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Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for, Class of 1984 have added some tracks to their MySpace. I remember hearing a few before and they weren’t bad, weren’t bad at all so without the usual never ending string of bullshit, you know the ‘oh god it’s so late’ or ‘Tickets There is happy today’. Who cares if Tickets There is happy, who cares if he’s jacking off, just shut the fuck up about the grammar and spelling mistakes, the tired old style of writing and your loathing for all things Fight Like Apes and get the fuck on with it. Ehm…well excuse me, but my die-hard fans (mum) happen to like all that so back off!!

Haven’t heard EP or seen. You know the drill.

Yes! Lights Out is first and a nice heavy guitar riff gets things going. Vocals are fairly high pitched (not Muse or Cheech and Chong high, but good). Things are a little slow when nothing really changes after a minute and 30 seconds but then the drums kick in a little more to liven things up. This sounds like a nice album opener but wont look as promising unless (oh, badly out of tune sounding solo burst, yikes) if they cant follow with something alot better. All eyes fall on second track Honey to pick the initial enthusiasm back up. Well it’s better, not too fast but the mildish heavy. Think of the Strokes meets the Stooges and it’s nothing like that. Ah honestly it’s not that exciting but I know they have better in tem. The chorus is fairly catchy and the riff is a good beating type of one. Still though, interest isn’t being held.

Now, third track X It Out sounds like a piece of music on a mission of Leon proportions. A good riff with alot more character than any of the others out together. Good catchy chorus that sounds like an eighties classic covered by a punk band. Nit bad, certainly top of the list so far. Forth and final track Big Time is alot more composed. There’s more melody and the singer vocals stand out much better here tan any where else. Good stompy kind of beat to it, nice. This is one of those tracks I actually sat back and listened to and it’s damn fine, very very good. Long but holds it’s strength all the way through which is more than you can say for most of the acts out there.

Overall not bad. The last two songs are te strongest te band have posted but I remember hearing much better ones before. Ah well, just means I may have to go out and buy an album. That’ll make a nice change.

Check Out their MySpace HERE



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Keeping the momentum going for the special 100th post announcement, here’s Tickets There’s second MySpace Review of the day. The Hassel Merchants weren’t too bad so let’s see how The Delorentos work out.

I haven’t seen them live and haven’t heard their album.

Right, gonna start by apologizing to readers outside Dublin, I picked four names randomly this morning and am determined to get through them all. I only just thought it might have been cool to pick an act from each province Ah well, I’m set in my ways now but may do that again some day. Actually, it might be cool if I cut back to using just to frames on the image. Ya know, one for positive reviews and one for bad ones so you know by the picture what I thought. Nah, on second thoughts that’s not a good idea. Lets move on.

First up is a nice little indie number, You Can Make Sound. It doesn’t waste much time jumping into things and actually sounds quite professional. Honestly I didn’t this band were going to be worth mentioning but a minute into the first track and I’m intrigued. Sounds a little like a band trying to find that idie/hookey pop sound that the Killers and The Flaws strive for (Yes I know there’s no comparison, fuck off. Tickets There doesn’t like either of them anyway).  

All This Time is up next and instead of writing and listening; I kicked back for this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. At first I was preparing for another boring indie/love/wank wanna be but was proved ever so wrong. A good, quiet little number. Two good tracks in a row, I think this may be unchartered territory for Tickets There. I’m not a huge fan of the Coldplay sounding vocals but it isn’t prominent all the way through the song and they sound believable enough to pull it off. Do You Realize brings things back to the dance floor style. Again, that Killers kind of riff is there but fuck it, it’s Sunday and they’re fun. Time to kick back and listen again.

Basis of Everything brings us past the half way mark and once again the band go for the up beat sound. The opening riff is pretty catchy and the only criticism I can make is that they still opt for that generic pop/rock feel that’s everywhere at the moment. Think of the Future Kings of Spain in a reallly good mood. Still though, when a band does something well they deserve credit and the Delorentos do it well. I’d be willing to bet they’re a great act to catch live.

Eustace Street is second last and the intro has that great, bare but full sound I love (JapeNothing Lasts Forever kind of thing…without the Piano and samples). Nice simple bass riff and pretty good. I think the main thing making them stand out from most of the other rubbish out there is their ability to construct a song really well. I’m so sick of all the acts in this country who wouldn’t know a melody ..oh, never mind. About three minutes into Eustace Street, a great guitar riff kicks into overdrive. Really good. Shame we’re onto the last song. Stop closes things of and again, it’s a track designed for dance floors. Snare drum and bass offer a gentle frame before the guitar kicks in. Very happy musically and a good un for tapping your foot too.

