ll go the same way this time.”

“Paul knows more what a KISS record should sound like than anybody, to be honest with you, so he is going to lead the charge and produce it again and we are all really excited about it.

“I know we are going to start working on it really soon in terms of the writing and rehearsing and we’ll probably be in the studio by March, so sometime this year I’m sure you’ll see a spanking new KISS album that’s gonna kick some butt!”

KISS – Sonic Boom (Album Review)

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Alright Tickets There readers. You wanted the best!….but there was a problem with their website so you came here!

Sonic Boom is here folks. KISS, the hottest band in the world have finally released their first album of new material in eleven years. That’s almost as long as Chinese Democracy!!. So, after all the hype, all the arguments and praise. After all the promotion, fanaticism and general shouting, what does Tickets There think of it?? Well, it’s a grower and it’s still growing!!

Kicking things off is the monster riff filled…ehm, monster, Modern Day Delilah, the albums flagship single and one of the heaviest tracks on the record. There’s almost nothing here but the band showing off their talents on the highest possible level. Everything about this song is savage and I think it’s settled into the hearts of KISS fans around the world. Off course everyone will need to see it in action for it to become a regular on the live circuit but musically, it’s got the goods. At first glance, second track Russian Roulette sounds a little Swiss. Gene’s voice isn’t as ferocious as fans would be used to and the bass sounds like it could have been notched up a little and made dirtier. The chorus, well it just sounds a little Nickelback or something. After a few goes it starts to warm up a little and you become more comfortable with it. Not the strongest song on the record and one that may be forgotten further down the line.

Never Enough see’s classic KISS galore back in the frame. Paul shouts his classic ‘Oh Yeah!’ (Which is always a sign of fun things to come’). Dirty, sleazy, bluesy and a sing along chorus. Never Enough is a good solid rock track and Paul’s voice sounds terrific, great solo aswell. Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect) has one of those definitive KISS intro’s. Blues rock mixed with the ‘danger’ we all love. Gene takes the mike back again and this time he shows us exactly why we love him. This is classic KISS with a basic message of ‘take off your cloths!’. It’s poppy, fun and Klassic KISS (see what I did? I replaced the C in Classic with K. What, not funny now because I pointed it out? Fair enough). Stand is an odd one. Not really sure if we’re meant to like this one but there’s no denying it’s catchy as hell and full on balls to the wall arena rock! Stanley and Simmons trade of vocals and it works perfectly. Bit dramatic, bit Swiss but damn it this is KISS! Swiss rhymes with their name so they can do whatever the hell they like. Personally, I think this is a deadly track!

Hot and Cold is another of Gene’s tracks and it’s another perfect rock n roll KISS anthem. ‘if it’s too hot, you’re too cold and if it’s too loud, you’re too old!’ What more can I say? Great solo again, classic Paul rhythm and Gene, a Gene, we forgive you for Russian Roulette. Anyone who can say ‘baby feel my tower of power’ is a legend and you can’t get more black and white that that.

All For the Glory is next and it’s sung by Peter Criss replacement, Eric Singer. What’s it like? Different, Eric’s vocals are top notch and the music is spot on. Classic KISS music given a fresh coat of paint with Eric leading the way. Makes a good change of pace and keeps everything running smoothly. Danger Us is a great number. Hard guitars, Stanley front and center and a catchy, excellent fun chorus. It’s everything KISS should be. Mixes references to women, booze and hell raising. If that Ain’t KISS, I don’t know what is. Two parts trouble baby! Gene Simmons comes back with the excellent I’m An Animal. He doesn’t try and growl this one out and instead displays a totally different side to his vocal range during the verse….and he pulls it off. This one could have been plucked right out of Destroyer. The lads have really managed to find their sound again and get back to doing what they love. Some classic Ace sounding guitar work here aswell.

