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Humanzi: Kingdom of Ghosts Release (3 Days and Counting)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, News with tags , , , , , , on February 23, 2010 by Tickets There

Just three days until the release of Humanzi’s second album, Kingdom of Ghosts. It’s going to be available this Friday on ITunes and possibly in Dublin on CD.

Some of the tracks set to feature on the record include Straight Lines, Shorter, Black Sunrise, Amsterdamaged and the albums first single, Bass Balls

According to the Album Release Event Page on Facebook, details about a launch party will be released shortly.

Here’s a link to The Firstborn Is Dead Recordings Facebook Event Page for the albums release. Annnd, here’s a link to their Official Facebook Page

Finally, The Official HUMANZI Facebook Page

To celebrate, here’s a video that’ll come free with the download about the band making the album in Berlin.