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MySpace Review – NoLady

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Rain, wind, miserable attitudes, negativity, Karma and broken machines. Not such a good week! Tickets There has been pretty quiet on the article front, sorry about that folks. Sweet fuck all happening in the world of music from what I what I see. I suppose the Elton John fanatics don’t spend much time here so won’t be covering that story. Anyways, amidst all this crap, Tickets There has decided it’s time for another MySpace Review.

Now, on the surface, us reviewing a band that describes themselves as 80’s Influenced Dance Rock could be a bad thing but I happen to like The first track, Little Diva. So, in the interest of being eclectic (Tickets There has no such interest – Ed.) we’re going through with it. The band is from Donegal (Up the North West!) and have a few well known music heads on the line-up, including Aine O’ Doherty (Onya) and Billy Fitzgerald (Dead Flags) on guitar. Now, there’s intense, detailed, factual and serious hard core research for ye 😉

As usual I’ve never seen them live or heard their EP/Album.

I like Little Diva. It’s well produced, it’s full of life and the band sound great and most importantly, it’s a perfectly written little slice of pop rock. The actual song wouldn’t be on Pink Floyd levels of originality and we’ve all heard several other songs that sound very similar to this one but it’s a good effort. Anyone out there looking for some good time, dance floor styled beats this weekend (or a similar act top Lady Ga Ga), Little Diva is for you!

Spotlight is even better. Starts off a little slowly and the style doesn’t change a whole pile until about a minute in and the guitars pick themselves up a notch. Hard, heavy, solid pounding beats that really do hit the spot. Electronic pop a go go!. Much more interesting than Little Diva and get’s better each time you listen.

Typical, you find a shite band and you can’t say enough,. It’s like God comes down and works with you to think up the most hideous, degrading and gruesome insults man has ever conceived….then the fucking Ed bitch deletes them and bob’s your uncle, 8,000 words on Irelands leading crap bags. But you find a decent act and all you can write is good beats. Ah well.

Green Eye’s is just a tad stale and is too similar to most pop songs in the world. It’s nice in the fact that Aine has a really good voice, especially for this kind of track. It’s grand for what it is but not as full on as the other two. It’s short though so that stands in its favor. If you had to sit through it for eight minutes you might go a little spare.

Over all, Tickets There would recommend. It’s good clean fun pop rock and sometimes you just need that.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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I’m going to have to be honest with you all, Tickets There is originally from Sligo, Co. Arse Hole of No Where and after reviewing my first ..Sligo.. band, Burning Shades last week, I feel compelled to find an act with a little more talent and a lot less shit from my native home. Hopefully, The Dead Flags will provide me with an opportunity to reflect on Sligo a little more fondly than Burning Shades did.

As usual, I’ve never seen the band line or heard their album/E.P.

Aright, short and sweet for this one. This is my third review today and I’ve other stuff to be getting on with. First song, I Cant be Held Responsible opens with a semi-crunchy bass line before the all too familiar sound of indie guitars..ect comes in. They’ve geared towards a kind of sixties pop sound with a little more noise. The vocals are pretty annoying and sound kind of like a few cats screaming. Not the best, not extremely catchy but a marked improvement from Burning Shades (Jesus I hate that band). The song actually gets a little better three and half minutes in when the vocals start to sound normal and with a bit of rework, you could have a decent track on your hands. Lets move on shall we.

Second song, Gentleman’s Club opens with a very simple guitar riff (would you even call it that?) before the band swank in with a seventies styled rock riff. Not too bad, a little lacking in character but a huge leap forward from the first song. As the song progresses it actually starts to grow on you. Ya there’s nothing new here but what their doing isn’t half bad. It’s good old fashioned poppy rock. Maybe there’s something in these lads. You Will Never Love Again brings us to the half way point. While the song lacks the energy of Gentleman’s Club, it does show the band have a knack for writing semi-catchy tunes. It seems to drag on in places and the music is a tad stale, but I feel so relived there not as bad as Burning Shades (yes, I thought they were that fucking bad) that I’m willing to praise this crowd. I do like the downbeat chorus. Not bad.

O My Love!, O My God!! Starts off like a gospel choice. It’s a poppy little piece about some guy getting some sexy little thing and describing the goings on with such witticisms as ‘doing the no pants dance’..etc. Not great and possible something Tickets There would generally hate. Must have caught me on a good day. Also seems to really drag on even though it’s just three and a half minutes long. Before finishing, the weak, annoying backing vocals manage to kick in one more time. Last song, How Long is a little more melodic than the previous tracks. It’s not too bad, not much you can say. Other people have done it before but others have done it better. Singers voice is defiantly not strong enough to pull of the high notes.

Eh, better than some but fairly boring. One of those reviews you can read the lack of enthusiasm from.