Second last song, When Lightening Strikes makes some good use of a cowbell and some classic seventies American highway blues guitars. Written by Stanley and Tommy Thayer with Tommy taking vocals, the song doesn’t sound like a KISS song in the convention sense. It’s more like something ZZ Top or Free could have come out with. Thayer’s voice is great and really suits the sound, only made better with Paul’s harmonies giving it more scope. Really enjoyable rock n roll track with some great singing and nice guitar work. Final track, Say Yeah’s intro sounds uncomfortably familiar to Bruce Springsteen’s Radio No Where. Then again, he ripped off I Was Made for Loving You last year so now they’re even. The rest of the song is pretty sweet. Another great Ace sounding solo, colossal chorus and general arena filling, good time, KISS traits.

After only being on sale for two days, the album is on track to appear at #1 on the US Billboard Top 100 with sales off 150/175,000. In Tickets There’s opinion, it’s well deserved. Sonic Boom is a great KISS album and one that’s got more than enough material to keep fans digging through it. If 2008 belonged to AC/DC then 2009/10 will belong to KISS.


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Ah, I can’t believe this is the last one already. The sound of the classic ‘You Wanted the Best, You Got the best’ intro is a welcome, welcome return. So, this album was recorded seven years after the Alive III and in that time, the band reformed with their original line-up, played a massive two year world tour and released a studio album entitled Psycho Circus. Oh, and they put the fucking makeup and suits back on!! The legends returned to their thrones and revived one of Rock N Rolls greatest bands. KISS are kings, KISS are Gods, KISS are KISS!!

So, after the intro booms over the PA, the opening chords of Psycho Circus blare out and the band fire things up in rocketing style. Psycho Circus is an absolute gem of a track and without a doubt the best thing to come of their last studio album. Even the mighty Shout It Out Loud doesn’t undermine its impact, despite the fact that the version here is a heaving monster of a thing. Shout It Out Loud is one of about eighty KISS tracks that could take the title for ultimate party anthem. You may notice several repeats on this record from the previous three but I’ll try and keep it interesting J, so come on, ‘Shout It, Shout, It, Shout it out loud! Turn it up Louder baby!’

As always, the amazing Deuce makes an appearance and honestly, a KISS live record or show wouldn’t be the same without this song. In fact, if you ever do go to one of their gigs and they don’t play it, stage a protest and sing songs of freedom….until Gene tells you to stop, then you obey the master and be on your way. I love this song! I meant to write more about the stage theatrics when I was doing the first Alive article and one of the things I wanted to describe was the routine Ace, Gene and Paul do towards the end. You cant really describe it properly though so pop over to this location on YouTube and see if for yourself. Well worth it.


 Next up, their eighties classic Heavens on Fire, which just doesn’t get old. Kind of a slow start on the recording but they pull through. Next track, Into the Void is another great track from Psycho Circus and legendary guitarist, Mr. Space Ace Frehley himself make it what it is. Ace should do more lead vocals. It may not be the strongest voice in the universe but it’s perfect. Great upbeat rock number and its successor, Firehouse is just as good or else a lot better, I always get those confused :p. I think this is Firehouses first appearance on a Live record so I’ll fill ye in. When the band play this live, the stage lights up with siren flashing lights and at the end, Gene Simmons breaths fire (think it’s this one). The fire breathing is fun, especially since uses a flaming sword to do it. Fuck the haters; Gene Simmons rocks your balls off (wide open TT – Ed).

Do You Love Me is another classic KISS number that really doesn’t need too much explanation. Pretty good job of it done here. Let Me Go Rock N Roll is a brilliant riff/solo filled belter. Ace’s guitar work is incredible here and it’s good to know that, no matter how much time those guys spend apart from one another, that still got it! Tickets There’s beloved I Love It Loud’s up next. You can never get sick of this song. Not really bothered about details for this last one, just enjoying it. Personally I’d recommend just going out and buying these albums rather than reading my reviews, but whatever. Lick It Up, god I love that song. I wonder what Ace and Peter thought about playing it since they weren’t involved on the original. Ah well, it all sounds good.


