After the dreadful nonsense I inflicted on myself with So Cow, I decided to go back and check out another of Ireland’s supposed underground treasures. Now, I’ve seen mentions of Adebisi Shank around but aside from seeing a few photos, I really haven’t a clue about them. According to their MySpace, the band hails from Wexford, which I think is a first for Tickets There’s MySpace Review but don’t quote me on that.

Let’s go, haven’t seem them live or heard their album/E.P

Snakeships may be second on the list but it seems to want to be first so why not indulge. Fast drum intro, guitars kick in after a few seconds, defiantly nothing to hate yet. Nice electric melody that sets a good tone and they don’t seem to be rushing anything. Things break down in a good hard driven riffy break before the guitars explode back with the drums. Not too bad, certainly an improvement on the last few bands. 1.28 in and no lyrics, Tickets There suspects we have an instrumental act on our hands. Rather than sounding a little tired and boring, it’s pretty damn good. Hard, fast n heavy. Lets see how second track Horse holds up. Crunchy, scattered bass lines and some amazing guitar. Tickets sat well back for this one and rather than trying to go into detail, all I say is there is some incredible musicians in this group, really fucking good to be honest. The absence of lyrics is barley noticed as the band plough through different riffs and solo’s with ease, bringing them all together is a tremendously heavy style. Looks like ASIWYFA have some competition.

Third track (fourth on their list) Jump Cut once again stats with the drums but this time the guitars aren’t as heavy. Not the most inspiring start to a track and certainly not as ‘in your face’ as the other two but not too bad. This one sounds more like an indie number rather than metal. The problem with instrumental indie is all too often, it just sounds like a normal, wordless song rather than something that stands out clearly by itself like the previous two tracks. Ah well, could be a hell of alot worse. lets see what we’re missing from the final and first song, You Me. Well, well, well sounds good, but my net crashes once again and it keeps skipping to Snakeships.

That’s all from me then. Certainly a band worth checking out for all rock fans looking for something a little different.


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