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Howdy folks,

In November 2007, Tickets There was started as a laugh after watching the EyeBrowy Tout Spaced skit. Over the last two years things haven’t changed a whole pile except we’re swearing less and people are reading more. We’ve had a great laugh doing it and we’ve discovered loads of fantastic music which, at the end of the day is the whole point behind this blog. We don’t make money from TT and we don’t want to. We’re not in this for anything other than to find good bands and give them as much exposure as we can.

Today, Tickets There finally has its perfect home and we’re proud to announce that our new address is

Since it cost a kingly sum of over $14 to get this up and running, you can be sure Tickets There will be working overtime to make this a decent blog for you to read, for us to enjoy and most importantly, to give the bands we like a respectable source of feedback. Tickets There aren’t critics, we’re music fans.

Thanks alot for making all this worthwhile and I can promise you this is the last nicey nice post you’ll be seeing on this site for awhile. Now, on with the show!!

Kindest Regards,
Tickets There! (Broke N Bloggin / Irish Noise!)