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Ash – Spheres (Single Review)

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It’s Fathers day and what better gift could any father ask for than a brand spanking new tune from Ireland’s leading pop rock trio, Ash. Single S, Spheres is officially available for streaming today and given a few goes, it’s proven to be one of the best from the second half of the A-Z Series.

Rather than going for the simple three chords, catchy build Ash are famous for, Sphere’s is a little more complex, deep and darker. There’s an eerie piano melody laid down over the verse with a slow, brooding drum and bass hammering along with only slight guitars in he distance, before everything thunders together for a restrained chorus.

The whole thing breaks down towards the end culminating in a funky, dance styled closure that never really explodes but, that would have been the obvious ending.

All in all, a tasty little number as usual from the Down boys. Head on over to Ash-Official to hear the track for yourself. Hurry up, only two weeks till Single T is out.


Ash – Dare To Dream (Single Review)

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Two weeks have passed and as promised, Ash have returned with the second half of their A – Z release. With the Volume 1 singles coming out on two CD’s on the 19th, it’s time for fans to re-focus on the second batch and first single, Dare To Dream seems to be taking things in the right direction.

The song itself is a little drawn out. It’s doesn’t deliver the energetic, rockier side of the groups sound but does stick to the A – Z trademark grandness. It’s constantly develops as you listen but never uncovers any real surprises. Saying that, we prefer it to True Love 1980 (Single A of the series) – so as openers go, this ones ahead.

This series has already given fans more worthwhile material than we could have hoped and with another twelve singles to go, we know they have just as many more quality singles to go. This won’t be a stand out in the long run, but it’s a good sign of things to come.

Hear the official version @ ASH-Official

Ash – Dionysian Urge (Single Review)

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Tickets There is very sorry for the delay getting this review up. We started listening on Sunday but became more fixated on the fact that the previous release, Song of Your Desire is actually way better than we originally thought. Ah well, time to move on.

Ash’s latest release, Dionysian Urge is a hark back to their basics sound. The kind of feel good pop rock that made us fall in love with them in the first place. There’s none of the A – Z trademark piano’s and grandness. Just good old fashioned riffs, beats, heavy guitars and a rattling bass.

Honestly, we’re struggling to write this week so we’ll just say it, we couldn’t love this song anymore. It’s just so hassle free, upbeat and has such lovely changes. The whole thing just works so well it’s not even funny.

Incredible effort from the lads and one that’s truly going to be a treat for all Ash fans, old and new. Head over to Ash-Official to hear it for yourself.

Ash – Command (Single Review)

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Happy Valentines all. Tickets There was passing no heed of the day until Ash made it extra special by generously releasing single J from the A – Z Series a day Early.

After the highs of Space Shot, Ichiban, Pripyat and Neon, we were half thinking single J would be a disappointment. I mean seriously, how long can any band keep releasing one brilliant single after another for? Well, we can’t answer the last question but fortunately for Ash fans, it still doesn’t look like there’s any stopping them.

Command, the eleventh release of the series, is awesome. No dance beats, no grand piano melodies and no holding back. This is possibly the closest thing to their old sound they’ve released in years. The guitars are loud, heavy and unstoppable. The bass thunders through the track with an incredible crunchiness and Tim’s voice is back to its hard edged style. The chorus, as always, is as catchy as they come and the boys just cut loose on some good old fashioned alt/pop rock.

It may not have the mass appeal of Space Shot but fans will love this one. It’s heavy, fast and hard as nails. It’s very different from any of the other songs in the series and goes back to basics and the lads certainly haven’t lost their talent for writing a rockin’ number when they choose. Tickets There loves this band and every two weeks they’re reminding everyone why we love them so much.

Last week, the band announced they were in the studio recording the second half of the singles for release and the first set (A – M) will be released on CD this April.

See for more news and to hear Command (plus all the other tracks released so far)

Ash – Space Shot (Single Review)

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For those of you who live for consistency, order and symmetry, please do not read on. For the rest of you, Tickets There is jumping the gun. Space Shot isn’t due to be released in the A – Z Series until the end of January but TT decided if the video’s out, the review should be out to. Lot of blogs, E-Zines, indie press heads and publications, like Hotpress and AU trying to steal Tickets There’s title as Irelands sexiest music blog, so we must stay on top J (PUN).