Ah, the Stanley penned 100,000 Years. Does it get any better than this? Now the show is in overdrive and the next six (five songs, fuck Beth, we’re not mentioning it – Ed) songs will have you rolling around in your seat. Mental track and possibly the closest thing the band have done to metal or at the very least, it’s a damn fine attempt at it. Love Gun’s next and this is possibly my favorite live recording, even better that the Alive II one. Paul’s voice is shockingly good and the band sound on top form. At the start you can hear Paul mention he’s coming out to the crowd. During their reunion tour, they set up a rig that allows Paul to fly over the audiences heads and land on a small stage towards the back of the arena, stadium..etc.

Black Diamond, Beth (ugh) and Rock N Roll All Night finish the shows off as pyro’s explode away in the back ground and make any listener wish for their chance to stand in one of KISS’s crowds. Amazing stuff, good auld KISS.

Well, I’ve tried. Not sure I succeeded but at least I tried to write something about the magic of this band. They are incredible and with a new album on the way in a few days, you can guarantee KISS will be around for a long time to come.



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Well folks, we’re less than a week away from the release of KISS’s new studio album, Sonic Boom. Ya all excited? By the sounds of the album’s first single, Modern Day Delilah, it’s gonna be some monster of a record. To continue celebrating the release, Tickets There is reviewing four of the bands Alive records (well, the last one isn’t technically an Alive! Release but who cares). After all four have been published, we’ll start to discuss promotion methods the band have been pursuing for the release of Sonic Boom and there’ll be a few more things aswell. Once the album is out, you can expect an overly enthusiastic review  to finish things off.

So today we’re looking at Alive III, released in 1993 and recorded during the bands Revenge Tour. Like Alive II, the band worked as hard as possible not to repeat songs from the first two and it worked pretty well. Even the duplicate songs appearing here have a different overall sound to the originals and they are more than worth a listen.


Foregoing the traditional ‘You Wanted the Best’ intro, the band launch straight into Creatures of the Night, a belting little number that shouldn’t ever be forgotten by KISS-Maniacs. The sound of pyro’s exploding in the back ground is gonna set you up nicely for this one. Paul’s rough n raw voice has more in common with Gene’s than his old style. What a savage track and it’s followed by another classic in the form of Deuce. More explosions and more energy. What a fucking great tune. Every time you hear those opening bars you want to leap onto the nearest stage, kick whatever whiney singer songwriter bitch is pouring their hearts out off and start hammering into this monster. Baby if you’re feeling good!!

Next it’s time for some eighties styled pop/rock/pop KISS, I Just Wanna. Slick guitars, slick vocals, slick stick in your face. Catchy, hooky and deadly. Forget every other pop rock band out there, KISS has em licked in every way possible (including the dirty, naughty ways)…despite the silly little melody bit in the middle. Unholy is one of Gene’s more demonic numbers but still retains some of those pop characteristics we’ll see more of later on. It may be very important to point out that Alive III was recorded almost ten years after the band took the make-up and costumes off. The band decided it was time for the next level and when that came off, everything else changed. They went on to release a massive amount of hit singles that’s style was closer to Def Leppard and Bon Jovi rather than their original material. When they released Revenge in 1992, it brought a darker edge back to the old war horses, Unholy is the perfect example of this and it’s a savage wee number to boot.

Now, let’s discuss some of those puppyish numbers. Heavens on Fire is as poppy as this band get (no it’s not – Ed) and it’s also the closest thing they have to a Spinal Tap track (Livin’ In A Hell Hole anyone?). Despite all that, Heavens on Fire is one of Tickets There’s personal favorites. This is pure, good times pop rock. There’s no poverty, no preaching and not one hint of recycling, carbon footprints or depressed souls laying dormant in the unused attic, or any of that other shit bands preach about these days. Watchin’ You is next and it’s more like a blues rock classic with some good auld fashioned pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure. Gene sings and like I always say, if Gene sings, shut up and listen. Same applies for the next track, Domino. Once again Gene takes control and it’s another of those Revenge songs that shows KISS heading back in a more hard rock direction from their eighties output. Make-up or no make-up, those boys could f**king write some classics.