Tickets There is impressed. As I said, I was pretty sure they were going to be crap and even though it’s not my particular brand of musical enjoyment, they are pretty good at what their doing. Hopefully they’ll mix things up in the future and invest themselves into offering something new. It’s the only way to stand out lads.


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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Welcome to another Tickets There MySpace Review. The Blog that searches through Irish bands, picks one and random and lets you know if their worth checking out or just another over hyped, under talented pile of wasters. Today’s choice is Dublin locals, The Hassle Merchants. They describe themselves as Energetic alternative puck and apparently won Connected Magazine’s Band of the Year award in 2007. So, with the bullshit PR out of the way, lets get down to brace taxes.

As almost usual with these reviews, I haven’t seen them live (that I know off, don’t remember them anyway) and haven’t heard their album (if they have one).

OK, first song on their MySpace is Friendly Neighbourhood Scumbag. I won’t lie, I like this song title. I also like the intro. Nice acoustic downer in little bursts with a good bass’ed up kick drum, pounding away slowly. Oh, things go a little way wire about a minute into the song and things start to sound a little scattered. The verse is pretty good but the bridge is a little too familiar for my tastes and the chorus starts well but then goes into a nah, nah, nah kind of bollocks and won’t just let loose. An amateur lead guitar and bad production really shit on things more and more towards the end. Little boring and not what I was hoping for. Still a good title though.

Boy Go Home’s up next. Very empty sounding but that’s just the affects. Vocals sound a bit better, kind of a Drop Kick Murphy’s number but not as good. Ah, there’s the bridge again, boring. Chorus sounds like a thousand other bad punk songs so that kind of gives the game away. I can see what they’re trying to do but it aint working.

The worst thing about modern punk bands is that they still try and recreate that anger, angst, rebellion and anarchist spirit kids in the mid seventies harnessed and made work, without trying to develop it. How can a music that’s over thirty years old revolutionize anything? You didn’t see the Sid Vicious sweating about reproducing Frank Sinatra did ya? Sun of A Nun is next. Again, not a bad intro. Even when things kick in it’s not too bad. Very simple and nothing worth shouting about but definitely a marked improvement after the other two songs. They actually manage to make the whole thing sound planned out on this one. The title is probably meant to be their ‘Shocking Number’ but Tickets There see’s no such infamy. Even the guitar solo manages to sound a little more polished and rehearsed this time. Yep, Tickets There is finally enjoying the Hassle Merchants. Let’s hope it carries on because I have another five reviews to write today and I don’t want to lose my caffeine buzz.  

Echoes in Empty Hall’s is next and another good intro, best yet actually. Agh God, until that fucking stupid low toned riff comes in. Bands, stop using that, it’s fucking sickening. (Anyways, In the mean time) things are going pretty well. The Libertines keep popping into my mind for some reason, even though this crowd don’t really sound much like them, I’m just getting this kind of FAKE buzz from their sound. Like their good songs are only good by accident. You can hear the Clash pouring through on this track and that only makes things worse because now I want to listen to them instead. Agh, I’m a little bored.  

Get Your Finger Out brings us to our second last track and it’s pretty bad. The main Riff is so used before, I’m pretty sure they collected the insurance payout. They’ve gone from having two relatively well constructed songs to the standards of the first two and made it a little more childish. It’s short but still manages to drag on longer than Lord of the Rings. Waiter, next song please. The final track is called Acoustic Dublin’s Screaming Murder Live (I’m sure the words Acoustic and Live were added due to this being an acoustic song preformed live. Ya see, Math and Physics mixed with logic does get you places). Now this is alright. Pretty much about people in Dublin getting shot and not much happening about it. I’m not 100% sure, but their blaming it on some pretentious cunts. Not sure if they’re talking about the Whelan’s or Odessa Club crowd on a Saturday night but I hope so. All shit aside, it’s not a bad song. Worth checking out if you’re bored and one of the three half decent tracks here.

Overall…not too bad. As you probably noticed my enthusiasm is waning a little but they definitely aren’t the worst lot out there but also haven’t matured enough yet to deserve the worlds attention. Maybe in a couple of years.


