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House of Dolls – Welcome to the Department of Nuclear Medicine (Album Review)

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Earlier this year, House of Dolls asked their fans to help them make a record through a :fund:it campaign. Showing the DIY spirit is alive and well (with a little help from investors – Ed.) the band have finally completed and released their debut album, ‘Welcome To The Department of Nuclear Medicine’. Twelve songs that delve into the band’s defining melancholic, alt-rock core and further explores that infectious psychedelic sound first heard on ‘Gimmie Some Glory’ and ‘Before She Wakes’.

Opening with the full throttle ‘I Thought You Were My Friend’ and ‘Murder Machine’, the record refuses to pull it’s punches and sets you up for the ambient and wonderful ‘Photograph’ (sadly not a cover of the Def Leppard classic….next time – Ed.), ‘Prostitutes’ ups the tempo with its chunky guitars and vintage punk influence before the stellar ‘Into The Void’ shines through. Set on a basic bass line, Into the Void is wrapped it in both vastness and heavy, spiralling, soring leads and bewitching vocals. An excellent song if ever there was one.

Despite sticking closely to their formula sound, the band are able to diverse themselves into several different forms of attack. On heavier / rocking numbers such as ‘Light Starts to Fade’, No Excuses’, ‘Ills’ and ‘American Dream’ House of Dolls put both feet forward, pounding you with guitars and solid vocals while the more radio friendly numbers like ‘Lovers & Clowns’, ‘Photograph’, ‘Into The Void’, and ‘All I Need’ maintain the same gritty overtone, but stay neatly wrapped in a polished, well thought out collision of instrumental leads and un-intruding vocals.

An excellent album from start to finish and one well worth buying if you’re looking for some new blood on the scene.


House Of Dolls Announce :fund:it Campaign For Debut Album

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Dublin band House Of Dolls have announced a :fund:it campaign to help get their début album, Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine, completed, pressed and distributed by it’s current launch date, February 17th. The band are looking to raise €2,000 and have already amassed €1,395.00 in the few days since the campaign was launched. Anyone’s that’s heard their début single ‘Gimmie Some Glory will know these guys are worth every penny you can invest. Their official speal can be found below along with a breakdown of the rewards available to those who assist.

Since our inception we have been making ears bleed and having a good time doing so. In that time we have evolved, exploring, absorbing and devouring everything weird, wonderful and brain-blistering going on around us. But now it is time for us to put out on record the culmination of 3 years of beautiful chaos. We are on the home
straight….but we need to get by with a little help from our friends on this one.

So, here’s the deal. Over the past 4 months we have been busy recording our 11-track début album “Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine” with Liam Mulvaney in Bow Lane Studios. This album is a labour of love. This album is a snarling beast. This album has bled us dry. This is the spawn of House Of Dolls. One last push and it’s unleashed….

With time restrictions we need help to cover the cost of the album mixing, mastering and duplication fees. For the kind spirited souls who want to play a part in making this happen we are offering the rewards outlined to your left. These can be posted out to participants or collected from us at our launch gig in the Workmans Club, Dublin, on the 17th of February

The band are also offering rewards for donations which can be found below.

€10 + You will receive a copy of the album on the night of the album launch which is to be held in The Workmans club on February 17th.

€15 + You will receive a copy of the album on the night of the album launch and free entry which is to be held in The Workmans club on February 17th. (entrance on the night will be €10)

€20 + You will receive a copy of the album on the night of the album launch which is to be held in The Workmans club on February 17th plus a House Of Dolls t-shirt.

€30 +You will receive a copy of the album on the night of the album launch and free entry which is to be held in The Workmans club on February 17th. (entrance on the night will be €10). You will also receive a House Of Dolls t-shirt and a copy of House Of Dolls previously released single ‘Gimme Some Glory’

You can read more and donate @ .

Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicinewill be officially released on The First Born Is Dead Recordings, February 17th with a launch show at the Workman’s club.

House Of Dolls: Announce EP Launch & Tour Dates

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Tickets There is delighted to announce that House of Dolls are releasing their new (from what can tell, untitled) EP on October 15th in Crawdaddy. Before that, the band have a select number of Irish and German tour dates to complete, full details below.

Sept. 23rd Arthur’s Day – MaCormacks,
Sept. 24th W/Cheap Freaks – Whelan’s
Oct. 1st 9036 – Berlin
Oct. 3rd White Trash – Berlin
Oct. 15th (EP Launch) – Crawdaddy

House of Dolls – Gimme Some Glory / Before She Wakes (Single Review)

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What’s two or three months between pals? Noting, so on with the review.