Another of those classics is I Was made for Loving’ You. Yes KISS did Disco in the late seventies and yes this is one of the better ones. Like I said before, if KISS do it, it’s fine. I Still Love You on the other hand is a very respectable, more serious number. Blues kind of Alt-ish-big stadium kind of rock. That make sense? Ah well, Rock N Roll All Night is next and let’s be honest, an Alive album wouldn’t be an Alive album without this track. Strange they’re playing it so soon in the set but not a bad thing. KISS mixes things up ya see 😉

Back to those lovely eighties classics. Everyone knows Lick It Up and everyone loves it. Anyone who doesn’t love it has something wrong so avoid those people. How could you not love Lick it Up? It’s so damn good it hurts!. I can understand people not liking the next track, Forever. Real stadium anthem styled ballad but a good one.  How many of you guys like to look at naked women? How many of you girls like to go home with somebody….and get naked! Take it Off , it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Now…now, now, now. Alright!….you know this one, sing it! I Love it Loud, possibly the best song Gene has ever sang on. Possibly the best song KISS ever wrote. Ok, so it’s not the best but it’s so fucking good you will happily sacrifice eighteen weeks of your life so you can continuously listen to this baby on repeat. Amazing sing along stuff. I remember I first heard this on a KISS dvd and I must have rewound it about twenty times and just listened to it all night. The live version on AIII is incredible, Hard, slow, beating and LOUD!! This brings us near to the close of the show and Detroit Rock City pops its head up to give us a smile. Great bass line over this version that’s far more prominent than the versions on the previous Alive and the Destroyer. Quite different and the band have updated it a wee bit so it sounds a little closer to their eighties style but still damn, damn good.


Second last track, God Gave You Rock N Roll II is an anthem if ever there was one. Great way to end a show as Gene and Paul swap vocals the whole through. May not be for everyone but it’s fun. Then everything closes on an the Star Spangled Banner!

So, that’s the original Alive I – III albums reviewed. Next, Tickets There is going to lie a little by doing a review of what should have been Alive IV but in fact, it ended up being released as the ‘Millennium concert’ and the Alive IV title went to the KISS symphony album. Who cares, it TT@s book, it’s the real Alive Iv ;)….and also, I never got the symphony album. Maybe I could just review the DVD, same songs. Hmmm.

Oh, and just to confirm, KISS still kept the theatrics,, despite not having the makeup.



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OK, so that’s the mighty Alive! Out of the way, let’s have some real downright dirty KISS styled fun.
Alive  II was released in 1977 and recorded during the bands Love Gun Tour. By this time, KISS had released another three iconic albums. 1976’s Rock N Roll Over and Destroyer and 77’s Love Gun. Combined (and individually for that matter), these three albums had more anthems, more hard rock classics and more balls fired energy than any other band could ever dream off.

Opening with the amazing, the incredible and the utterly unstoppable Detroit Rock City. One (can’t really say two), finds it hard to imagine KISS without this song in their repertoire. This is the band at their finest and like many of their other hits, remains on of rock n rolls greatest assets. If you’ve heard this song and you weren’t converted then there’s quite simply no help out there for ya. You’re alone in the world, abandoned by all things holy and fun. Give it another go J.

King of the Night Time World comes straight from Destroyer and shows its might Live power on Alive II. Knowing this is the Love Gun tour is a tough thing for anyone who wasn’t there to actually enjoy it. In the background of all these guitars, drums, bass notes and vocals there’s a stage show going on that was so powerful, it’s energy could bring people back from the dead (but only if  its harnessed and used correctly by top men and military scientists). Ladies Room is a savage we number. Not a regular KISS fanatic favorite but one of Tickets There’s pet likes. Good riff, fun theme and the whole sha bang.