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OK, we’re at number four of the five reviews in one day countdown. Now, this next bunch of lads are from Wicklow which breaks today’s trend of Dublin acts which is nice. Hopefully you haven’t felt too inundated today with all the non stop blogging and have the patience to stick it out for another few. Who knows, I may keep doing them until I collapse with exhaustion at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Before I use up all my intros for the day, let’s get to business and check out Bocs Social.

I’ve never seen the band live or heard their Album (if they have one)

Starting things off is the very badly named, Toasted Luv Sandwich. I’m sorry to say, this would not be top of the list of today’s tracks. Vocals are a little weak and the overall, the track doesn’t pack much of a punch. It’s quite hard to imagine anyone running about taking about how great this is but it could just be the production. Took a wee break there to see if there was anything deeper I was missing but it’s just too wishy/washy for Tickets There’s taste. Bland indie in on the way out so lets not start endorsing it now. Second track, Whoa has a much liver starts and comes across like a Madness number….and this continues as the song progresses. I should point out that Tickets There is not a reggae or Ska fan. I don’t there’s a genre I can’t stand more and this was even highlighted to Sinead O’Connor. In my defence I was set up. I was sitting with my back to her in one of my locals in Dun Laoghaire and one of the lads who knows my hatred of all things Reggae brought the subject up and watched with great amusement while I rated on and on about how crap I think reggae music is, (For those who don’t get the Sinead O’Connor element of the story, she had just released an all reggae album). Anyways, annoying song, thank god the next has started.  

24 Hours (oops, skipped one, will back track afterwards) drops the ska style and goes for a kind of Beta Band feel. My favourite of the bunch so far and it’s nice to hear one of those sixties style organs in the background. Vocals are also alot better with some good harmonies in the chorus. Always nice when a band manages to surprise me half way through a review. Right, back tracking to You Said It All (which isn’t working at the moment.…give me a sec….ok, waited long enough, will try again at the end. Fucking internet!). Aggressive Broccoli (god lads, what’s with the names eh? (Oh, and you’re one to talk TICKETS THERE? – Ed.). Again with the fecking Ska guitars. Don’t want to be too negative today and also, I think I’ve typed the words reggae and ska enough in this review so I will say that the chorus isn’t too bad. There’s a nice drive …until the verse comes back. Not too bad for a ska track but not my thing, not my thing at all. Maybe they’ll say the same about my review.

Unfortunately You Said It All doesn’t want to work for me today which is a little annoying because I was hoping it would..Oh, and it’s just kicked in. Right, no sign’s of Madness or Sinead O’Connor. We’re safe, let’s move in for a listen. You Said It All turns out to be a quieter number. Nice enough guitar picking, little summary. Not a fan of the singing, it sounds a little soulless and light and there’s too much of it. Slow moving and the fact that it’s the last one of the review doesn’t stand in it’s favour.

Would I recommend them? No, honestly there isn’t much substance here. What’s that you said, you’ve read that several times before in my reviews? Well, it’s true. Why have the Lidl brand when you can get M&S for the same price.


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Well it’s Monday. The worst day of the week and a time when music heads need a good, hard fucking dose if Rock N Roll!. I don’t know about you guys how there, but sub-par indie just inst enough this early in the day and hopefully Dublin act, Stillroom, can knock the depression of these reviews. As the Ramones would say, Hey Ho, LETS GO!

As usual, I haven’t seen the band live or heard their album.

Well, well, well. A decent rock band from Ireland, isn’t that nice. The whole sleaze scene is currently buzzing with a handful of hopefuls from the UK who are proving that Rock certainly isn’t dead and Stillroom are definitely a candidate for Irish competition/ First song Alright, oozes with AC/DC influence, something that can only stand to the band due to the Auzzie lads revival in popular culture. It opens with a Let there be Rock style riff. Pounding drum and shreds clanging together in the back ground while the pace picks up before bursting into hard guitar riffs and hooks, the likes Damien Rice will never see. Nothing hugely powerful but pretty strong, will more than likely improve with some stage time. Musically the song is everything a Les Paul can promise ad the only let down are the Bryan McFadden style vocals. Imagine one of the Your A Star males singing AC/DC and you’ve got it. Maybe he’ll work out after a few more Bourbons under his belt. The chorus is catchy and the shredding guitar solo is fantastic. Then things start to slow down before blowing back up with a foot stomping chorus. Really good hard pop rock. (it’s not quite hard rock and it definitely aint pop rock).

