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Ash – Mind Control (Single Review)

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God, as soon as one Ash review goes up there’s another to be done. We were 100% sure single O wasn’t coming till next week but here we are, another two weeks over and another fecking single review to do. Thank god the song in question is damn right savage.

While Single N, Dare To Dream was lacking in the ass kicking department, Mind Control has gone and given the second half of Ash’s incredible A-Z Singles the kick off it needed. It’s got guitars, it’s got solo’s, it’s catchy and there’s swear words, one of Rock’s most beloved and mourned siblings. What the Fuck is going on? Ash are kicking ass left, right and centre, that’s what.

Excellent addition to the series and one that’s gotten Tickets There excited all over again. Thanks to Mind Control, we won’t forget single P’s release date. See ye in two weeks.

Go to now to hear it!


Ash – War With Me (Single Review)

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Single M, War With Me marks the half way point in Ash’s colossal A – Z Single series and what an achievements it’s become. The songs so far have displayed some of Ash’s most lovable traits, some of their finest pop / rock moments and a grandness rarely seen in their previous material. We’re once again delighted to report that today’s release continues this fine line of quality, enjoyment and few frills pop rock.

War With Me is a simple slice of the bands irresistibly catchy gift for pop. Built predominantly around a heavy Piano, the song is a laid back, lighter than most little number. Short, sweet and loveable. Since we’re half way there, why don’t you just check the video below and hear it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Ash – Song of Your Desire (Single Review)

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It’s kind of sad to know we’re almost half way through this release. With the release of single K, there’s only two more singles left (out of respect for the privacy the band have shrouded around future releases, we won’t tell you which letters are next. Good luck figuring that out!) before we reach the official half way point. You know what that means? It means we have fifteen more singles to go before we start getting all sentimental.

Today’s single, Song of Your Desire, sees the band return to a much softer, more A-Z style of grand harmonies, slow melodies and the occasional input from the guitars. As songs go it’s nice but as the series goes, it wouldn’t be top of my list. Ash do melodic well when you think of songs like Walking Barefoot, Shinning Light and Sometimes but TT ain’t liking this particular drawn out style as much. If you liked Candy, you should check it out.

Out of eleven singles, this and The Dead Disciples would be our least favorites. Not bad when you consider the other 9 are all pretty savage. If you want to be in with a chance of seeing some of this material Live in Dublin on March 20th, hop over to our Competition Post and answer an unbelievably, unfairly difficult question.

Or, if you want to write back and tell us we suck and ASH rule, then by all means check out the track at, come back and slate us. In the mean time, we’re listening to Command!

Ash – Command (Single Review)

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Happy Valentines all. Tickets There was passing no heed of the day until Ash made it extra special by generously releasing single J from the A – Z Series a day Early.

After the highs of Space Shot, Ichiban, Pripyat and Neon, we were half thinking single J would be a disappointment. I mean seriously, how long can any band keep releasing one brilliant single after another for? Well, we can’t answer the last question but fortunately for Ash fans, it still doesn’t look like there’s any stopping them.

Command, the eleventh release of the series, is awesome. No dance beats, no grand piano melodies and no holding back. This is possibly the closest thing to their old sound they’ve released in years. The guitars are loud, heavy and unstoppable. The bass thunders through the track with an incredible crunchiness and Tim’s voice is back to its hard edged style. The chorus, as always, is as catchy as they come and the boys just cut loose on some good old fashioned alt/pop rock.

It may not have the mass appeal of Space Shot but fans will love this one. It’s heavy, fast and hard as nails. It’s very different from any of the other songs in the series and goes back to basics and the lads certainly haven’t lost their talent for writing a rockin’ number when they choose. Tickets There loves this band and every two weeks they’re reminding everyone why we love them so much.

Last week, the band announced they were in the studio recording the second half of the singles for release and the first set (A – M) will be released on CD this April.

See for more news and to hear Command (plus all the other tracks released so far)

ASH: A – Z Series Vol.1 CD Coming April 19th

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For all you Ash head’s who haven’t subscribed to the vinyl / digital single series fear not, Ash are releasing the A – Z Series on CD and Volume 1 (A – M) will be coming your way on April 19th. In addition to this, the album will also be available in a limited edition CD/DVD format, featuring A-Z Tour diary that the band filmed last autumn.

For anyone unfamiliar with the A – Z Series, please Click Here to read more.

The track listing can be viewed below. Unfortunately, they’re still not giving future titles away L

µ. Return of White Rabbit
A. True Love 1980
B. Joy Kicks Darkness
C. Arcadia
D. Tracers
E. The Dead Disciples
F. Pripyat
G. Ichiban
H. Space Shot
I. Neon
J. Command
K. tba
L. tba
M. tba

i. tba
ii. tba
iii. tba
iv. tba

Ash – Ichiban (Single Review)

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Happy New Year (once again) all. Now that Tickets There has returned and laid the ground work, the lads over in Ash feel comfortable enough to release the `seventh single of their A – Z series, Ichiban. Of course the pressures and strains of releasing a new single and video every two weeks would be much, much worse on them if Tickets There wasn’t here fighting on the frontiers, getting the words warm and typing randomly without any planning or heed for what we’re saying.

This one will catch you of guard a little. It starts with the grandest intro yet. I’m afraid my knowledge of classical music isn’t something to boast about so I won’t pretend to know if this is something I’ve heard a million times before during Sky Sports soccer coverage or if’s it’s an original composition written by the band that just sounds familiar. Anyways, enough about the intro, it’s brilliant.

After thirty seconds of grandness, magnificence, mandolins, drums and the hopes of a thousand nations, the songs does a complete U-turn and swaps the strings for a choppy rhythm riff and a style that sounds like Ash competing with modern indie groups. Obviously today’s style is rubbing of a little on the Co. Down boys but not so much that they don’t retain their own unique sound and freshness. Rather than full on heaviness, re-hashed grunge efforts or disco beats, Ichiban is wall to wall punk and classic rock!

Many of the singles in this release have sounded very serious, very far reaching but Ichiban is alot more relaxed and there isn’t one bell to be heard. It’s simple, it’s classic and its jam packed with fast guitars, heavy solo’s, harmonies and classic rock n roll swagger worthy of Jagger himself.

Tickets There has listened a few times and we’re more than happy to give it nine thumbs up. It’s far more interesting and addictive than Pripyat and definitely on par with the next single, Space Shot, which Tickets There was full sure would be the best we’d be hearing from the lads for a month or so. Everything’s coming up Millhouse and TT doesn’t want to waste any more Simpson references this early in the year. Go to ASH-OFFICIAL.COM and hear it for yourself. You’ll love it, trust us.