Makin’ Love is a poppy little rocky number. Not as great as the next song but pretty feckin’ sweet all the same. Love Gun is one of those incredible, unstoppable, unbeatable, un-everything in the whole fecking universe, amazing KISS classics. This is the point where you have to stop and ask, where can you go from this? The live recording on Alive II is fantastic, the solo’s, the riffs, the belting snare drum and crashing symbols and all those other music journalism cliché’s. The music is just savage. Now a days, the band deliver this same perfection while playing it and even manage to send Paul flaying out over the crowds head to a specially built stage at the back of crowd.

Calling Dr. Love’s next and continues to prove that KISS mix cheese and music like Ozzy mixes credibility with rodent killing. That make sense? No, well what I meant was KISS are a great band. Christine Sixteen is a classic not heard enough anymore. Any song that Gene sings on is a KISS classic and should be added to the set list no matter what! Same for Paul’s material. All KISS set lists should by 1,456 songs in length and include every single theatric the band have ever conceived during every single song. Get ready for the greatest 572 hour gig ever!!! (Don’t do the math, I’m being dramatic again)

Mr. Space Ace steps up to the mike next and the band crash into Shock Me! Now, Ace’s voice may not sound impressionably strong here but wait for the first chorus to kick in and you’ll see how perfectly it fits. He’s not the lead singer so don’t expect Paul  and Gene quality but it’s still KISS (and they still sing backing vocals ;)) After Ace shows his stuff, Peter gets his turn and performs the classic Hard Luck Woman, one of KISS’s best acoustic tracks that started life as a Stanley written, Rod Stewart rejection. There’s hope for us all. Tomorrow and Tonight and the amazing Stole Your Love come along next and beat the shit out of you. That simple. Stole Your Love is the best choice of song to play for anyone asking, what’s KISS?


Beth is being skipped for personal bias and reasons. One of their biggest hits but truly loathed by Tickets There. So moving swiftly along to…God of Thunder. Oh god yes!!. Another one of Gene’s (wow, he actually has a lot). This is yet another classic from their iconic Destroyer album. A great recording and it’s sped up a wee bit which works well. During the bands lives shows, Gene flies up to the top of the stage to play this after he’s done his bass solo with blood spitting. I Want You’s next and it’s a little quieter than most KISS material….until everything comes crashing together at the one time. There’s riffs, there’s solo’ there’s even some pings thrown in for good measure. Also, for a laugh, sing along with Paul when he asks you at the end. Or else you can Shout it Out Loud!!

All American Man wouldn’t be one of my favorites but fellow patriotic stomper, Rockin’ In The a great poppy rock number. Not one of KISS’s best but pretty sweet. Larger than Life is, I’m afraid, a great song. Perfect one to understand Gene’s character. Rocket Rides grand but not their best and Any Way You Want It…well that’s not great either but you trying releasing two live albums in two years without repeating more than one song and see how you like it!.

Thankfully the band finishes on a high note with Rock N Roll All Night. Two years later and it’s still the ultimate party song. Next up in the KISS series is Alive III, released after the band had stopped wearing the make-up. Till tomorrow then, have a good evening.



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Ok, Tickets There is continuing it’s celebrations in preparation for the release of KISS’s new album, Sonic Boom on October 6th. First we had the KISS-LECTION and now it’s time to take a good, hard look at KISS’s four Live albums, Alive! I – IV.

Before we get into it, I should point out that none of the albums come close to capturing KISS’s impossibly amazing live shows. Tickets There has been fortunate enough to be in one of their crowds and let me tell you one thing, no album could ever capture exactly how amazing they are in real life….but these albums do a damn fine job of trying.