Second and final track, Addicted to Sin has more of a Guns N Roses/Aerosmith feel…without the blues. The verse starts off a little quiet before the band all rumble in with pedals on full. Another catchy chorus (and a pretty good title to boot). The bass also stands out more in this song and another ripping solo from the guitar seals the deal. Those vocals though, having a little problem with how clean they are. He’s good on the chorus’s but just sounds too fresh or something and you defiantly can believe a guy with a fresh voice is addicted to anything, especially Sin.

Overall I have to say that it’s a shame they only have two songs up. It’s great to know there’s a decent rock band playing a shit load of shows around the city. Stay tuned for a live review in the coming weeks.


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I’ve got the horn Ryan. After a successful find in Stillroom I decided to finally go and listen to a band many, many people are talking about. The Answer are being hailed as Irelands best Rock export since Thin Lizzy and Tickets There has been surprisingly lax in it’s efforts to find out more. I just haven’t been in the mood until now. More than likely I overdid things back in the Chinese Democracy days. Anyways, let’s move on.

I’ve never seen the band or heard their album.

Fucking Great. First song On and On is a superb example of how rock bands should sound. Real great mix of blues laden guitars, harmony driven vocals and first-class crashing drums. Lets see what second song, Demon Eye’s has in store. Intro’s a little slower than the first track…until about thirty seconds in and the band comes back (didn’t I just say something similar in the last review?). Good rumbling guitars and brilliant bursting bridge before a full on, over the top- riff fuelled chorus tears the song in half. Title’s a bit silly but pretty savage. The drum beat during the verse stands out much better here than the last song and the bass belts a fantastic line over everything. Another standing ovation guitar solo filled with bends, slides and all sorts of treats brings us to the first tame moment before the chorus comes ripping back in. The singer Cormac Neeson really pulls everything together and the gaps in Stillroom’s sound seem a little larger.

Never Too Late opens with an excellent lead intro before the band kicks into a 70’s style psychedelic prelude. The Answer are actually living up to every inch of the hype associated with them and I’m suddenly very glad I didn’t see them supporting AC/DC or they mightn’t have had the same punch. Just as you settle into the seventies buzz, another spiralling solo tears the whole things to pieces as the band display their talents at writing perfect little rock tracks. Defiantly a must for any Chris Cornell fans out there. Walkin; Mat brings us past the half way mark (god, normally the good bands only have one or two track up and shit ones cant fit enough on their page). For some reason, Walkin’ Mat keeps cutting off on me. This stupid, poxy Irish Broadband piece of shit. Have tried restarting three times but just can’t get it going so let’s hop along to the best named track on their playlist, Highwater or Hell. Good, same tone as the other songs with a much rockier chorus and good heavy guitars. There isn’t much more I can say about this sound, it’s just great. While Tickets There prefers abit more aggression and profanity in its tunes, there’s no flawing this kind of rock n roll craftsmanship. A slowed down bridge supported by a pounding drum leads the way for a brief solo before….the fucking internet kicks out again. Fucking pile of shit.

The final song on the playlist is Memphis Water and it’s a live recording from Japan. Again, the band returns to the 70’s style of Never Too Late but it’s got more a blues feel this time. Surprisingly authentic for a northern Irish band writing a song like this is the new millennium. I was pretty sure it had been done but The Answer do it well, not to mention the fact that the Japanese seem to be enjoying themselves. There’s yet another savage guitar solo just a minute in which send the recorded audience into a frenzy.

Well, one of the best I’ve found since starting the reviews. My only criticism would be the lack of a seal the deal style song here. They haven’t got a Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’Mine or a Paradise City so the albums probably no Appetite. Saying this, it’s important to remember they have everything else. Hopefully things will only improve and The Answer will become the stadium rock


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Well, you may have noticed extensive reconstructions on the Tickets There MySpace this weekend. After toying with the notion of moving everything to WordPress, I’ve decided not to bother so I’m staying here instead. Plans are in the making to launch an actual website in the coming months but for now we’re staying put. Now, enough shameless self promotions (TURN competition agh, cough), you came here to read about Jaded Sun.

Dublin five piece Jaded Sun seem to be getting a good few mentions in the press these days. When I first heard their name I thought it might be just another indie band but apparently I was wrong. I’d been avoiding listening to them based on this but after I heard they were full on rock n roll, I decided a MySpace review was in order. So, without further filler, let’s get started. As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their album/E.P.

