Tickets There – Saturday Music Quiz

Due to phenomenal demand, I’ve decided to create a much easier quiz as a follow up to yesterdays that you all loved so well. However, heed my warning. This quiz isn’t all fun and games, oh no! It’s a mind bendingly difficult little slice of musical penetration. Possibly the second hardest quiz in the world…after my first one.

Only Eyes: Can you name this rock star using only this small, hard to see image of their eyes?


Hats off!: Name the owner of this destructive and ‘illusioned’ and Velvet hat (if you please)?


Oh yes, Tickets There fooled you all. This quiz is much, much harder than my previous one. Once again Tickets There claims victory!!

The man on the left is former U.S. president, Richard Nixon. Who is the man on the right?


Mask Attack: Name this famous King of Pop who is cleverly disguised?


Irish Bonus Round: Name all four singers from this Eyebrowy sketch?


Well, Well, Well. Once again Tickets There got ya. Spent the evening watching Vince Vaughn’s latest movie (with an introduction from the man himself in Dublin’s Savoy) so please forgive the complete lack of humour.


2 Responses to “Tickets There – Saturday Music Quiz”

  1. aestar101 Says:

    Ozzy Ousborne
    Elvis Presley
    Michael Jackson

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