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New Music: Sweet Taste – Otherside

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Just came across this fantastic track while trawling through some hard rock bands. They’re from Antrim, they’re called Sweet Taste and they’ve got a pretty bang on sound. If you’re a fan of Jaded Sun or The Answer, check these guys out. The tune is called ‘Otherside‘ and it seems to have come out back in january, but rock music doesn’t age so it’s all good.


Jaded Sun: Launch New EP Tonight @ The Workman’s Club

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The excellent Jaded Sun are hitting Dublin’s Workman’s Club tonight to launch their brand new EP, Whiskey Drinker. It’s the first new release since 2008’s Gypsy Trip album and after giving it several spins this evening, Tickets There is delighted to tell you the band have lost none of their edge. The EP’s title track and Sweet Mary are currently leading the pack on our fav. list and there’s a tasty remix of Crave thrown into the bargain. All tracks will more than likely get an airing tonight so heading in will be more than worth your while. Bout time we got a great home grown rock band back in Dublin!

Support tonight comes from El Hombre Jokes and Doors are @ 20:00 sharp. Head in, have a laugh, hear some kick ass rock tunes and go home smiling. Tickets There will be the ones annoying everyone with our soon to be infamous rendition of ‘Higher’. Hell yes!

Jaded Sun Announce Workman’s Club Date

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Shit cool Dublin rockers, Jaded Sun are coming back to the city centre. The group will be playing The Workman’s Club (Located @ Wellington Quay) on October 28th. Tickets are priced at €10.

For more detials, please Click Here


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Yet again this is something you could have read sooner if you’d visited Hotpress, but you didn’t. You didn’t because you’re lazy and Tickets There is lazy. What’s the old saying, the early bird catches the worm…but the second mouse gets the cheese (thanks Patrick).

The Final line-up and details have been announced for the Dublin Rocks Festival, which will see the like of Jaded Sun, Dub Country, The DC Experiment and more playing over two nights in The Village (Wexford Street). Final line-up’s for both nights can be viewed below.

In celebration and promotion for one of the few dedicated Rock festivals in this country, Tickets There will be taking a look at the this year’s acts over the coming two weeks so be sure to check us out.

Tickets are on sale now and they range from €15 (One Night) – €25 (Two Nights)

After the festival, the bands hit the road for a mini nationwide tour so if you’re not in Dublin, be sure to catch Jaded Sun at least.

Saturday November 13
Dub Country
Jaded Sun
The Spikes

Sunday November 14
The DC Experiment
The Beat Poets

Monday 16 November – Roisin Dubh – Galway
Friday 20 November – Stables – Mullingar
Sunday 22 November – Auntie Annie’s – Belfast
Wednesday 25 November – Spirit Store – Dundalk
Thursday 26 November – An Cruiscin Lan – Cork
Friday 4 December – Electric Avenue – Waterford
Tuesday 8 December – Dolan’s – Limerick
Friday 11 December
– Stables – Mullingar
Saturday 12 December – Square Peg – Warrenpoint

Tickets there – Irish Playlist: Friday, September 25th

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Maybe try and start this as a new feature, a weekly playlist of irish tracks Tickets There is currently listening to.

  1. AshUncle Pat

We all know Ash. Most of us love Ash. They just seem to get better and better with time but this week it’s Uncle Pat Time. What a fecking classic riff. Tim’s voice is one of those you either love or hate and Tickets There loves it. The guitars are so strong, the voice is so light and it works.

  1. 2.       Future Kings of SpainYou Dream In Solid Gold

Mourning the loss of Tickets There’s prime choice for Irelands leading underground band, The Future Kings of Spain with the excellent You Dream in Solid Gold. Just one of many amazing tracks for their second album Nervousystem which I still advise everyone to go out and buy. Teach you what you’re missing when you ignore Irish acts.

  1. Future Kings of SpainDisappear

I know it’s not ‘cool’ to have the same band appear twice on the same list but |I| couldn’t care less, this is what Tickets There is listening to. Maybe I should explain something, when we find good music, we listen to it. We know there’s a lot of music out there and a lot of people are in a panic to hear absolutely every single note ever played but TT doesn’t go in for that. We don’t like jumping from one band to another every forty seconds. Instead, we find bands of quality, substance and talent and stick with them until they lose it.