First track Breaking Through starts like a Led Zeppelin set opener. Wow, what ever about the music being spot on, what’s most surprising is this band have a pretty savage singer. Very rare for an Irish rock band to have one these days. This track could have been ripped straight from Aerosmith’s debut with blues laden guitars, smashing drums and a steady building riff. A blues fuelled guitar solo half way through confirms this band definitely have something to offer. A pretty deadly song. What’s next?

Next song Higher has more of an early eighties rock feeling. Solid muted guitars with melodic bursts and soaring vocal harmonies that could stand out well in any arena. God, Irish bands are really starting to play rock well again. Fuck Fight Like Apes, this is the next generation. Third track Can’t Stop reverts back to the Zeppeling bluesy style during the verse, a foot stomping Aerosmith styled chorus and a another blues driven solo drive the song home. The vocals remain like a mix of early Steve Tyler and Chris Cornell (yes I know more bands but I’m not trying to be obscure, just blunt) but they don’t diversify much from the standard style. Still, this doesn’t affect things much. Fourth song Hey You has a good AC/DC kind of riff. Slow beats and alot of little lead moments fill the verse before a Rolling Stones-esque chorus give the song it’s full character. Just having a look through the gig calendar and I have to say I’m a little pissed I haven’t checked this band out before when they might have actually been playing in Dublin. The verse continues to kick on before the second chorus speeds the tempo up before a melodic bridge leaves the gates open for a piercing harmonica piece that goes on to jam with the lead guitar. Very, very, very impressed.

Unfortunately there’s only six songs and we’re at number five. Crave changes the pace completely. It starts like a sappy acoustic song with mediocre, wanna be meaningful lyrics. I’m afraid Tickets There just can’t trust a song that sounds like Nickleback wrote it. Next tune! Do It Again bursts in with all guitars rolling and the band return to what they do best, full frontal, clean sounding rock n roll. I always secretly miss the danger sound that acts like Guns N Roses bring to this sound but there ain’t nothing wrong with what Jaded Sun are doing and I think I’ll have another run through the tracks before jumping to the next review. Defiantly a band worth checking it out if you’re a fan of 70’s rock.


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Moving slowly along from the excellent Jaded Sun, I’ve had a look at my online friends and found what sounds like a great act from Louth. I’ve never even heard of The Rapport but a few seconds into their first track, I was sold.

As usual, I’ve never heard their album or seen them live.

First song Solid Gold starts like an early nineties grunge bruiser. Heavy gruelling guitars banging a slow beating riff out while gritty vocals belt out fast straight to the point lyrics. A strangely placed bridge interferes for a few seconds before a bursting sing along anthem style chorus trips in and leads to a short but energetic guitar solo to close things of. Another emptyish moment slows things down again and the song is filled out with another roar of the chorus. Not a bad little track by any means. Second song, A Certain Superficial European Humanbein changes things a little and sounds more like a hardcore moment. The song is lyrically blunt and it has more of those awkward quiet moments that are obviously placed for tension building. There are some funky bass fillers but nothing too special. The build towards the end and proceeding chorus does a good job of rejuvenating a song lacking in structure.

Third song, What Happened to the Independent Women has a little more melody than the others. I can only assume that’s one of those dodgy Zoom pedals accompanying the guitars and I’m sure a good prouder could do wonders for this number. The singer doesn’t really build the verse properly and before you know it the chorus jumps in without giving any time to get comfortable. There’s a little more sleaze in this one but the instruments just aren’t standing out enough this time and the song falls over it’s self a little. It does manage to deliver the best solo of the three tracks and the chorus feels a little more constructed as the song finishes.  

Stars May Fall brings things to an end and this time the band have dropped the gritty guitars for a cleaner intro. It’s a little slow and the first verse seems to drag on for sometime before things start to pick up. The vocals in the bridge sound a little out of tune and another Audioslave sounding chorus makes the bands sound a little less impacting. Overall, it’s probably the best structured song they have and the guitar-less moments are phased out and several complementing riffs are tossed in throughout the track.

Not the worst and much better than my criticisms make them sound. Tickets There would recommend The Rapport as a ‘one to watch’ and we’ll be looking for a live show to see how they sound in real life.


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After a day spent watching Def Leppard Video’s, series 2 of Yes Minister and writing, I think one more review is in order before I switch the computer off ad relax for a few hours. Today we’ve had Jaded Sun from Dublin, who turned out to be one of the best bands I’ve found since starting these reviews. We’ve also heard The Rapport from Louth who have the potential to be a great grungy rock band if they keep at it and now it’s time to visit Sligo and see what Burning Shades are like. These guys have been picked because they’re online and that’s good enough for Tickets There (remember, low standards).

