JAPE and The Mighty Stef – Craw Daddy – Nov 23rd 2007

Well it’s a Friday, the greatest Day and Night of the week. NO matter how messed up you get on A Friday, you still have two days left to get over it which has to be a great consolation for everyone…except people who have to work weekends, haha.

So I finished work early cause I had to attend a team event, what’s that you ask? Well it’s when your forced to go out on your own free time with work people under the guise that ‘your going to have fun’. Ends up very silly with non stop Work chat, so I decided to bale, hopped on a dart and went for town to see the fantastic JAPE live.
Now, I notice that all my reviews, except for the Police, seem to be very positive, but I have to say, I haven’t gone to a bad gig in a while (except for the Police) and tonight was no exception to this. Straight in the door, a lovely surprise Guest Spot from The Mighty Stef was a nice start to the evening. Playing solo and covering some of his grittiest material was perfect to forget the nonsense chatter or reports and clients I had tried to block with with bottle after bottle of Bud Light.
Jape took the stage at 9.30 and for an hour (and abit) played a truly enjoyable set. With a mix a material mostly concerned with new EP Jape is Great and his forthcoming album ???.
The new stuff is like New Order crashed into the Monkeys in the Zoo, really Dance orientated with the standard Jape sound he does so well.

Great night, cant wait for the next one and the new album.


Christopher and Anthony
Gimmie Some more
Phil Lynnott
At The Heart
Apple in an Orchard
Nothing Lasts forever
Strike Me Down
I Was a Man




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