House of Dolls – Gimme Some Glory / Before She Wakes (Single Review)

What’s two or three months between pals? Noting, so on with the review.

Some time ago, House of Dolls released their first (we think) single, Gimme Some Glory. Around that time, a sexy little music blog called Tickets There found them. We loved them instantly and we may be late, but we’re finally prepared to praise them….again.

Gimme Some Glory is a sexy psychedelic rock song for any stoner, grunger, indie head or rock fan. It’s dirty, dingy n dark, yet it’s built on a solid base of strong riffs and dance rock beats. Each listen will bring you closer and uncover something new. Excellent!

Flip side, Before She Wakes, follows the same style but goes a little heavier and grittier. The chorus will knock you out. If you’re in the right mood, the chorus will just hit you out of the dark. Great alt rock, like The Stones Roses covering Ash.

Gimme Some Glory / Before She Wakes is out now (and has been for a while, ye lazy f**kers – Ed) on The First Born Is Dead Recordings


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  1. […] in the few days since the campaign was launched. Anyone’s that’s heard their début single ‘Gimmie Some Glory will know these guys are worth every penny you can invest. Their official speal can be found below […]

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