As usual, I haven’t seen the band live or heard their EP.

First track under the knife is Last Star and there seems to be a problem, it won’t play. OK, moving along to second track, The Soft Hours. Again, it’s not working. Time to refresh and see’s what happens.

This time I’ve had more luck as second last song, Light of the Shadows works…ah shit, its crap. Well I guess this ends my hopes for a trilogy of great bands. Just sounds like a cheap, badly produced, second hand Pumpkin/Alice in Chains number. The vocals are piss poor and the music is so dull it’s hard to believe the band could have any enthusiasm writing or playing something like this. Last but not least in the list of awful things about this song, the lyrics are terrible and the it’s four and a half minutes in length. Awful, Awful, Awful. Next song!. Nightangle is worse than the first one and the band seem to delve further into this Nirvana styled acoustic sound. Out of tune harmonies and a complete and total lack of musical ability or originality. Next fucking song, please because lads,’ I don’t feel like crying’ either.  

Splinter Vision’s intro is a little livelier than the other two. The singers voice is so ripped off and weak there’s seems little point than going further in…but this is Tickets There and we always soldier on. The Chorus is another attempt at deep, meaningful waste of space nonsense that is the defining characteristic of any shit band like this. Lyrically, the song is impotent and it’s filled with pending applications to the international database of cliché’s (much like your reviews Tickets There – Ed). Finally it ends and we can proceed with this massacre of the senses.  

Murder on the High Sea’s suggests that this next track will be a jolly old sea chantey. Instead, it’s yet another slow moving, boring as fuck acoustic number. The vocals are impossibly boring and the music is more depressing than Joy Division, with none of the talent. One credit I will give the band is this. If these guys can be a band who records material, there is hope for everyone out there. Want an extract? Burning Shades are the kind of band that make bad musicians feel better about themselves.

While they may not be the worst of the worst musically, their songs are so riddled with overly mediocre, beats, lifeless lyrics and guitars that have the character of a sock. I’m hoping next song, Anira Ramana is bringing things to an end so I can publish this piece of shit review. What can I say about this one eh? Surprise, surprise it’s awful? I think you might have seeing that coming. I am pretty much reserved to the fact that there won’t be any opinion changing tracks out of the seven they have. Once again I’m annoyed that the worst bands always seem to have an abundance of material while the really savage ones generally have fuck all. Skipping straight along to Sailors Map, Tickets There feels this has to be the end. I don’t care if there’s another song left, I cant hold out I’m afraid. Again it’s crap, review done.

Tickets There advices all readers (that means you, guy who reads these reviews) to have a listen and see what you think. Not sure if I made myself clear but the official TT opinion is this music isn’t fantastic….to say the motherfucking least but if you’re ever thinking of heading to Sligo, this music perfectly captures the ambience in that town.


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After the dreadful nonsense I inflicted on myself with So Cow, I decided to go back and check out another of Ireland’s supposed underground treasures. Now, I’ve seen mentions of Adebisi Shank around but aside from seeing a few photos, I really haven’t a clue about them. According to their MySpace, the band hails from Wexford, which I think is a first for Tickets There’s MySpace Review but don’t quote me on that.

Let’s go, haven’t seem them live or heard their album/E.P

Snakeships may be second on the list but it seems to want to be first so why not indulge. Fast drum intro, guitars kick in after a few seconds, defiantly nothing to hate yet. Nice electric melody that sets a good tone and they don’t seem to be rushing anything. Things break down in a good hard driven riffy break before the guitars explode back with the drums. Not too bad, certainly an improvement on the last few bands. 1.28 in and no lyrics, Tickets There suspects we have an instrumental act on our hands. Rather than sounding a little tired and boring, it’s pretty damn good. Hard, fast n heavy. Lets see how second track Horse holds up. Crunchy, scattered bass lines and some amazing guitar. Tickets sat well back for this one and rather than trying to go into detail, all I say is there is some incredible musicians in this group, really fucking good to be honest. The absence of lyrics is barley noticed as the band plough through different riffs and solo’s with ease, bringing them all together is a tremendously heavy style. Looks like ASIWYFA have some competition.

Third track (fourth on their list) Jump Cut once again stats with the drums but this time the guitars aren’t as heavy. Not the most inspiring start to a track and certainly not as ‘in your face’ as the other two but not too bad. This one sounds more like an indie number rather than metal. The problem with instrumental indie is all too often, it just sounds like a normal, wordless song rather than something that stands out clearly by itself like the previous two tracks. Ah well, could be a hell of alot worse. lets see what we’re missing from the final and first song, You Me. Well, well, well sounds good, but my net crashes once again and it keeps skipping to Snakeships.