Some time ago, House of Dolls released their first (we think) single, Gimme Some Glory. Around that time, a sexy little music blog called Tickets There found them. We loved them instantly and we may be late, but we’re finally prepared to praise them….again.

Gimme Some Glory is a sexy psychedelic rock song for any stoner, grunger, indie head or rock fan. It’s dirty, dingy n dark, yet it’s built on a solid base of strong riffs and dance rock beats. Each listen will bring you closer and uncover something new. Excellent!

Flip side, Before She Wakes, follows the same style but goes a little heavier and grittier. The chorus will knock you out. If you’re in the right mood, the chorus will just hit you out of the dark. Great alt rock, like The Stones Roses covering Ash.

Gimme Some Glory / Before She Wakes is out now (and has been for a while, ye lazy f**kers – Ed) on The First Born Is Dead Recordings

MySpace Review – House of Dolls

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Dirty, sleazy and good. Three words that sum up Tickets There’s highly professional opinion of House of Dolls. We found these guys days ago but haven’t been able to properly sit down and give them the dedicated focus they deserve from us. Now, with the wind in our hair, the sweat on our brow and a taste of last night’s Guinness on our breath, it’s time.

As usual, we haven’t seen them live or heard their album/EP wot-eva!

Opening tune, Before She Walks is like something straight out of the late eighties Brit alt rock scene. It’s got that relaxed, psychedelic ambiance but enough guitars and up-temo-ness to ensure it doesn’t send you to sleep if you’re having a few puffs. It’s well written, well played and enjoyable. Let the MySpace Review begin!

Second track, Gimme Some Glory is alot sharper. The singer’s voice is great and the band sound right. It’s not the craziest mother f**ker on the planet, but combined with Before She Walks, it’s more than enough reason to pick up their album. Light Starts to Fade begins like a forgotten Joy Division B-Side. The vocals are much rockier, the song’s explosive and filled with overtones of the impending ‘danger’ Tickets There loves so much. One thing we’d like to see changed is the guitar leads. Musically they’re damn good, so why not turn them up a few notches and let them make their mark? This is a demo rather than a real recording but that’s the only thing TT would want to see changed.

Vampire Blues starts like a Bruce Springsteen meets U2 cover from the eighties until the keyboards and guitars come tumbling in. I cannot for the life of me figure out who the vocals remind me of. Feck it, pretty decent song with a great upbeat chorus. Lots of guitars, lots of catchiness, lots of love for House of Dolls from Tickets There.

On Collider, the lads really unleash their hard rock side. It’s faster, bleaker, punk rock stomping down the door making you pogo like a mad man. The guitars rampage through the track, only stopping to let the lead spiral off into a mesh of blues rock tangents. This is the kind of song we like, expect the vocals get pretty annoying about three minutes in. It’s only a demo but they need to be replaced with words or left out altogether (is it the singer or an escaped sheep with delusions of a career in recording? Hell, If Babe can do it, that sheep can do it). Also, there’s too much space in the final minute and a half with nothing to fill the void. If it gets abit of a cleanup, this will be a serious track. So good, Humazi will be kicking themselves they didn’t kill House of Dolls and steal it.

Second last track, Suicidal Jesus starts well. Guitars revving u, drums just waiting for their change to have at it, throbbing bass lines and the crash, yes!! This is what we want to hear. The riff is very similar to the The Sex Pistols version of Stepping Stone but the song is taken in another direction. This is where the vocal styles really sound their best. The verse is a mix of punk, urban rock and more punk. Imagine Joey Rammone signing with Ash (for lack of a better example) and you’ll get there. The day is saved once again and Tickets There is happy.

Finally we come to the last track of their playlist, Prostitutes and it’s probably one of our favorites. The vocals are back to the muffled, gritty styles of Light Starts to Fade and the guitar riff is as rough n ready as anything we’ve heard. In some ways it sounds similar to The Future Kings of Spain but they’ve added a nice punk sound to the mix that works well.

There were a few different tracks up the other day and thankfully they’ve removed the one song we really hated, Slowly Coming Down. What they’ve left is an excellent representation of what could become one of Irelands best rock bands of the decade. They may need to pick up the pace of a few tracks to keep it exciting but for now; they’re more than ok in our books.

Check out their MySpace now by Clicking Here (and welcome to the first review on Tickets There .com)