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A Massive Apology to Cheap Freaks, Sweet Jane and all acts that took place on Saturday @ Prussia Street Community Arts, Dublin.

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Tickets There is extremely sorry for not mentioning Saturday’s Cheap Freaks show on the blog. We had a mail and simply misread the date and assumed it was weeks away. I am a big fan of Cheap Freaks and Sweet Jane so apologies to both of you and also to the other bands playing on the day – The #1s, September Girls, Nibiru, Death In The Sickroom and The Dead Beat.

Hope the show went well!

MySpace Review – The Bloody Shanks

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Been awhile since Tickets There got round to a MySpace Review. We lost the fire there for a wee while, damn American’s annoying us, but as always, Tickets There has regrouped and we’re ready to start bringing you some of the freshest and best talents from around the country…..whenever we find them or, like The Bloody Shanks, when they find us. There’s nothing we like more than downright dirty rock n roll (may have mentioned this before, 1,000 times is enough TT – Ed) and The Bloody Shanks obviously take their lead from classic rock n roll bands of the past. So, without further ado, let’s see what they’re like (they’re pretty damn sweet – Ed)…(Damn it, shut the hell up biotch and let us review it! – TT).

As usual, we’ve haven’t heard the bands EP (because they just finished recording it) and we haven’t seen them live.

Girl (Leave Me Alone) gets the ball rolling and you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a classic Stones song covered by an amazing Kinks tribute band with Irelands leading Mick Jagger / sixties front man impersonator. The good news is, the song’s new, the bands Irish and they’re kick ass. It’s short, to the point, catchy and has attitude, swagger and general sleaze rock pouring out of it. Great wee number and more than enough to praise the band straight away. This is what rock is meant to sound like; it’s how the whole concept was perfected.

Ugly Situation is next and before going on, I have to mention that the songs on MySpace are only rough demo’s but you really should pop over and hear them before the band upload their new recordings,. The dirty, gritty sound really suits the tracks, especially when the bass lines on Ugly Situation kicks in. It’s got that classic, Elvis film, swinging sixties, surfing kind of sound. Organ, basic, catchy riffs, sweet bass lines and swaggering vocals. Another winner. The vocals are a little different though and remind me more of Female Hercules than the Stones. Nice to hear diversity and another firm thumbs up for the boys.

Last, but far from least is She Don’t Know. Its formula and style is pretty much the same as the other two but why break it if it ain’t broken? Like Sounds of System Breakdown, Sweet Jane and Cheap Freaks, Tickets There can’t say enough about how much we like this band. It’s simple, it’s down to earth, rock n roll from the soil for anyone out there who still enjoys some good old fashioned, uncomplicated music. Expect to see a review of the bands new EP as soon as it’s out.

Check out (and enjoy) their MySpave now by Clicking Here

The Buzzcocks & Cheap Freaks Tonight!!!

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Fancy some seventies punk nostalgia?? Well, The Buzzcocks and in town and they’ll be playing the Academy tonight with Cheap Freaks, an excellent Irish punk / rock band as support.

Tickets There has just decided to head along so if you want to settle any grudges or start a fight…fuck off, we’ll be having our pints and chill-axing.

Read our review of Cheap Freaks by Clicking Here!

MySpace – Cheap Freaks

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God, after trawling through a whole heap of this years HWCH Festival players, I’ve finally found one that doesn’t sound like The Killers, Radiohead or just pure nonsense (Chongo Pop!). Cheap Freaks are another act I’ve never heard off and they play rock n roll! Not nice pretty rock either, no. They play downright dirty, gritty, raw rock n roll and everybody loves dirty rock. You don’t need jewellery to enjoy it, you don’t have to act like a prick or wear a stupid looking hat. You just have to get drunk, have a laugh and rock out!!

As usual I’ve never seen them live or heard their album / EP.

I like the name, Cheap Freaks! It’s pretty good and suits the music. Any fans of The Things or Humanzi out there? You’ll like this. First song, Nowhere To Go is like an early Rolling Stones number. Very, very dirty recording but that’s a trait that sees to be on all their songs. It’s short, to the point and pretty damn good. Not over complicated with member trying to hard. Good heavy, LOUD guitars and good punk rock styled vocals. TT likes. Naked in the Rain is similar in style and influence. More choppy and punky than the first track. Tom Waits or Lou Reed could have come out with something like this forty years ago, but tough shit for them, they didn’t. Great track, would love to see it live. Very heavy guitars and much grittier vocals. Nice!

Richman Blues pops’ on next and it’s very dangerously close to Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Woman. It’s full on sixties blues rock and it’s damn good. Harmonica, guitars and drunken, slurred vocals. TT loves rock!! We get so excited the last thing we want to do is write about it. We want to fucking party to it!! Hell with good bands, we’re much more prolific when we hate the group. Cruel World is next and it’s a bit preachy, whinny for Tickets There tastes. Good overall music but the vocals are just tooo….ya know. Because we’re doing our very best to focus on the positives of all Irish acts, we’re gonna skip this number and move quickly along.

1984 brings us sadly to our second last track. This one is more like The Misfits. So dirty even a bleach scrubbing couldn’t clean it. Poppy, heavy, loud as fuck and good. Thankfully. The ballads have left the building!!.  Last but no least, Caesar the Deceiver (good title ;)) is another ramshackle, sixties belter with starts, stops and enough guitar leads to make you weep. If I wasn’t so tired, we’d make this review go on for another thousand words but C’est la vie. This band are fucking brilliant, need we say more?

Another one Tickets There highly, highly recommends.

Check out their MySpace by clicking this massive, unnecessarily long link which will bring you all the way to www.mypace./deadly fucking punk / rock / pop / fucking / savage deadly rock n roll baby a hoi hoi!!!.com