That’s all from me then. Certainly a band worth checking out for all rock fans looking for something a little different.


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I’m going to have to be honest with you all, Tickets There is originally from Sligo, Co. Arse Hole of No Where and after reviewing my first ..Sligo.. band, Burning Shades last week, I feel compelled to find an act with a little more talent and a lot less shit from my native home. Hopefully, The Dead Flags will provide me with an opportunity to reflect on Sligo a little more fondly than Burning Shades did.

As usual, I’ve never seen the band line or heard their album/E.P.

Aright, short and sweet for this one. This is my third review today and I’ve other stuff to be getting on with. First song, I Cant be Held Responsible opens with a semi-crunchy bass line before the all too familiar sound of indie guitars..ect comes in. They’ve geared towards a kind of sixties pop sound with a little more noise. The vocals are pretty annoying and sound kind of like a few cats screaming. Not the best, not extremely catchy but a marked improvement from Burning Shades (Jesus I hate that band). The song actually gets a little better three and half minutes in when the vocals start to sound normal and with a bit of rework, you could have a decent track on your hands. Lets move on shall we.

Second song, Gentleman’s Club opens with a very simple guitar riff (would you even call it that?) before the band swank in with a seventies styled rock riff. Not too bad, a little lacking in character but a huge leap forward from the first song. As the song progresses it actually starts to grow on you. Ya there’s nothing new here but what their doing isn’t half bad. It’s good old fashioned poppy rock. Maybe there’s something in these lads. You Will Never Love Again brings us to the half way point. While the song lacks the energy of Gentleman’s Club, it does show the band have a knack for writing semi-catchy tunes. It seems to drag on in places and the music is a tad stale, but I feel so relived there not as bad as Burning Shades (yes, I thought they were that fucking bad) that I’m willing to praise this crowd. I do like the downbeat chorus. Not bad.

O My Love!, O My God!! Starts off like a gospel choice. It’s a poppy little piece about some guy getting some sexy little thing and describing the goings on with such witticisms as ‘doing the no pants dance’..etc. Not great and possible something Tickets There would generally hate. Must have caught me on a good day. Also seems to really drag on even though it’s just three and a half minutes long. Before finishing, the weak, annoying backing vocals manage to kick in one more time. Last song, How Long is a little more melodic than the previous tracks. It’s not too bad, not much you can say. Other people have done it before but others have done it better. Singers voice is defiantly not strong enough to pull of the high notes.

Eh, better than some but fairly boring. One of those reviews you can read the lack of enthusiasm from.


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Not a real MySpace Review but instead a look at Ash’s new single. Have some of their albums but have never had the pleasure of seeing them live.

Well, for anyone thinking the loss of Charlotte Hatherley would hurt Ash you’re about to get a serious wake up call. Return of White Rabbit is basically the promotional single for their novel A-Z Single series which will see the band release 26 singles every two weeks starting this September. The song sees the band return to their perfect pop foundations as they mix unbelievably crunchy bass riffs and samples with one hell of a catchy chorus. If this isn’t a dance floor favourite in the next week then there’s something seriously wrong with people.

I think I may be too hungry to describe this song properly so I’m just going to say this, download it! Download it now and be happy on this sunny Saturday.


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I must start by apologizing for this review being so behind the times. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time and I’m finally going to force myself through it. The Bellies release their fourth album (Blue Lights on the Runway) in January and three songs have been posted on their MySpace. As a special MySpace Review, Tickets There has decided to sit down and give them a go to see if the boys still have it.

The Great Defector starts things off with a strong beat built from techno/organ sounding keyboards and Paul’s typical strong drumming. Nice changes, typical wacky lyrics that always see to work and the always pleasing harmonies make the song a nice little slice of poppy rock. The guitars have a real sunshine and beaches party feel. This may be coming from the lads recent stints over stateside where they’ve been picking up some great press and even managed to make several TV appearances. Not a massive leap from their traditional style but pleasing all the same.

How Your Heart is Wired sounds like a lot of their previous work. A RnB drum and soft vocals backed by a slight piano melody before little guitar segments kick in. Instead of writing while listening, I decided to sit back after the last sentence and give it my full attention and it’s actually a great song. Lovely sounds that make it both atmospheric and tranquil. The lads have really harnessed their strong points and developed them far beyond Neither Am I and Tickets There’s personal favourite, Music in Mouth. From what I’ve heard so far, I think I’ll pop out shortly to get the album.