Future Kings Disappear is a fantastic song. Atmospheric and classic. Great choice for anyone in mourning.

  1. Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes

Was doing a review of the Bellies Music in Mouth album earlier and I’ve had this song on repeat ever since. Great track, always nice to revisit this classic album.

  1. Jaded SunHigher

This band caught me by surprise. I can’t believe how good they are and they only improve with age. Honestly I have their MySpace page open 24 hours a day listening to them. Cant wait to pick this album up tomorrow.

  1. One Day InternationalLittle Death

Did a review of this track several months ago and I still enjoy it, great wee song. Haven’t been tempted to see them live yet as I like a little more meat in my music for a gig but maybe one day.

  1. The FlawsOut Tonight

Not normally a fan of this type of music but I think the Flaws do a fairly decent job with this track. II suppose this would be considered an old one at this stage but Tickets There is in no way cutting edge I’m afraid.

  1. Female Hercules – Inside You

I’m pretty sure that every single time I try and write a ‘What I’m listening to now’ blog, I include this song every single time. Well worth a go if you haven’t heard them before. For fans of hardcore J

  1. HumaziStraight Lines

Come on lads, get the bloody album out!

  1. Neosupervital – Now That I’ve Found

One of the best dance / pop songs ever written by an irish act and a great tune to set you in a good mood. Expect many a blog today about the simple joys of listening to Neosupervital.


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Well, you may have noticed extensive reconstructions on the Tickets There MySpace this weekend. After toying with the notion of moving everything to WordPress, I’ve decided not to bother so I’m staying here instead. Plans are in the making to launch an actual website in the coming months but for now we’re staying put. Now, enough shameless self promotions (TURN competition agh, cough), you came here to read about Jaded Sun.

Dublin five piece Jaded Sun seem to be getting a good few mentions in the press these days. When I first heard their name I thought it might be just another indie band but apparently I was wrong. I’d been avoiding listening to them based on this but after I heard they were full on rock n roll, I decided a MySpace review was in order. So, without further filler, let’s get started. As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their album/E.P.

First track Breaking Through starts like a Led Zeppelin set opener. Wow, what ever about the music being spot on, what’s most surprising is this band have a pretty savage singer. Very rare for an Irish rock band to have one these days. This track could have been ripped straight from Aerosmith’s debut with blues laden guitars, smashing drums and a steady building riff. A blues fuelled guitar solo half way through confirms this band definitely have something to offer. A pretty deadly song. What’s next?

Next song Higher has more of an early eighties rock feeling. Solid muted guitars with melodic bursts and soaring vocal harmonies that could stand out well in any arena. God, Irish bands are really starting to play rock well again. Fuck Fight Like Apes, this is the next generation. Third track Can’t Stop reverts back to the Zeppeling bluesy style during the verse, a foot stomping Aerosmith styled chorus and a another blues driven solo drive the song home. The vocals remain like a mix of early Steve Tyler and Chris Cornell (yes I know more bands but I’m not trying to be obscure, just blunt) but they don’t diversify much from the standard style. Still, this doesn’t affect things much. Fourth song Hey You has a good AC/DC kind of riff. Slow beats and alot of little lead moments fill the verse before a Rolling Stones-esque chorus give the song it’s full character. Just having a look through the gig calendar and I have to say I’m a little pissed I haven’t checked this band out before when they might have actually been playing in Dublin. The verse continues to kick on before the second chorus speeds the tempo up before a melodic bridge leaves the gates open for a piercing harmonica piece that goes on to jam with the lead guitar. Very, very, very impressed.

Unfortunately there’s only six songs and we’re at number five. Crave changes the pace completely. It starts like a sappy acoustic song with mediocre, wanna be meaningful lyrics. I’m afraid Tickets There just can’t trust a song that sounds like Nickleback wrote it. Next tune! Do It Again bursts in with all guitars rolling and the band return to what they do best, full frontal, clean sounding rock n roll. I always secretly miss the danger sound that acts like Guns N Roses bring to this sound but there ain’t nothing wrong with what Jaded Sun are doing and I think I’ll have another run through the tracks before jumping to the next review. Defiantly a band worth checking it out if you’re a fan of 70’s rock.