So let’s start at the beginning with 1975’s Alive!, recorded between March and June 1975 on KISS’s Dressed to Kill tour. Upon it’s release, KISS were suddenly lunged from almost broke, make-up wearing guys in a rock n roll band to world famous, gigantic megastars. This is the album that really broke KISS into the main, main, main stream and it ended up becoming one of rock n roll’s most legendary live albums. None of the bands proceeding live records match its unbelievable raw energy, power and force and that’s saying something considering how good II, III and IV are.

“You Wanted the Best, you got the best, The hottest band in the world, KISS!”.

When you buy tickets to a KISS concert, you spend the next few days, weeks and months just waiting to hear those infamous words. The intro to the best concert you will ever see in your life. Those words are unbelievably exciting at one of their shows and when that curtain drops and the four massive figures sprawl out across the stage to entertain you with two hours of hard hitting, riff driven, theatrical rock n roll with a stage show that could match the Olympics, you’ll swear you died and this is your reward for all the good things you’ve done in your life.


The only thing that tops those words is the first bars of the very first song the band play. On Alive, that song was Deuce. Deuce as an opening song couldn’t be any more perfect. They’re currently playing it as the opener on the current tour and really you can’t go wrong. Starts off with a little guitars riff before the drums crash into action, the curtain drops and four heaving monsters start their quest of ensuring you have the greatest night in the history of the world. That magic is well captured on Alive and its set the perfect tone for the rest of the record. Strutter follows and the pace is kept up. Filled with all the swank, swagger and traits of any hard rock n fucking roll classic. Except it’s sung by monsters. People, this band have some of hard rock’s greatest hits under their belt and they dress up like demons, space men, cats and superstars. How can you not love that?? Got to Choose follows and admittedly this wouldn’t be one of Tickets There’s favorite KISS tunes…but damn it that doesn’t mean much when everything thing they touch turns to gold. KISS are gods, learn that fact now because they don’t teach it in school.

Hotter than Hell is a truly deserved, bonafide KISS anthem classic (yep, anthem classic. It makes sense in our word baby). The version on Alive is as good as this song gets….until you see it live and it rules all!! Nothing to Lose follows and surprise, surprise…..It’s another fucking savage track. Gene sings on this one and when Gene sings, you don’t want to miss it. It brings a totally different flow to the bands tracks. C’mon and Love Me is yet another riff filled, exploited teen of a song. Paul takes the mike back and drives this baby into your ears like a doctor during an invasive medical exam with some sort of blunt yet thick object….with spikes. But before we go using all our unfunny witticisms, we have to discuss Parasite. Why the pause and dramatics? Because Parasite is one of those tracks God wrote and handed to mortals as a gift. Unfortunately for that mortal, KISS stole it and recorded it themselves. God was pleased by this, Led Zeppelin would have only fucked it up anyways. This is a savage, mentalist of a track that only improves with a live setting. Mental, mental, mental stuff folks.

She is another one of those iconic riffs and beat dependant tracks, not a bad way to spend your five minutes before the very seventies trait laden Watchin’ You pop’s along. Unfortunately this one ain’t included much anymore but it’s 100% KISS-TASTIC. Yes you can say things like that when you discuss KISS, they’re fun people. Enjoy it.

Oh, oh hang on. Gene’s bass, crowd’s cheering. Silence. Hands clapping, Gene’s bass again, the drums and finally everything else. 100,000 Years is easily KISS at their top level finest. Paul’s voice screams in over the audience as the band burst through one of their greatest recorded moments and one of the finest tracks ever written by a hard rock band. What makes this song look poor?(well, it doesn’t really. 100,000 Years is one of the finest songs known to humanity. I’m just saying that for dramatic purposes) Black Diamond, an ever bigger monster of a rock classic and the acoustic intro ion Alive really highlights this. Black Diamond is top ten KISS material. The kind of song that you play in a tank when you’re driving into one of those Vietnamese towns. The kind of song you play when you discover the true powers as a mutant. The kind of song KISS plays to remind the rest of us we aren’t Knights in Satan’s Service (K.I.S.S., for those of you that didn’t know).