A Better Band is the last of the new material on MySpace. Different style once again and more in keeping with older tracks. Good use of a cow bell and soothing guitars while still managing to keep a strong presence. Not a fantastic number but certainly not a bad number either. The chorus is a little empty for my tastes and in comparison to the two previous tracks, this doesn’t hold it’s own as well. Also has a bit of a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City eighties feel to it. Emotion FM here we go. Half way through there’s a nice bridge that starts to turn the flow of the song around and eventually erupts in a start stop guitar burst followed by a slow but thumping drum beat before it all falls together and the lads go at it all guns blazing. No lyrics, just mighty, slow, rockin beats. God was I fooled into thinking this would be the weak song.

Overall, incredible stuff, sounds like the boys certainly do still have what it takes. Not sure who this is going down with their old fans but I’m converted.

Fair play!


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After an extremely long and underproductive break (our vinyl habit took over again, sorry all), we’re back and ready for action. No long intro, lets jump straight into it.

Todays choice is Holy Roman Army, an Irish band based in Dublin but originally from Carlow (according to their MySpace). I’ve never heard their album or seem them live. I picked them because I studied Classics in Uni and I liked the name 🙂 (yes, I keep switching between We and I. Just pretend I’m/We’re a schizophrenic).

Well, it appears I’ve stumbled on one of Irelands best kept secrets. Imagine this, an Irish band playing piss pour chick electronic music. Who’d have thought with this sea of culturally driven artists currently dominating the countries clubs and venues. Wait, sorry, that’s all bullshit. Irish people’s tastes have gone as bad as their dress sense. I’d forgotten just how bad poncy Irish bastards like their music to be. Elegy opens the short set of three tracks. Can’t really say music. A slow beat, very little hint of melody and sounds like they just played for one minute of the four minutes and thirty six seconds and pressed loop. Sounds a little like the cranberries under water. Next (and yeah, am I looking forward to writing yet another fucking bad review of a band. It’s every critics dream to just find shit every single fucking time they try and promote their nations talent).

Dublin in the Deadlight is so boring (and I’m sure to some listeners inspiring, atmospheric and enchanting…retards, try listening to real music and you might cop on a little). Pretty much the same thing again except the cheesy lyrics are more coherent. “Fractured Lights, I do not know her name, I do not know how to get back home“, Basically the sound of a band trying their hardest to be different while still doing their best to connect with all the spa’s you see around this countries towns and cities with blue tooth headsets and take away coffee’s because their too busy to either sit or hold a phone. God save us from the humiliation we lash on ourselves.

Stagger Gently Home is last and probably least. Broken beats with no hint of anything enjoyable. A total mess of nonsensical gibberish and badly placed instrumentals. Basically, this I the kind of thing Jape can do and make it truly special, while The Holy Roman Army just make it so boring you’d rather stare at the wall than stick on their cd.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. Roman armies of the past deserve more respect than this shower.

JAPE and The Mighty Stef – Craw Daddy – Nov 23rd 2007

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Well it’s a Friday, the greatest Day and Night of the week. NO matter how messed up you get on A Friday, you still have two days left to get over it which has to be a great consolation for everyone…except people who have to work weekends, haha.

So I finished work early cause I had to attend a team event, what’s that you ask? Well it’s when your forced to go out on your own free time with work people under the guise that ‘your going to have fun’. Ends up very silly with non stop Work chat, so I decided to bale, hopped on a dart and went for town to see the fantastic JAPE live.
Now, I notice that all my reviews, except for the Police, seem to be very positive, but I have to say, I haven’t gone to a bad gig in a while (except for the Police) and tonight was no exception to this. Straight in the door, a lovely surprise Guest Spot from The Mighty Stef was a nice start to the evening. Playing solo and covering some of his grittiest material was perfect to forget the nonsense chatter or reports and clients I had tried to block with with bottle after bottle of Bud Light.
Jape took the stage at 9.30 and for an hour (and abit) played a truly enjoyable set. With a mix a material mostly concerned with new EP Jape is Great and his forthcoming album ???.
The new stuff is like New Order crashed into the Monkeys in the Zoo, really Dance orientated with the standard Jape sound he does so well.

Great night, cant wait for the next one and the new album.


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