And the Choice 09 Winner is…..

(Deserves no Picture….doesn’t even deserve the post)

Ya know jokes? Ya know ‘being out of touch’? Well anyways, Adrian Crowley won the choice award.

In other, interesting, not tired old hack news (old folks, boring folks, Choice judge folks…..get taste), And So I Watch You From Afar’s new EP is brutally savage. Get it. If you find yourself buying (ugh) Adrian Crowley’s album, then you do not have a soul.

Seriously! You really don’t. That’s bad music. So bad, it’s not even music. It’s depression on a stick. Oh my God, we have it on right now and it’s just so sh**e. What fucking brutal (Laughing away to ourselves) taste the Choice judges must have. If this can win, anything can win so young guys and gals out there, go for it! If you can write, record and personify shitty music, you’ll probably win the Choice Award. Not great in itself, but 10G’s ain’t bad.

Now Tickets There remembers the gobsh**es that run the Irish music scene. The kind of Gobsh**es that vote (still laughing) for this kind of utter crap. Basically, the kind of ‘people’ that collectively wouldn’t know a good band if one was growing our of their arses.


4 Responses to “And the Choice 09 Winner is…..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree with this story

  2. What a fud nut you are. Adrian Crowley’s album is class. Maybe you just don’t get it as it’s not aimed at confused adolescents.

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