Well Tickets There has been uplifted today. After the disappointing sixth release in the series, Pripyat, we’re delighted to inform you that Ash’s good run hasn’t come to an end. In fact single HSpace Shot, has the potential to be as big as any song they’ve released before. We first heard it at the bands recent show in the Button factory and actually made the mistake of thinking it must have been on some album we never listened too much. We got a cheerful little surprise when the video appeared online a few days ago and, well…we don’t have much to say. It’s not Pink Floyd, its Ash. Just listen and enjoy the perfect pop melodies, the constant uplifting sounds and appreciate that this is just one of hundreds of brilliant pop songs the band have composed over the years.

As we saw on True Love 1980 and Return of White Rabbit, Ash need no guitars to make their blend of catchy, hooky rock…two words I’m really starting to despise when writing these singles. I’ll try and expand the auld vo-cab. as this series goes on. Space Shot is based more around synths, effects and an amazingly catchy chorus. It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic but with a fresher sound.

Ash, with this Space Shot you are truly spoiling us. 10/10, Nine Thumbs Up, Love It!

Ash – Pripyat (Single Review)

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These A – Z singles are becoming very comforting. So far we’ve haven’t had any duds and tracks like Return of White Rabbit and Arcadia have already become firm fan favorites and earned permanent positions on the bands future set-lists. As well as them, we’ve had the excellent Tracers, The Dead Disciples, Joy Kicks Darkness (one of TT’s fav’s) and True Love 1980. All great, catchy, hooky repeat phrase, repeat phrase tracks that stand up well against anything Ash have done before.

Now, we’re moving along nicely into F and a wee track called Pripyat which they’ve released a few days after a big push for their H single, Space Shot so Tickets There is thinking they’re going to start focusing the video’s and marketing for key singles along the way rather than give each one the same attention. In all fairness, Pripat’s a little dull in comparison to Space Shot so Tickets There’s hopes for the next single, G aren’t riding high.

The track has the same grandness that we saw on Joy Kicks Darkens and Tracers but it’s lacking that little push that makes Ash tracks great. There is an overall flow and style used across pretty much every single we’ve heard so far in this series but while the others have all shared common traits, they’ve still managed to maintain a uniqueness that makes them stand out as legitimate singles. Unfortunately for Pripyat, it just seems to go with the motions and settle in the background. If this was a traditional album release, Pripyat would be a B-side at best.

Despite our words, Tickets There has heard Space Shot (as can you at and believe us, there’s more good stuff coming from the lads. Stand by for the review.

Ash – True Love 1980 (Single Review)

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Single number one of the A-Z Series of singles Ash will be releasing fortnightly for the…well, the next 52 weeks. True Love 1980 is a totally different vibe from the disco styling’s of Return of White Rabbit. It’s more along the lines of New Order but a little more upbeat. They’ve still managed to keep that traditional Ash poppy feel and only added some classic eighties era drums, keyboards and even the vocals in places. Despite the hark back to the retro style, the band pull it off quite well. It’s no Angle Interceptor but then again, it’s not meant to be.

On First listen Tickets There wasn’t overly impressed but after a few goes it really starts to sink in. Similar to Walking Barefoot or Candy, this is just a nice song. Take it for what it is.

…and yes this review is short. Only so much you can say about a band when you know you have another 26 more things to write about them over the next year (26th is the gig review ;))


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Not a real MySpace Review but instead a look at Ash’s new single. Have some of their albums but have never had the pleasure of seeing them live.

Well, for anyone thinking the loss of Charlotte Hatherley would hurt Ash you’re about to get a serious wake up call. Return of White Rabbit is basically the promotional single for their novel A-Z Single series which will see the band release 26 singles every two weeks starting this September. The song sees the band return to their perfect pop foundations as they mix unbelievably crunchy bass riffs and samples with one hell of a catchy chorus. If this isn’t a dance floor favourite in the next week then there’s something seriously wrong with people.

I think I may be too hungry to describe this song properly so I’m just going to say this, download it! Download it now and be happy on this sunny Saturday.