Rock Bottom and Black Diamonds main rival, Cold Gin is up next as the album and show start to come to a close. How many people here like the taste of alcohol? I know it’s getting so hot outside you need something to cool off. I know some of you out there like to drink tequila. When you’re down in the dumps and you need something to bring you up. There’s only one thing that’s going to do it for you…COLD GIN!!!! What a classic, what a live record, what a fucking sweet, amazing, incredible deadly awesome band.

Rock N Roll All Night (The ultimate party song) and Let Me Go, Rock N Roll finish of the bands first, their finest and one of the world’s greatest rock live albums. If you don’t feel the party after this record then there’s something not quite right with you but Tickets There will still be your friend. We love a challenge. Later on we’ll discuss Alive II and see what the band got up to during 76 and 77. Be sure to pop back and remember….,

Keep it KISS’d!!!

KISS – Modern Day Delilah

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Sorry for being a few weeks late with this but I though you all may like a listen to KISS’s latest single, Modern Day Delilah, which comes from their for coming album, Sonic Boom. Pretty savage song with good strong riff’s, Paul’s voice is on fire and it’s just great. I’d say more but as you can see it’s pretty early and Sunday.

Tickets There Likes: KISS – KISS

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“Turn it up, this is my attitude, take it or leave it”

OK, this is the third time I’ve tried writing this introduction. The first 1,000 word draft will now go towards a politics in music blog I’ll try and publish this weekend. The second was 500 words that took the quote above and harped on and on about the underlining simplicity in Rock n Roll and the destruction caused by ego’s and money. Those words have now been deleted and it’s time to talk about the hottest band in the world, KISS.

I first discovered them while watching a wee film called Detroit Rock City in 1999. I had heard of the seven foot icons from magazines and seen pictures but didn’t actually know what they sounded like until I’d seen the movie. Ninety minutes later I was on the phone to the Record Room in Sligo asking them to order in KISS and Destroyer. When I picked up the albums I could hardly contain myself. Fortunately I had taped DRC and spent a week watching it over and over again, thanking god for opening my eyes to one of the greatest bands I’d heard in years. Everything about KISS became appealing. They weren’t pushing politics, they weren’t preaching about charities and they weren’t Radiohead. They dressed up in black costumes, make-up and blew their stages to pieces during live shows. On top of that they played bad ass, catchy as hell rock n roll, sold almost everything in the world as a KISS product and had a bass player who is so full of himself and honest about his views on the world, you’d be foolish not to admire him.

So how should one go about starting their love for the America’s greatest rock n roll band? By buying their debut album off course.

KISS is without a shadow of a doubt one of the bands strongest albums. Opening with the dirty styled Strutter, the band display their talent for catchy hooks, duel guitar leads and riffs, high piercing vocals and lyrics that only grow as the album progresses. Nothin’ to Lose and Firehouse are great little numbers that carry their own little iconic place in KISS’s history and live in Firehouse’s case.  The mighty Cold Gin is one of the bands masterpieces. Pure rock n roll that personifies the bands characters and gives them their true sound. Let me know chirps things up abit while the anathematic Kissin’ Time might act as a deterrent for those of you who don’t already love skip that one. Fortunately the best is still to come.

The incredible Deuce brings to a high very few bands can keep going but 100,00 Years and the enormous Black Diamond manage to keep them on a high to close the album with a balanced mix of heavy guitars, perfectly suited solo’s, theatrics in the lyrics and more control over song writing and melody than most bands can only wet-dream about.

KISS are more than a band, they’re a life-style. Get into them quick is my advice and ‘baby get ready, because they’ll be KISSin’ you’ next year!