Comments on the Net


Have you ever noticed the amount of sher, unfounded hatred on the internet? Now, don’t bother mentioning my reviews. They’re based on bands music and sometimes I like to get silly but I’m not insulting them anymore than they’re insulting the whole idea of music with their presence in that industry,

But seriously, I generally visit a select number of sites every day to check out new and updates so I can pass them on second hand to you folks when you trip across my blog on the very rare occasion I feel it’s worth mentioning. All I see on these sites (NME, Blabbermouth and several others) is just hate filled people writing the most horrible comments about everything. As a Guns N Roses fan I used to spend a lot of time on until I just couldn’t handle reading another thread of people constantly ripping into each other about how ignorant the other person was. Either their absolute gutter hatred fueled comments or they’re sneery and sarcastic. People just tearing into everything for the sake of it and trying to act cool or smart or tough or basically anything they aren’t in real life without adding anything positive to their message.

I know it’s fun and all but I rarely see the same people ever commenting anything good or positive on other posts. Like they only comment when they hate something. I’m not going to go into a huge thing about this because it’s not really music specific but people please, comment occasionally on things you like or say something good. Stop trying to look tough over the net because everyone will instantly know you are a total pussy (does that make it look like I’m trying to be tough?).

If you see something you don’t like, try and look at it from all angles and maybe be constructive if you feel the need to have yourself heard. Otherwise, remember that if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

(As for my site, comment whatever you like. I tear away into bands so it’s only right that bands and fans tear away into me. God knows there’s enough own goals on my blogs to castrate me if you want. I’m directing this comment more at people who can’t shut up insulting everything from bands cloths, music, homes, speeches, life-style and whatever else. )

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