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Ash – Pripyat (Single Review)

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These A – Z singles are becoming very comforting. So far we’ve haven’t had any duds and tracks like Return of White Rabbit and Arcadia have already become firm fan favorites and earned permanent positions on the bands future set-lists. As well as them, we’ve had the excellent Tracers, The Dead Disciples, Joy Kicks Darkness (one of TT’s fav’s) and True Love 1980. All great, catchy, hooky repeat phrase, repeat phrase tracks that stand up well against anything Ash have done before.

Now, we’re moving along nicely into F and a wee track called Pripyat which they’ve released a few days after a big push for their H single, Space Shot so Tickets There is thinking they’re going to start focusing the video’s and marketing for key singles along the way rather than give each one the same attention. In all fairness, Pripat’s a little dull in comparison to Space Shot so Tickets There’s hopes for the next single, G aren’t riding high.

The track has the same grandness that we saw on Joy Kicks Darkens and Tracers but it’s lacking that little push that makes Ash tracks great. There is an overall flow and style used across pretty much every single we’ve heard so far in this series but while the others have all shared common traits, they’ve still managed to maintain a uniqueness that makes them stand out as legitimate singles. Unfortunately for Pripyat, it just seems to go with the motions and settle in the background. If this was a traditional album release, Pripyat would be a B-side at best.

Despite our words, Tickets There has heard Space Shot (as can you at and believe us, there’s more good stuff coming from the lads. Stand by for the review.


Ash – True Love 1980 (Single Review)

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Single number one of the A-Z Series of singles Ash will be releasing fortnightly for the…well, the next 52 weeks. True Love 1980 is a totally different vibe from the disco styling’s of Return of White Rabbit. It’s more along the lines of New Order but a little more upbeat. They’ve still managed to keep that traditional Ash poppy feel and only added some classic eighties era drums, keyboards and even the vocals in places. Despite the hark back to the retro style, the band pull it off quite well. It’s no Angle Interceptor but then again, it’s not meant to be.

On First listen Tickets There wasn’t overly impressed but after a few goes it really starts to sink in. Similar to Walking Barefoot or Candy, this is just a nice song. Take it for what it is.

…and yes this review is short. Only so much you can say about a band when you know you have another 26 more things to write about them over the next year (26th is the gig review ;))